Anybody Else Watching the New "Vincenzo" with Song Joong Ki


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His little beanie! The white turtleneck, the air kiss, the flirting, I was kinda into the whole thing SJK was so Good!
I can’t wait for the real romance! Geez, that was :fire:.

So much back stabbing going on! and our BAD GUY is so BAD!

No PJs I was disappointed maybe next week

This Week was OFF the CHAIN


amen to that one! I really hope our “bad” guy changes later., that last episode, no hinted they may be brothers?? so not sure there. but cant waiot for the next episodes!!



I doubt that very much that they could be brothers because his mom would not have killed the man CEO that would turn out to be his own father. To tell you the truth, it serves no purpose in the story that SJK and bad boy being brothers.

I’m loving my fave boy Taecyeon showing his great skills as an actor. he has such a cute smile and sexy eyes. A different kind of beautiful he is…I hope it has a good ending for him.


I have already thought that SJK is actually the older half brother! It could totally work.


I don’t think OK is going to be OK! His half brother bought a gun and is showing himself as more than what he seems. I still think that Vincenzo could be the older half brother!


Everyone! I hope you watched Eps 8

:fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:I want more!


deleting this


I have seen in some dramas where they are willing to sacrifice their son for another! First born, it depends on if he had that child with a maid, they might see it differently. OK obviously hated his father for some reason! Hum! He is so BAD and EVIL! OK, is don’t such a good job. Sad he won’t be back to see Junho come home end of this week. I know his 2PM brothers are loving his GREAT acting skills.


Can you name some? I know traditional dramas KINGS tend to want to kill an illegitimate child from a servant but never in a modern drama. this would be a first for me.


Well it wasn’t the dad in My Love From the Stars - There was murder within the family. But the father denied it. I’ll have to think on that one! And the 1st born was murdered! There was some sibling sacrificing going on in What is Wrong with Secretary Kim. Tempted the dad was EVIL when it came to his son. Secret Garden the mom was EVIL towards her 1st born son and even made me really mad at the end of that one. Hyde Jekyll Me the father was pretty EVIL towards the son.
But not necessarily Murder

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Starting to see something softening!


ok,y’all you set me straight, but in episode 6 or 7, they were talking as brothers. that’s all. oh and Love Taeyeon, I do hope its a favorable ending for him! so if they aren’t brothers then still a mystery. oh well, we will see next week! and yes I also have seen some dramas they favored the second son and not the first. wanted to kill him as well


So Ok and the “fake” chairman (good looking whimp) are 1/2 brothers.

I think Vincenzo might be their older half brother - Twist!

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It amazes me how our OK T can switch between the nerdy guy and the psycho persona! He’s doing a great job.


He does that cute nerdy face where he bites his lips so enchanting. I have always said he’s a great actor and a good singer too; Multi talented. I love him paired with the girl from Love alarm and was hoping they would date or something but it never happened…:cry:


Cutie!!! That darn shower


Our OK T


I do love the “youngun” just hope we can find out the mystery and all. really interesting and didn’t think of the chairman in the mix, but that makes sense too. wow can’t wait for next episodes, and yeah 12 weeks, they gotta do something here!!


He did not jump back far enough for any of us! she says snickering…