Anybody Else Watching the New "Vincenzo" with Song Joong Ki


They always have swim trunks on anyway. I saw LSG and several others with their swim trunks recording this type of scenes NOTHING to see lmao



Whoops look what I found! SJK sorry you are just too cute.

Your gonna make me start a “Best Shower Scenes” Discussion aren’t you!


I think he has a towel observe well his right side; is skin color wrap towel by his lower waist.


Well of course he does!:grinning:But he is too Darn cute


Oh my god! The first episode itself was so epic when he burns the wine yard. His acting and charisma is super cool. Also the direction and dialogues so cool. Every episode ends on an amazing note and you can’t wait to watch the next episode. I even love the villain so so much. What beautifully written characters it has. And the actors are actually well suited for those roles. really looking forward to this drama.


AMEN! It is SOOOOO Good! I think it is in my TOP 5 now! Goblin being my #1.


delete this


Missing Vincenzo!

Who watched the last episode like 4 times! Who are you? You know you did it!


Wow I didn’t know about this one. Gonna look where I can see this full drama.


I’m so glad he left his Mafia killer life behind. At the beginning I was disappointed with that role and I thought he was going to kill from left to right, but I’m pleased things changed, and we can expect a happy ending with this drama.


We might not have seen the last of that side of him yet I think but I think he wants to be GOOD


He’s so YOUNG and Cute


Best Couple??? hahahahahaha!
Vincenzo TOMORROW!


I saw the whole video and the spoiled CEO guy was very shy about those affectionate scenes with Vincenzo. He has a gorgeous deep voice so he played that role so well bc I never imagined he had such a thick heavy voice. Did you see the whole thing? How you manage to take pieces of the video? Or you found a GIF of that scene?


That is an out-take GIF I found! I don’t think that was part of the show. They were so cute together


New Episode Today and Tomorrow My Vincenzo FANS! I will watch later this evening!



My DREAMS were realized some SERIOUS PJ Moments! I will be back to discuss!!! Ep 9
It got DARK Ok so OK is seriously demented. He is scaring the bejesus out of me. I loved the car lean over - a little arrogant Vincenzo is! The detective hiding under Vincenzo’s car. So hilarious! Um, sleeping in the same room as SJK - Seriously! And he can’t admit his past to her because she won’t understand his killing ways - scary the memories he had in his dream. I can’t wait until tomorrow! This show is so good. Our OK - WOWsers! He is doing a great job. And SJK anger at the end with the victims! So crazy REAL! SJK so Awesome. I don’t think they committed suicide! Not at ALL. These folks are BAD BAD BAD


Next Episode 10 TODAY!
Our OK is doing such a good job. I missed him on the 2PM LIVE last night I was up until 5am watching!

Can’t wait to watch this next episode.


deleting this


I was asked about this yesterday. I guess I see him so fun loving with 2PM it doesn’t bother me. I still see him as OK not as his super BAD self. But I so understand.

Dark comedies usually don’t have a so called “happy ending”

I did have a friend love MOUSE. I have it on my list. I actually like TRUE CRIME a lot

When Harry Connick Jr. played a serial killer it almost killed me! I love him in Hope Floats better