Anybody Else Watching the New "Vincenzo" with Song Joong Ki


Can I have expensive PJs too??? If I was an artist, I would just come on here to laugh my @#$ off at what we crazy women say!!!

Are you guys excited for tomorrow! I am! Vincenzo is mine :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:


So what style do you want?

A little leopard?

Top and trousers…

OR -Oh-la-al?

Uh! OH! Derailing this topic!

Back to Vincenzo!

Yea! I can’t wait for the next episode! :smiley:

That pinkie promise was so cute! and seems so completely off the wall coming from someone threatening your life! :laughing: But there is actually history to that ‘cute’ promise. It looks so cute but did you know that it originated with the Yakuza! (Japanese mafia)


Oh my goodness Leopard would be mine! I have purple hair so the crazier the better! I like that last set I think we would be good together! Did you watch “W” he gave her the 4 choices and you know what he chose! I kinda like both sets!!!

And yes, the pinkie promise was the greatest and stamping it was even better. Like he could hold that guy out the window with a measuring tape


I think to be like Vincenzo the trouser set would be better! hummmmmmmmm



yeah like kdramas funny. and the tiger ojs not for me, the flowers maybe, and like I said, 5 years younger than my youngest son. but still say a good actor even if he does have a baby face


Yippie! Vincenzo is Mine💙 TODAY!


down girl, down! hehehehehe


Vincenzo is up on Netflix!!! Happy Dance!
I’m telling you! **His eyes!**:blue_heart:New fan, Crushing on Song Joong Ki

Are YOU Watching??? I LOVE it when he says English WORDS! WOW & Relax!:blue_heart:

I’m making clam chowder! Vincenzo and clam chowder what could be better RIGHT?


So the demonical white truck did a number on your lover boy, and I hope he survives that. He’s fine I was rolling on the floor when the Bar girl in that expensive restaurant jumps so high up (1 hour into the drama) when the male lawyer screamed and laughed to the top of his lungs, and I don’t think that was part of the script.


The Hero’s Journey! He will always be OK!
Although my boy might be a anti-hero!

Remember to blur your spoilers!

Oops, I have not watched Vincenzo yet! Made Lemon Mousse! Waiting for it to chill, then Vincenzo!


Ok, I can’t resist telling you this spoiler. I think you can add Vincenzo to your “umbrella” collection.:wink:


thanks for reminding me, gotta go!!


Gosh! I wish it was on Viki! I can add it into my discussions! Aw, Vincenzo…


Ok here is that lemon mousse and ready for Vincenzo!


Wow, that looks delicious!


Beating up the punks cuz they are smoking! Loved it!

My Boy My Boy My Boy…UGH!:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

But he still looked beautiful

Hero’s journey I tell ya! Call to action, Talked to his Mentor, he will refuse…what happens tomorrow!

This episode: Damn, he looks good in BLUE!


I saw that it was hilarious!


Ta da! In episode 3, we learn Larry is one of the tenants of the Geumga Plaza! And lots of “Larry” in episode 4 so I definitely didn’t mishear in episode 1.
Loved the scene with “something” in the “chairman’s” bed in Episode 4 – but it wasn’t what we Godfather watchers were waiting for.
The ubiquitous unmarked white truck killed two in Episode 3.
Also confirmed that Netflix uses several different subbers for dramas – apparently one person is assigned a whole episode but there may be another person assigned to the next episode. This switching makes for inconsistency in phrasing and familiarity with American idioms which are vaguely familiar but a little “off”.



Vincenzo #4 Today! Vincenzo is Mine💙
I hear this is the BEST episode so far! Can’t wait to watch it!


I missed that, and I watched the first bit several times as I had to start and stop a couple times.

Anyone else like the 007 Opening I think it’s COOL!