Anybody Else Watching the New "Vincenzo" with Song Joong Ki



Ok - So we are coming to the end of Vincenzo! I am wanting to watch a new show

Anybody want to start a NEW thread to watch NAVILLERA with Song Kang! It is a much TAMER show and I’m not promoting another service just wanting to watch and discuss!

Anyone??? Or do you have another show you guys wanna watch!?

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Only let me mention 10 people but who wants to watch something else together!!!



My Baby Babel - I STILL LOVE YOU!

I knew it I knew it I knew it! I knew my boy would not betray Vincenzo. I knew it was a setup! Thank goodness. But for reals - the hallway and when he shot my boy in the arm and he said “Grandma” and fainted! So FUNNY I was rolling on the floor. Ok - seriously how is this going to wrap up in 2 more episodes

No kiss - for reals - just a handshake! ugh!

Are we gonna see a SEASON 2???


You really want a season 2? I don’t know what can they possibly put on episode 19 and 20 much less do a season 2 bc there’s nothing there worth watching. The Gold is no longer there so it must be in a safe place.The Gold was a important part of the story and is safe already. I’m guessing he’s escaping in a Hot air balloon (such a ridiculous thing made up in that drama) bc the guy gave him a ticket so he can escape so for unknown reasons they hinted hes going on a Hot Air balloon ride.

There is absolutely no chemistry by the FL and the ML. I can’t picture romantic scenes between them bc there’s no heat/passion in them.

It seems that most men in that drama are in love with Vincenzo so the poor girl is kicked to the curb. OK wasn’t able to shine, he went from having a great role to a crappy scarycat/pendejo character. These Asian writers SUCK big time.I know the ending gonna be crappy most likely.


I’m still TOTALLY loving it! So I’m in for a 2nd season. They have to wrap up so much stuff - I think they can do it. We shall see what happens!


Currently anticipating Youth of May with Lee Do Hyun😍 and the other drama with Shin Min Ah and Kim Woo Bin in it.
You might want to watch Taxi Driver with everyone here, I’m hearing all sorts of wonderful things about it…I’m sitting it out because it’s rated 18+(defINITELY watching it next year!)
I’d also recommend c-drama You Are My Hero, it was the first chinese drama i didn’t skip whole scenes of :sweat_smile:


I’m waiting for

Bossam: Steal the Fate


ok y’all, catching up here, didn’t finish episode 17 yesterday, so will watch it today and yes I don’t think we need season 2, what more can they add, the gold is gone so , oh yeah about his mom!! naaaaaaaaaaaaBUT if there is a season 2 well of course I will watch!!

now on to the drama mentioned, heart breaking for me, love it, and I am finishing it up .I was watching this along with Vencenzo. so a couple more episodes,

I wanna see him soar. and if no one has watched , some of you younger ones you may not care for it. the guy is 70 years old and going for his dream, obsticles, which really got me upset.

Hey I am in that age group!! so I related to him, I guess thats the way to say it. I think I mentioned it in “what are y’all watching or the other one” Been watching Taxi driver, this one is very good!

but a dream you could never reach then finally you have a chance!! this is one drama, almost made me cry!! remember relating. but its really a good drama, just watch and see, If you DON’T like I will get you a coke or pepsi. hehehehe. my dream was to be a balerina, but no funds to do so, a gymnast, again no funds, I was never able o go for my dreams, and yes even a writer(frustrated writer) I guess thats why I realted to this drama so much.

I want to see that , my roommate is a guihmo


aww, glad you enjoyed Navillera! It’s a real treat to see old actors acting so well and such an inspiring plot! It’s on my neverending watchlist, I’ll get to it someday(faster if it was available on Viki but oh well)!

By the way, you might also like Octogenarians and the 90s…I’m seriously loving it. Every single old actor has nailed their performance. I liked the setting and the way everyone communicates with each other— the team chemistry of the cast gets an A! The relationship between grandfather and grandson is adorably hilarious, with the grandson trying to be a love advisor to his Grandpa.:joy:

…and I’ve gone off-topic again, sorry, thread admin!


hey thanks for the tip, I will check it out today, after i finish the "crying "that is oh and of course off subject but did you discover what the word Navillera means? goes right along with the drama!!


@kdrama2020ali, I absolutely love Navillera, but I think some people might find it boring, maybe even depressing. @frustratedwriter, yes, Navillera loosely means “like a butterfly”, perfect title for the show. @mas4, I just joined the English team for Doom at Your Service. It looks interesting and it has Seo In Guk and Park Bo Young, both excellent actors.


just finished episode 11, the loneliest words anyone will ever hear “Who Are You” oMG!! I almost cried. tomorrow is the last episode I am anticipating him flying… his debeut.

if no one has ever been around a person with Alzheimer’s, this is it in a nutshell. they forget , and for this guy, oh man I really hope he will remember!!!

as for Vincezo. oh my goodness, so mom was killed, wow, well maybe I shouldnt say anymore, others may not have watched, I sure hope they don’t do a clifhanger on the last episode this next weekend!! so cool how the gold got out. so sneeky!

see my last message



Please cover your Spoil-ers! Some people have not watched it all!! hahahahahah!


So did you realize what she was doing!!!

She confessed to him they got the English sub wrong!
She was saying they were ONE - Two Souls as ONE!


@mas4 @vivi_1485
Ok if you guys start something - let us know! I have enjoyed this thread! Fun - to run to the computer to write my review and see what you guys think!

I am looking forward to

My friend just started watching it. I really love Song Kang!!!


He hasn’t shown any interest/feelings towards her. He protects her like any others, nothing special. They must be waiting for the last 2 episodes to show something, maybe? So far, ugh no romance on his part for sure.


and yes , I am bad!!! please forgive…


if you are younger than 70, y’all may not understand, but be sure you have enough kleenexex!! and silly me I haven’t looked but what else did he play in??

ok I watched him soar. what a beautiful ending too. not gonna tell you, you gotta watch, yeah tears came to my eyes but oh soooo good!

now on to Vincenzo. another one I hate see end!! again like I said earlier, I hope theres no clifhanger!!

on kdramastars. news update on vincenzo. #2??? well I didn’t see anything, just a blank space


Song Kang was in Love Alarm - I adored him in Love Alarm 1 but HATED the story in Love Alarm 2 (not his fault)

I will bring lots of Tissue! It will go in my Tissue Collection if it ever comes to VIKI


wonder and this is just me thinking out loud, what about this drama somehow go to the Alzhimers organization, NAVILLERA

never too old to reach your dream


Aw, This one Looks Good!