Anybody Else Watching the New "Vincenzo" with Song Joong Ki



So this recent episode WOW WOW WOWSERS~ OK is so SCARY it isn’t even - other than He is NEXT LEVEL! The comedy with the detective/chef who seems more like mission impossible was so hilarious and what is up with the romance? Is it or isn’t it! And the CEO puppet brother - what is he up to? Tomorrow will be GOOD. Can’t wait for the 2PM cameo!


this drama is getting gooder and gooder, can’t wait, but guess I have to. (where do I find Next Level?) slowly revealing the mystery


BIG SPOILER episode 11. DON’T READ if you hate spoilers.

Did the female lead turned into a killer?


He’s Next Level he is just Next Level ha ha ha it is just a saying!


ok, got it!


I did not think that - no

No! She didn’t think thatvVincenzo was actually going to take them out. She did kinda look the other way but she didn’t actually kill them.


OK OK OK OK OK - Taecyeon - I am so IMPRESSED! I just can’t even! This show is so good!
So brother almost stepped up to take him out but got caught! Vincenzo almost took him out TWICE! The guy has 9 lives…what if he dies on the 9th time!!! The show is dark. There was an almost KISS during the head flick incident. Then it became comical. What is up with Mr. Cho - he betrayed Vincenzo!!! WHAT! The weekdays are like an long intermission before Vincenzo

Pajama moment I was very happy! SJK looks so GOOD with his hair partly down he looks more boyish! Love it. His suits are so HANDSOME

Does anyone else think that the Puppet Brother CEO - played by Kwak Dong_Yeon is :fire:
Um…how old is he…no really!


I think she asked him and it sounded like he was gonna let them go - but she basically looked the other way yes…she stopped the smoke…she was mad about her father’s death. But I don’t think she feels like she "killed’ them in her mind. It’s slippery slope yes but its a dark comedy



Until Next Week!


Can you recall any other Kdrama where the villain has washboard abs so they feature him in the bath like Taec? His washboard abs have been publicly commented on since 2012 but I don’t ever remember him in a villain role showing them off.


That scene with Taec reminded me of that bathing scene with So Ji Sub in Oh My Venus.


yeah I’d like to know too!


oh wow! I didn’t notice that one! so I guess all 3 had different mothers, same dad???
and his eyes, EVIL for sure, yes angelight, thank you for setting me straight about this one! he is doing so good in this drama!


I read many articles that his ABS are the real thing, not ‘‘surgically implanted’’ like many actors do. He exercise a lot, and that’s why his ABS are real, and to me they are the real thing. If you pay attention there’s a big difference between a fake ABS and the real thing. I always wondered how those tiny idols with no body fat where able to have abs until I went to youtube


When OK hugged the Zumba Lawyer! He looked so TALL and he is so BROAD! Beautiful GUY! And then his FACE turned on a dime when he looked at the male lawyer (who wants him dead) GREAT acting skills.

Also, how he turned nerdy again and was pleading with his friend (his obsession) female lead lawyer. It broke my heart I almost thought - he’s good he’s ok he is just OK. That is how good his acting is!!!




I loved his “changing face” AWESOME ACTING IN MY BOOK!!


RIGHT!!! First thing I have seen him in! I will be looking for other dramas to watch! I already have two on my list


He looks great in his photoshoot he did for Men’s Health a while back.!


Heal me Kill me, she was pretty, oh got a historical one, don’t recall name at the moment. anyway all really good if intrerested