Anybody Else Watching the New "Vincenzo" with Song Joong Ki


Where is everyone?

Vincenzo = Mafia = HOT​:fire::fire::fire:


Vincenzo Eps 10 was EPIC Starting to see the sweet little bit of a relationship between them (drunk sleepy glances on his living room table) The remote car and the zombie! Laundry Mat Mr. Tak he is a badass. Aw, the snow running hug! From All Angles! Oh Snap Everyone knows about OK


I am loving this drama.


Before KPop and 2PM my original Nick Carter - BackStreet Boy FAN!


I don’t know how I missed these last messages, oh I didn’t get on here yesterday! thatrs right!

anyway, I am disturbed they have one well two of our favorite actors as bad guys. I really hope this does turn out well. I still think those 3 are kin somehow.

and about that hidden gold, we know thats why V. wanted to buy that building., and Taecyeon, geeze, get him back on the good guy side, that other “kid” same thing, anyway, I will definately finish this one, just hope it ends well, oh and yes to reunite with his mom, now he finds out why his mom deserted him. come on , a good ending please!!!


I am seeing jealousy from OK! I think he is obsessed with her! And now she is staying at Vincenzo’s house. He does not like it. He would kill her in a heartbeat (hahahaha 2pm song, heartbeat) but he is obsessed in a weird way. I do think the 3 of the guys are related somehow. I think the “puppet” chairman is gonna try to stand up to OK ----- watchout. Vincenzo is MAD MAD MAD and I think we are going darker now. I don’t think OK will be OK in the end! But I love him as an actor, singer, rapper, dancer and I will still love him after he is done with this roll.

Vincenzo is so :fire:


I doubt it will have a nice ending unless they do some kind of ridiculous ending, and I hate dramas that the ending makes no sense. I have seen a few like that and it leaves me angry for days. Don’t want to deal with that. OK TAECYEON killed his father too, and that’s when I knew the ending will be too sad for my OK boy; can’t deal with that/too sad.



You don’t see Taecyeon as an Actor, you are seeing him as the K-pop of the 2 PM singer Group Member.

I only found out he was a group member when I started watching Bring it on, Ghost. But I had seen him in many other dramas so I see him as the Actor; not the OK/ Kpop group member. I didn’t even know that he models clothes either. I had only seen one video of him singing (Candy something) I love that video but I watched for the female singer not to see him (it was pure coincidence he was there) That actress/singer has done that same video with other cute guys like LSG and Minho (forgot the name of the many others). YT has all those videos.

I usually don’t watch dramas with psychopathic/killers dramas. I like Ghost dramas a LOT. I love to read Anne Rule TRUE CRIMES STORY books bc she always end the story with justice been served and the crimes descriptions are not ‘‘gory’’ like they are doing in this dramas. The scenes are too cruel to watch.


I don’t agree with that…
I think he is an EXCELLENT actor. I kinda keep the Idol side separate from my Artists that are also actors. He is a brilliant actor.

I actually came to 2PM my very 1st Kpop LOVE from another member who is a brilliant - great Actor (I watched him in his drama 1st and then looked up his history) I was so surprised he was a singer, songwriter, dancer, rapper, model. They are all so TALENTED


You didn’t understood well what I was saying; although his role is a merciless killer, who savagely and cruelly killed another human being the way he did, you still see him as Taecyeon 2PM group member. In other words, you didn’t identify him with the role he’s playing.


well of course! I am too!

angel ight you are so right, but all we see him in those , awesome dramas he played in… I am not gonna name them, but you know t6he ones we are talking about. we should get a grip, see him as what he is portrayed here and now, yeah you are so right,



Well, what I think I’m saying is. When he is playing the CEO I see him as that character, I identify him as that. I see him as a merciless killer psycho but I am watching him in that role during Vincenzo. Since he is playing a character, Jang Jun-woo, I see him as Jang Jun-Woo at that moment in time if that makes sense.

I actually had to cover my eyes in that scene! I totally get why some bail on these types of dramas, I have another friend on Viki who does the same. I bail when the sad part comes! We all have things that bother us - yes. I actually am very much into true crime and also into ghosts I always have been…the dark humor and darkness of Vincenzo is very well written - will have to see what happens next.


Great Interview with OK - I agree that this is such a GREAT cast! This is a GREAT Quote from him:
“As an actor, I need to convince the audience that the character that I’m playing is real, and the situation that this character is in is also real,” said Taecyeon. “By doing so, the audience will easily follow the storyline and absorb the emotions that the character feels in each scene. This, I believe, is how the audience truly becomes entertained—taking part in the story through sharing the character’s emotions.”


You know what’s so funny? By the time this drama ends I think only 3 or 4 ppl. will be alive

Did you hear they are planning to kill the new researches too? They killing too many people in that drama. !4 researchers at the beginning. The one witness willing to talk. About 4 prosecutors, the Lawyer (girl’s father), they gonna kill the mom bc I saw when they put an injection in her IV. Vincenzo killed those 3 guys and those poor 4 ppl that went to the trip and end up being killed. A while back V dad was killed and CEO killed his own father. The other CEO killed her husband by not calling the ambulance. Gosh, I didn’t realized in 10 episodes all those ppl. died I hope they don’t kill any of the nice ppl from the building. That will be way too much. The cruelty of the killing is what gets to me. If it wasn’t so graphic like they’ve done before maybe I’ll be able to digest all this. Put it this way, kill a million zombies, ghost and i’m fine not a human being (unless is in self defense That don’t bother me either).


oh yeah, I am going to finish this be it bad or good, I like crime dramas, the ghosts, vampires, witches etc, just leave the zombies out, only 1(2) I have watched is zombie detective and train to Busan, but thats another story. anyway. I do like mysteries & sci fi too


I will watch this one later

ok just read this article, yes he is awesome, and really hope the best for him. the article was very good! hope others read it too,


all ot those researchers were people that also experimented that drug on people. and yes too much killing on here…



Missing Vincenzo! Can’t wait until SAT and SUN


ok today is “D” day!! oh can’t wait till it comes on, the “boss” is discovered, now what???

and yes I am watching our guy as the bad guy taceyeon, like some of you mentioned earlier. with that evil smile last episode, ok nuff said, lets begin already!!!


2PM CAMEO - Watch out for MY Boys!



wow more cameo, awesome!!