Anybody Else Watching the New "Vincenzo" with Song Joong Ki


Something else to look forward to for you Tacyeon fans.


I saw that on Instagram or twitter this morning!


He’s so gorgeous!! :heart:


He posted a new photoshoot on Insta this morning


Yes! I watched Space Sweepers this afternoon. Tons of action with some very emotional and comedic moments as well. I recommend! Bonus points for getting the opportunity to watch Mr. EyeCandy (aka SJK) in yet another feature. Sigh…



You got that right, sista! Love it!


I’m hwaiting on my GQ


Hey, if the other ladies want to fight over Minho, I’ll take the leftovers. Hehehe…


I’m in the Minho fight!!! hahahahahaha! Although I’m distracted by Seo In Guk

And who would not be distracted by Song Joong Ki


Well, yeah. But it’s always good to have Plan B and Plan C, etc. :wink::rofl:


Some know my Main Squeeze but I don’t reveal it often - I keep him to myself! :star_struck:


Okay, all you Song Joong Ki fans,


I heard that this morning - Thanks for posting - this is almost another Mafioso type character
I think he is in love with that genre


If he accepts the offer, I wonder if his character will wear silk pajamas? :stuck_out_tongue:


Me - Song Joong Ki you know the PJs the ones in Vincenzo - its a thing
Song Joong Ki to his producers and staff - We must make sure to have those darn silk PJs for the fans! ($6,000 gorgeousness)


My BABY BABEL - I’m so glad we are posting any of the new projects we see! Good to get people excited about their new works!!!

Oh my GOSH - He SINGS - THUD :fire::fire::fire:


Yes, please!!! Gotta keep the fans happy!


Can you believe this? GREAT actress indeed.