Anybody Else Watching the New "Vincenzo" with Song Joong Ki


OH MO MO! Eps 5! The best quote ever **"He’s Not Hiding It Now, He’s Just DownRight Hot**:fire:"

I DIE! I see a little softness between the two! Asking if he is leaving Korea. A 2pm moment from our guy**"Can You Feel My Heartbeat**" that was hilarious! The PURPLE SUIT and the CAR! I die he is just so HANDSOME! OH MO MO! Ep 6 tomorrow!

I LOVE THIS SHOW!vincenzo%209


I watched, and was awesome!!!oh and forgot, the court scene when the bees was let loose, any one recognize the song?? I laughed too


deleting this


It may have been fake but was so funny, and top it off “flight of the bumble bee” was the music.


Am now officially putting this drama on hold. It’s not for me at this moment in time :sweat_smile:



HUGE 2PM fan! And Ok Taecyeon what a GREAT job he is doing in this character! I can’t wait until next week.



And Our Boy looking as Handsome as Always! That purple/blue suit and that Gorgeous CAR! in episode #5! Whoosh!

Spoiler Theory! Could Vincenzo be the OLDER half brother to OK and the Chairman??? You know cuz his mom worked for them and was falsely accused of killing their dad???


My brother was gracious enough to make me a NX account, so now there’s no reason to skip it. :smile_cat:


it was mentioned. Pretty sure it relates to the Three Stooges. I am from that era and it sounds right.


I know who the Three Stooges are. I just honestly did not hear it mentioned at that particular scene. That’s all.


Wake up to Vincenzo! Our Anti- Hero!


thats a good question!! theres that "something "there very mysterious


again can’t wait, tomorrow another episode!! hopefully we can solve a mysyerr


I’m so excited cuz Love Alarm Season 2 MAKES ME SO MAD. So I am glad I have Vincenzo! Such a good show


oh my goodness, this next episode so funny! still hate it our favorite fella is the bad guy, um not gonna put spoiler in here, got ti find out youirself!! and the mystery, getting unsolved



Yippie! Today and Tomorrow!




tomorrow!!! yeah!!!


tomorrow now is today, gotta watch it,


I hear ya! I heard it was REALLY good especially Sunday’s episode!


I HEAR he is :fire::fire::fire: in the episodes! I can’t wait! No Spoilers