Anybody Else Watching the New "Vincenzo" with Song Joong Ki


Thank you so much! I knew you will come to the rescue for us.


I read somewhere today that Mouse is turning up quite good. But one person said (LSG) is a ‘‘psycho’’ and will end up tragic.
It’s that true or they just playing with people’s head? Do you think he’ll have a good ending? I don’t have much to watch, and I tried watching the Moon River one, but couldn’t continue (his forehead ‘‘frown’’ bothers me so much).

I still haven’t looked into Mouse; will I be heartbroken if I start watching [Mouse]?

Taxi Driver is fantastic, but I watched the whole thing in one shot; so I have to wait about 4 more days for the next episodes. sigh

It’s becoming very suspicious that all this Chinese placement products are now so present in Korean dramas by korean Directors makes no sense at all.


I hope we’ll see Nichkhun and Chansung in the next episode. I wonder what role they will play. Good guys or bad guys?


just wait & see I guess


thanks for an update, but people like me wouldn’t know the difference. and maybe if I looked hard enough I probably wouild


I do like taxi driver, and just couldn’t \get into mouse


OoooO! If looks could really kill…

End of Episode 13 cliffhanger.

WHOOO! Somebody gonna die with that look! If looks could kill! Taecyeon nailed it!
Taecyeon has that perfect black look that says, “You’re dead!” :sunglasses: It’s even better than my mom’s black laser eyes - cutting you in half. :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
He plays such a fantastic sociopath! He really makes his villain a worthwhile counterpart to Vincenzo. Great acting!

Aw, the spoiler broke the picture. I’ll remove the spoiler.



The DEATH stare from VINCENZO is next LEVEL. He is gonna BURN THE HOUSE DOWN!


Boys!!! My Boys! So Cute!


Did they get a cameo?


Yes, it was a CAMEO and there has been TONS of 2pm fun stuff that OK T has commented on or done so cute


What episode were they in? I don’t remember seeing them.



It was Eps 12 They were on TV and OK was watching them! It was short and cute


?? Ok. I’ll run through that one again and catch it. Thanks!


me too, I will look.


I love every time he can’t hold his laugh when something ‘‘bad’’ happens to his brother, and then fakes he’s all anguished over his brother’s well being. He is very attractive, but the hairstyle in Vincenzo do him no justice. He was doing a model shoot and I didn’t know it was him. I hope they change his hairstyle so you can see this hunk with wavy longer hair. He needs a main role pronto!





Now tell the truth. You just want him in PJs so you can take them off to check out the abs. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:


I miss everyone :weary:


100 % Correct! But he looks sooooooo good in them! …tee hee hee


Party Vincenzo THIS WEEK!