Anybody Else Watching the New "Vincenzo" with Song Joong Ki


i am an its amazinggg


It was so shocking for me, I mean that’s great!


Here you go, Vincenzo fans in withdrawal!



yeah this one looks better than the other guy holding up the wine glass,

sorry forgot his name, Titannic dude…


Leonardo DiCaprio - was in Titanic

Yes our SONG Joong Ki is MUCH Better


yeah!! oops brain fog, other excuse? age maybe?? hehehe, but don’t get me wrong I do like Dicaprio!
Vincenzo just held it better!!! and both cute…

kdrama 2020, watch it again???


Vincenzo - YES MOST DEFINITELY! Although that one soul crushing part might kill me again! with Baby Babel

Right now my top 14 dramas are
I Am Not a Robot
Another Oh Hae Young
Wok of Love
Her Private Life
Love from the Stars
Fated to Love You
The King:Eternal Monarch
Crash Landing On You
Nine Tailed Fox
When the Weather is Nice

I keep adding shows! I can’t even do a TOP 10! hahahahaha!

With Empress Ki being pretty Epic from Wookie but I can’t finish it!

Will You Watch Vincenzo AGAIN??


really seriously thinking about watching it(vincenzo) again


I need to finish watching it! I am soooooo bad. I struggle to wait for the next episode of a series to come out. I don’t know how I am managing to wait for DOOM unless it is because I watch 2 episodes every Tuesday night which must satisfy. :thinking::thinking:


You HAVE to finish VINCENZO oh my gosh! If you asked me my TOP 3 right now it is

  1. Goblin
  2. DOOM
  3. Vincenzo!

GO finish it!


I think I stopped at ep 6 on Vincenzo so it will be a long binge/haul weekend. I am currently into The World of the Married. I want to smack so many of those couples around. I mean, just kick that bostage to the curb! Sheesh…


I heard that was a interesting one!


Probably TMI but it doesn’t help that my ex-husband cheated on me (which is the theme of that drama). I can really relate to what those ladies are going through but it also gets me really fired up. I hate the way they tiptoe around their cheating husbands! UGH!!


UGH!!! That is happening in DOOM - I relate to some of the things there! It makes you cry more - or get mad more! RIGHT


the ones that haven’t finished Vincenzo, y’all just gotta! you may have a hate/love thing there but still finish it, I don’t think you will regret it. hey you know I fussed about our favorite actors playing bad guys, well it did all work out in the end. they were awesome playing the bad guys, looks like it boosted their, popularity as well.


hey y’all did you know that pigeon wasn’t real ? I just read that on one of those news links, wow

Well, well, well it looks like tVN has surprised us once again because Inzaghi, the pigeon in Vincenzo , is not real and is a result of next-level computer graphics!

can find it on you tube, but the pigeon was a good thing in the story!!


Yes, I saw in one of the behind the scenes that they used a puppet controlled by a crew member in rehearsals.

I think all the Italy CGI scenes are amazing! I honestly thought they filmed it in Italy or at least outside.

But I also wondered how they could risk leaving Korea because of covid.


none of it in Italy??? oh wow!! the pigeon was one thing, but not filming in italy? tricky is all I can say!!

ok I watched, hillarious!!! and awesome! still good to know.


Enjoy Baby Babel - He’s so FUNNY!