Anybody Else Watching the New "Vincenzo" with Song Joong Ki


I thought that was Park Seo Joon who had parts in those?:woman_shrugging:

_I know OK Taecyeon was in Dream High, Hey Ghost Let’s Fight, The Game Towards Zero


how embarrassing!! so sorry! yes you are right, the wrong guy I mentioned!! our guy hey ghost let’s fight, and earlier version “who are you”. the game towards zero, awww am I forgiven???


I truly love FMVs and this one just made me want to watch the dorama omg! thank you!!


The Cone of SHAME! Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa!!! Totally Forgiven!:heart_eyes:



Are They or Aren’t they gonna have a Romance???

**Are WE READY for the HUGE INTERMISSION before Vincenzo on SAT/SUN! **



aaawwwwww you made my day and thank you!!:heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_heart::kissing_closed_eyes::love_you_gesture:


we can do this! hang tight! saturday just a few more days:
:sweat::weary::cry::+1: i guess thats enough


I must be an odd-ball but I needed to take a break from Vincenzo for a while (a good month now) not because I didn’t enjoy watching SJK and the others. I just struggled waiting for each episode and decided to wait until a bunch were out to start watching again. Yeah, I’m weird. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
And I’m okay with that. LOL!


A lot of people would rather binge especially with all the cliffhangers.


no problem with that, I watch other dramas in between


**Will he ride in on his white horse again!!! Vincenzo **
How Many Days Left -





ok y’all today is "d"day, our favorite coming on!! and why so quiet? are we getting bored with this??


I just started watching Vincenzo (2 episodes so far) and I love the character played by Song Jong Ki. I think it suits him very well.:heart_eyes:

I was so excited when I saw which actress was the FL, Jeon Yeo Bin!
I loved her in Melo is My Nature but I’m so disappointed with her character. I don’t understand why she changes her voice and does so many weird things (like when she can’t walk properly.) I know she follows the script but I never find her funny. That makes me sad for her, I feel like she’s trying to copy someone instead of finding her own way to do comedy.

I’m also disappointed with the character played by Taecyeon. He doesn’t have enough screen time. I want to see him more. :cry:



I like her character - it is a dark comedy and she is suppose to be like that. She straightens up more later on! KEEP WATCHING


I just finished watching ep 3 & 4. :dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face:
I’m still in shock, things quickly escalated.


I REALLY REALLY WANT TO POST A “Carrie” gif moment but then it will SPOIL! OH MY OH MY OH MY OH MY - HE MAD MAD MAD MAD! They are gonna get it!


This character is SO well written



Happy Easter everyone!!


Is he GORGEOUS or what! This weekend VINCENZO was :fire::fire::fire: Finally Finally in the Art Museum

that kiss was awesome - a reverse WIDE Eyed GUY[/spoiler] instead of the girl but he took control! I love the kidnapped couple had so much fun. I’m sad that our Vincenzo [spoiler]is BLEEDING!

Beeeeeeeeeeep Intermission!:sob: