Anybody Else Watching the New "Vincenzo" with Song Joong Ki


Is that my problem? I haven’t had mu "FIX of Vincenzo! no wonder I am dragging!! oh wow, oh yeah I miss all of them!!


Its ALL of our PROBLEMS and we will have WITHDRAWAL when its OVER! It’s ALMOST OVER


oh my goodness! yes, withdrawal; coming up!!


@kdrama2020ali; @porkypine90_261
Soooooooooo naughty!!! Hahahaha!! Love it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



yeah and too young for me, but I can still look!! they are all cute in my book!


That’s the advantage of getting old! You can embarrass the heck outta the kids! :rofl:


:laughing::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Oh! That reminds me of ASC today - A show I work on. We’re still translating it but this section is partially translated. this part of the show is where the Kpop members get requests from their fans.

Episode 463: BDC Go to 20:07

The guys name is SiHun so his new name is Sex-Si-hun :rofl: Just watch a few minutes through 22:45 Heejun cackles like a maddened fiend at Jaehun’s little sexy dance! :rofl:


Episode 17 is funnyyyyy, but we gonna have to kiss the PJ’s goodbye. :sleepy::cry:

Prepare lots of tissue, too. Many moving scenes. Intermission/waiting did justice for us


Why WHYYYYYY Do I have to give up the PJs!!!! Ok - Will Watch It Soon!


Fully clothed in bed ughhhhhhhhhhh such a waste. Hope it (PJ) comes back though. You gonna hate the ending and tomorrow won’t come fast enough

PS. I’m kind of pissed. It will be a long day and night for me.


I’m so Glad you Guys enjoy All our Discussions! I have multiple new friends here on Discussions and I appreciate all of your Feedback and Comments!

Vincenzo today!!! Yeah!


I have said it before, , Kdrama, y’all keep; me on my toes!! love it. now on to our drama, just finished episode 16, oh my goodness!!! I really have enjoyed meeting all of you!!



Vincenzo - I cried through the 1st half - Laughed in the Middle - and my Mouth was OPEN at the end! I loved Vincenzo showing his vulnerable side - but not much romance going on - HUH

I think the little brother - he didn’t - he couldn’t have betrayed Vincenzo - he just made it look like he shot him RIGHT?? just to get him out of the Interpol arrest RIGHT! I am so disappointed in BABY BABEL if he really did shoot my BOY


I’m a bit worried though bc he CRIED you saw his tear? When he gets shot a tear comes down his eye. Did he cried from the pain? I’m really on edge. Thank goodness by 9am eastern time i’m watching it lol


I can’t believe this is almost OVER. Then what do we do!


hey! we CAN do this, we just have to do a heads up and go on. we c can find another one, course maybe not as good as this, but we need to keep on keeping on!


watching Vincenzo now (10 am) Eastern time) the internet was off today bc of bad weather (rarely happens) Later…

PS. ASIAN WRITER’S SYNDROME: Going around in circle, and not much to see.


going to watch now. finished watching church service, so bye


Hope you like it.