Anybody Else Watching the New "Vincenzo" with Song Joong Ki


I’ll watch both new episodes tonight after dinner. :slight_smile:

Viki is scolding me for replying to you too many times. So, I’ll squeeze this in here. Your favorite Vincenzo scene!


I have to wait until Tuesday :sob: Because I’m watching this with a friend and that’s the only day she has time :frowning:




Just finished watching Episode4. @vivi_1485, talk about your power couple!


talking about a shocker! I wasn’t ready for that one in ep.3, but both 3&4 is awesome, not going to say anything, not gonna be a spoiler here, but awesomme!!! yeah power couple!!


I DIE I DIE I DIE we figured out the makeup artist thing with the lawyer. But I am a huge 2pm fan and I was wondering why Ok Taecyeon was playing a nerdy part, I hope his 2pm bros are watching this like us and finding out that crazy bombshell.

Me thinks my boy is a Pyromaniac!

Got to see my boy in his PJs, I am happy happy happy!
He’s HOT even wearing a MASK

Song Joong Ki You Picked a Winner of a Drama! Bravo!



another of our favorite guys the bad guy?? oh I hope not!!



I AM RIGHT NOW HEARTBROKEN> I can’t conceive that my precious good boy is really bad:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

I was like a zombie after I saw that bc I can’t accept that, and I don’t know if I can continue to see/watch Vincenzo. After I was like if they keep killing people who they’ll have left? I was like please ridiculousness at all HIGH but the BOMB…NOT MY FAVE BOY!:sob::sob::sob::sob:


I hope his Bros in his 2PM kpop group were as shocked as we were, I picture them watching it and jumping up with their mouth on the floor like mine was. I knew it was him before he made it out of the mist! I was wondering why he was so nerdy!


I LOVE VINCENZO! I can’t wait until next week! RE-watch this week!


The thing is he did both characters to perfection; the nerdy part he was so cute and when he got off the car and had that look I was my boy is all grown up with that mean man look! proud of him I AM.


He is doing a GREAT job! So excited for him! 2PM has some great actors. Well, I’m partial to JUNHO who will be home in 19 days.

OK Taecyeon is such a CUTIE Nerd! Acting is on point! You go boy!


amen angelight! I also was shocked


he was nerdy wasnt he? I was wondering that too.


oh yeah he played his part very well, um parts…



Love My Boy!

This show is REALLY Good!


Oh I am partial, love them all!


The whole cast is funny and entertaining. The story is getting better but now that they wiped half of them, and more of the killing will continue with my baby boy…::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: I wonder if I can forgive him for that…::scream::scream::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::angry::angry::angry::rage::rage:

WAIT a minute… The evil female prosecutor; I can’t stand her ridiculous role of exercising constantly with those vulgar hip movements. that messy hair and disgusting clothes she wears. total disrespect to female actress who have high positions and look and act so LOW class. The FL is the worst I can’t for the life of me like her. She dresses decently and classy but her attitude/behavior is vulgar and low class too. She needs to add seriousness to her role as a high executive lawyer. Please:::pray::pray::pray:


I cried when they showed the dad’s slippers under his desk
The shows cast is hilarious and I like the lighthearted moments.

The Hero’s Journey is continuing!!! I think we are gonna have a mobster with a good heart!


Ok so I have one BEEF! My BOY was laying on the Floor in his GORGEOUS expensive PJs.
I never wanna see that AGAIN!:heart_eyes::rofl: