Anybody Else Watching the New "Vincenzo" with Song Joong Ki


So Song Joong Ki had to halt working on Bogota - So we hope he is doing well - thank goodness he tested negative


So scary for Taecyeon (Our Boss Babel) and Chansung from 2pm - Why do fans to this stuff??


And the hotel comped them with champagne??? SERIOUSLY!!! This could have ended so very sadly!!
This is a HUGE liability issue on the part of the hotel. Sounds like an inside job with the girls using a key card that had been programmed to allow entrance to the guy’s room. Obviously, these two young men are just too nice! I would have raised HOLY HELL!!!


I wanna know how they got the girls out - did they run away - the boys were in their birthday suits - no wonder OK was cussing! Poor guys! Makes me so MAD! I hope they have body guards watching over them now! I would have totally raised HECK! NOT RIGHT! NOT OK! -


This show was amazing!!


tbhh i want a second season of vincenzo
i just want it so great plus the chemistry between Song Joong-ki and Jeon Yeo-been was sooo real and cute. i personally fell in love with both of them in the very beginning only.


it would be nice to get a second season


wasn’t this more for revenge? he got rid of all, or most of the bad guys, you bet I’d love a second season too! but just saying,


You would never be able to have a bad guy as good as OK T! They would never be able to duplicate that. Only thing I could see would be for him to show how he would help the “good guys” by taking out the “bad guys” but I don’t think they will do it. 2nd seasons - like Love Alarm - sometimes ruin the show.


How sweet is this???


NOT only a COFFEE truck but SHAVED ICE! He is so SWEET! She is a beautiful Woman!


More cuteness news. He is a true sweetie!




Kwak Dong Yeon - aka “Baby Babel” I miss him!!! :purple_heart: The actor has such a fun personality


Some more Kwak Dong Yeon dramas to look forward to.




More evidence that SJK is an awesome guy!


Thank you! I am always looking for stuff to post about our Baby Babel or Vincenzo - or our Ok T.


I love that OK T has a girlfriend - he is so different - loveable and fun - than his character - that is what makes a GREAT actor!


For @kdrama2020ali and me; found this on my Facebook feed:


Do You Love PJs too!??? :wink: