Anybody Else Watching the New "Vincenzo" with Song Joong Ki



I couldn’t watch the damn movie without crying, and feeling such pain in my heart, but I did as a tribute to him so his senseless death would not be in vain for him. May he finally found the peace he needed so much in life.


Your brave I just can’t do it.


I added my Baby Babel to



Watch REVOLUTIONARY LOVE there were 2 scenes that made me sob so much from how severe the beating was to SIWON’S character. I had to stop watching bc it was revolting to see such insane beating scenes.

PS. Don’t watch JOKER is not a movie easy to watch and it stays inside like a painful memory hard to erase. I did it bc it was his last act and didn’t wanted his hard work to be done in vain. Even as I write this I feel a lump in my throat.


So I want to end out this thread with REMEMBERING Vincenzo!

What an AWESOME show! I think it is one that they are very proud of and the ratings show that it is in the TOP #6. Up there with Crash Landing on You, Mr. Queen and Goblin.

  • It is a definite REWATCH for me!
    I wish the actors much success in their next projects


If I had the choice, I’d rather not know what happened to the real king. I loved the drama throughout, I hate thinking about things logically. I’m glad they had a happy ending and everything turned out all right. It was fiction from the start and I adored it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


He’s one of those characters you wish wouldn’t die. I guess the good guys had to loose someone and the writer chose him.


I guess I can never explain things clear enough. I meant like [RIVER WHERE THE MOON RISES] The title doesn’t hint that this is the story about PRINCESS PYEONGGANG but in the ABOUT section they explained that this series is based on Choi Sagyu’s novel Princess Pyeonggang . … I never knew Love in the Moonlight was based on the king that dies young, and never had a concubine because he only loved his one and only love. The reason why I felt their love would never flourish bc I didn’t know the story related to that story. I would have understood the ending on [LITM] better.

I felt the ending left so many unanswered questions, and I thought there was no future in their relationship, so I was disappointed with that drama and felt I wasted my time watching it. After such a long time NOW I understand the ending. I was so angry with that ending back then.



And My Boy…@mas4


Aww, I’m sorry I didn’t understand you :sweat_smile: I can also be a little hasty while answering people, so I might misunderstand a lot.

Glad you understood the ending, though!^^


Finally thanks to you! bc I had no idea it was based on that story. Do you know if Bossam: Steal the Fate, is based on any of that sad era stories? I’m debating to watch it, if it has a tragic ending. The world is full of enough misery to waste my time watching sad stuff.

I made a resolve not to watch any Asian dramas that is not full of positive and beautiful stuff. Full of LOVE, romance, laughter etc… Adding misery and sadness is the least thing I need in my life and lately this dramas are so full of negative energy it drains the little Happy energy we may have.

Sadly we have now so many ‘‘young romantic dramas’’ and the mature romantic dramas were about unfaithfulness, divorce etc. For the first time I found a drama of mature couples and even the 75 year old man was in love with another woman. ugh total bomber.

Vincenzo was too violent and the ending was the most grotesque ending I’ve seen in dramas, but these writers need to rethink their stories better, and stop this vicious cycle or they will destroy the charm MOST Asian K drama world use to have.


Well hello there, we think alike!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I felt the same way, so I steered right past Vincenzo and all the dark dramas we’re currently getting. It’s hard to find a sweet, lighthearted romance which is also not stupid and immature. I’m digging back to the oldies and trying all sorts of stuff to find dramas which still hold the old charm. They’re all either angsty or cringy :roll_eyes:
Not sure if you’ve already watched this one, I found it REFRESHING:

old boss-secretary romance but pretty mature if I remember right, boss respected her space and never tortured her

really light and funny :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

really liked this one, it doesn’t have too much romance, but the characters are adorable and I find it refreshing to watch the slice-of-life daily laughs, sorrows and pranks in a nursing home after a long day. The old actors are great, I love 'em:

I Am Not A Robot remains one of my favorites…

As for others, I’ve had to switch off my brain and do some skipping, but I did enjoy Instead of Tipsy, Why Not Get Drunk and I’m currently going through The World Owes Me A First Love— waited 13 eps for a kiss and it was FIRE (not sure if you’ll like these, though, you might find the FLs irritating)

So I Married My Antifan seems to be promising, I’m gonna wait and see…



@vivi_1485 Have you started


Aw, My Baby Love My Baby Love - In his Memory! My Baby LOVE!


Nope, still trying to finish three On-Air dramas while juggling with my studies.:sweat_smile: It’s gonna take me some time :flushed:


Gorgeous BABE


SJK has a new movie out on NTFX right now called Space Sweepers. I don’t think it has much romance in it but I’d watch it anyway just for the eye candy that is SJK. He,he,he.


We had a discussion on it when it came out - I have not looked at the discussion in a while. Maybe check it out after in case of spoilers! Thanks for reminding us about Space Sweepers! It was a good Movie


I’m starting too, but it looks pretty good!


It is EVEN more than that!