Anybody Else Watching the New "Vincenzo" with Song Joong Ki



I believe the gold belongs to a Museum, and no one in the end will be able to claim it. Not even the monks that kept it so well guarded. Maybe there will be a reward ‘‘for finding the lost STOLEN artifacts.’’


I just finished watching episode 16. I have so much to say about this drama:

  • First, I love it! It’s one of the best dramas I’ve seen. You absolutely can not miss it! :heart_eyes:
  • I laughed so much because of the tenants. I don’t know who is my favorite.
  • And all those cliffhangers… I love to be surprised by the storyline and there are a lot of things I didn’t expect.

The attempted murder by the brother :scream:

  • Taekyeon is amazing, he’s doing a great job with this role. He can be so scary sometimes.


I love 2PM and I love him but last night I seriously was thinking if I met him I might be a little scared! hahahahahahahaha! So bad but so GOOD in the show!


Cover your spoilies! Pwese! Some have not watched it yet…hahahaha


To be honest that part in the story is the biggest flaw in the story bc it serves no purpose there.


Doesn’t he play the most amazing psycho? Loveable dork to a murderous psychopath in an instant! :sunglasses:


Loveable dork who is a murderous psychopath - I know his brothers in 2PM are loving it as much as we do. I just LOVE it.


I just finished the last one, so no problem here


Well, lately he mellowed down and left the killing to the woman prosecutor, which is a relief to me. He didn’t even killed the mom, like I thought he would. That would have done it for me. I think 16 episodes; was more than enough for this drama.


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Our Fabulous Ok Taecyeon!

Our Awesome Song Joong Ki


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and I was critical at first, he does an amazing job!


And Kwak Dong Yeon.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
He’s so pitiful and funny at the same time.


Yep - I have a slight crush on him! He’s so cute and loveable and dumb and not dumb at the same time.!

I want him to become the GOOD Guy of Babel


You were critical at first but we steered you in the right direction hahahahahahahahah!


In [Vincenzo] it was alleged that there was an incident regarding food on Episode 8, and fans were very upset about that. sigh

I saw this question and no one answered the person.
‘‘What chapter 8 food incident?’’

But I can’t find info on that. An expert on this drama can find what the issue was about bc I’m so curious to know; what did we miss?


yep and I thank y’all for setting me straight, See this senior likes to learn stuff y’know


I don’t know either! will have to look and see,


@angelight313_168 and @frustratedwriter, here is the information you were looking for.