Anybody Else Watching the New "Vincenzo" with Song Joong Ki


Oh well, I think he is doing a good job. I didn’t feel like it was robotic at all and his accent to me is good. Oh well, what do I know. I have friends that are Italian! They just yell a lot! I know everyone always hates that stereotyping just like I do cuz I’m a Southerner!



I LOVE these silk PJs, I know, I have said it like 14,000 times!



He was terribly robotic, but I think it had to do with the fact that he recorded the sentence and lip sync the sentence in the scene. It’s so obvious and you can notice that bc he exaggerates the way he moves his mouth/lips.
I watched the part twice thinking someone else said the lines but it was his voice doing a dubbed version of himself. That’s why I said he should have practiced more like the cook that can fake Italian accent but can’t cook Italian for s**t. Just looking at his plates make me want to puke. anyway he was doing many productions at a time so he didn’t had time to do that much practicing.

They also criticized him here, and I was shocked. It doesn’t face him so they can criticize all they want.


I don’t even UNDERSTAND that criticism of Space Sweepers what the heck. He gets a script and he has direction he has to follow! Geez, people you guys go work as hard as these artists and then complain!

Sorry new crush on SJK and I’m just like GRRRRRRRRRRR!



OK so SEEEEEEE I’m not crazy those PJs are super expensive! And AGAIN he looks good in them!
Crushing on Song Joong Ki!!!


hey kdrasma2020ali, didn’t know you were southerner, hmmm, me too


thats why I asked that question earlier, his voice just didn’t sound right, so the voice could have been dubbed? anyway whatever, I think he is doing a great job doing what he is doing!! and I havent gotten to space sweepers yet


Bless Our Hearts, Right? hahahahahahahahahah!:purple_heart:


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww yeah y’all just sit back us southerners is taking the stage, hehehehehe


And we Southerners LIKE DRAMA

When he cusses, it CRACKS me up! Crushing on Song Joong Ki



Those DARN PJs, I’m so obsessed!


Is that a tape next to his sideburn, that looks too funny as it shines, lol


Looks like the gif just has some shininess to it for some reason. On his suit also.




hmm… lol uh… maybe I won’t say what I’m thinking about your PJ obsession, or is it the guy in the PJs obsession? :rofl:

(He’s shining because he’s your angel!)

I really like this show and don’t care what his Italian is like. I think it’s a wonder when anyone tries to speak another language.


Now Now Now Now! I do have a slight NEW crush on Song Joong Ki!!! I was a little late to the party because not a huge fan of DOTS because I don’t like the FL. But I love Vincenzo! LOVE LOVE LOVE! I have watched the Eps twice or maybe more than that! Ok, it’s ok to like expensive PJs
Right? Right? hahahahahahahahaha!

I think he is doing a wonderful job and can’t wait for the new Eps this weekend.


i just thought wet near his sideburn, hey may have had to tape his sideburn down!!

how in the world can he be so cute???!!! and yes like kdrama2020, a crush here! hes old enough to be my youngest son!! youngber than my youngest son, lets get it right, huh


He’s cute but too much a baby face for me to crush over. I’d just tuck him in and tell him to go to sleep. He has to go to school tomorrow. :smile: Good actor!


The tucking in part “I’m not even going to say anything…” He’s 35. I don’t think he wants to go to school. bhahahahahahahahahaha
:boom::boom::boom: Still obsessing over the PJs :boom::boom::boom:


The tucking in part “I’m not even going to say anything…” He’s 35. I don’t think he wants to go to school. bhahahahahahahahahaha
:boom::boom::boom: Still obsessing over the PJs :boom::boom::boom:

See, you can tell him to put on his PJs and you can tuck him in… :laughing: uh… - Hmmm. I think of him as equivalent to my son’s age, not as boyfriend material… You however,…:smirk: Maybe I should tuck you two in together? :rofl: