Anybody Else Watching the New "Vincenzo" with Song Joong Ki


I HATE THOSE INTERMISSIONS!!!:sleepy::tired_face::sleepy::upside_down_face::weary:



I love it so much, i can’t wait for the next episode


??? Viki’s Terms of Use state that you can’t advertise other drama sites…but none of these comments were removed?


We are waiting for the NEXT episode!
Just our awesome discussion about an awesome show!



I am missing Song Joong Ki and OK Taecyeon!

Intermission is TOO LONG!


OK OK OK Everyone don’t PASS OUT! We are going to have a longer intermission! After this week

I hope they are not re-writing anything.


oh my goodness, they are “torchering us”!! a week?? well guess I will be watching other dramas then


ok now that makes sense! sounds a lot better than they just stop for a week! oh gosh I hope they don’t get the virus!!


I can’t find anywhere - where they have stated that is what had happened so hopefully it didn’t and they are just re-vamping part of the show.


What a cliffhanger from episode 16. Crying buckets of tears. That intermission will help alleviate the pain in my heart.


I will be watching this evening - TISSUE - where is the TISSUE


2 weeks



I swear Song Joong Ki and OK T are phenomenal actors!
(including all supporting cast of course)

@angelight313_168 Right??? Crazy


OMG I was just thinking about watching this , sounded so interesting and the the lead is :blush: :relieved:


Yes, they have all (every character) done an awesome job in this drama. But honestly they are going to end up with no story to tell, at the pace they’re going by killing so many ‘‘main characters’’ too. What an awesome episode (16) as heartbreaking as it was.

PS. Do you really think that show/drama needs any re-vamping done? It can’t get any better than that. I just hope we get a happy ending bc it can be possible ML and FL leaving to another country to live happily ever after, and all the other bad ppl locked up forever. Every tenant in the bldg. living happily in a new gorgeous residential area.


yes watch it! really awesome!


Ok :laughing: :+1:t6:


Yep! Isn’t Taecyeon’s character so interesting? Dorky to devil. He plays his role well.

I haven’t watched all the episodes yet. I don’t watch tv until later in the evening and I keep falling asleep. :grin: I’m up to episode 10 but I think “Those monks are gonna get that gold somehow and build an elaborate, gold-trimmed temple…” :rofl:


GO RUN GO FAST and WATCH it NOW! @loveurself_melanin


I am concerned! I have seen shows go on hiatus and they do re-writes and then the show does not end up being as good as it was up to the cliffhanger. I HOPE that does not happen I HOPE I HOPE I HOPE!

Vincenzo is BURNING THE HOUSE DOWN!:fire::fire::fire: