Anybody Else Watching the New "Vincenzo" with Song Joong Ki


I actually laughed out loud at the PJ post. Yeah, he is one fine specimen. There is no doubt about that. Great show so far; I’ve watch through Ep 4.


If you read up several posts! I’m OBSESSED with his PJs!:blue_heart::green_heart::green_heart::heart_eyes:

I should just start a thread about the PJs!




I love when he dance and sang here


My Fav/My House - I always think he looks like a SEXY wolf!


Cute young boy. What’s his name?

Btw SJK face is too perfect. Do you have a yearbook school pics by chance? I can’t believe a man can have such perfect features.


Ok Taecyeon - He is a member of 2PM

Are you talking about school photos of SJK I have seen them and he looks the same! I’ll look


I’m confused there is 2 Taecyeon?

OMG you are right. He’s the same; NATURAL Song Joong Ki


Do you mean on the show? Or as an actor, singer, dancer! He is in the group 2PM


lmao the one you put he looks like a sexy wolf he can’t be nerdy taecyeon


Yep, Our Pajama Boy is Naturally Good Looking! And his skin is flawless


It is! Isn’t that amazing! He is a Hottie


That was photoshop. How sad…

The one with the fur coat I’m talking about. Looks nothing like him.


That is part of a Music Video he is supposed to look like a Wolf. He is rapping in that My House song. One of his eyes is icy blue yes in that Gif


Oh Mo Mo! I can watch and listen to his voice over and over!


Oh and do you guys remember when the little whimpy clueless figurehead CEO over the pharmaceutical company was BEAT down with a hockey stick…you know who that was!!! He’s a Bad BAD boy!


Supposedly the floors are clean? (Even if it is in that dive of a building)


Just finished episode 2 and I feel the same way. Am going to watch the other episodes to see if it improves, but if not… :woman_shrugging:


i have loved watching him in his various dramas


but thats not his voice, am i wrong