Anybody Else Watching the New "Vincenzo" with Song Joong Ki


That is Song Joong Ki’s voice, yes!


It is always amazing to me how we all have such different tastes! I love Vincenzo but it is ok if you don’t you might love or hate other dramas that I love! Right?:smirk:

Please watch all the way through the end of Eps 4…that to me was so good!


Right! YUCK my boy needs to watch out for his “Bod” and his PJs!:heart_eyes:


True :slightly_smiling_face: That’s why so many different types of dramas exist, right? :wink:


Morning, Fellow Vincenzo - Song Joong Ki


I can hardly wait for the next episodes!!


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SAME!!! I can’t wait until Sat


I am wondering about the romance. I am hoping now that she has to switch her thinking because of what happened she will grow as a character and we can see her move from where she is into a more heroic helpful character. We shall see. I do like her comedy though!



It has potential that it will improve because after they wipe out half of the people now we see another plot emerging. In all honesty I’m trying to like it bc there are so many things that don’t belong there since this a drama with classy SJK; but I guess this twist in the plot will give it the boost it needs for me.

PS The guy with the feet that ‘‘sweat’’ profusely. Was that scene really necessary? I wanted to vomit when I saw that and ran to the bathroom. Talking about black humor.


I definitely don’t like her comedy at all, but to each its own; we all have different taste and depending on age taste also varies even more. I would have loved her character to stay strong, serious and dignified. The woman prosecutor can have all the low class comedy scenes they wanted; ONE was enough. The two main FL, and both had to do such vulgar scenes when they are Professionals? A Degree has no value for women in that country?

Anyway, the romance might not even happen there bc of the strict steps they have to take now with the virus Is not like it’s over already, and gambling with one’s life for a few dollars is not worth it.


You mean dark humour? I think black humour is something different :slight_smile:

The drama does have a lot of random scenes. Episode 3 was better, yes. It’s more the characters and storytelling, also SJK’s character, that I have an issue with (don’t come for me) :see_no_evil: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yes it is something different. I don’t know where you are from, but from my side of the country is ‘‘humor negro’’ we don’t say ‘‘humor oscuro’’ I was translating my Spanish saying for scenes that are tasteless //vulgar in a movie, drama so on… The difference is; this wasn’t a joke [DARK HUMOR/WHAT IS USED FOR TASTELESS JOKES] this was scene in a drama BLACK HUMOR/ HUMOR NEGRO; which refers to scenes that are depicted in a very distasteful, vulgar way (and gets you in a bad mood and we call that; ‘‘me pone de un humor negro)’’ translation:angry (sorry I didn’t clarify this part better) sigh. It may sound racist but is not bc black is only but a color and oscuro which means: darkness/dark wouldn’t match in what I was trying to interpret in the scene.

Sorry for the caps but I want to make sure I explain myself well since things here tend to be distorted here sometimes :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

PS> I don’t know if you mean the same thing I mentioned before that to me that character doesn’t do him justice bc he is a great actor. Being a killer doesn’t bother me; is that what you don’t like?


No I understand that you translated it from Spanish, in Dutch it’s the same - we use the word for black. But as far as I know, in English it’s used differently. That’s why I said it :slight_smile:

No hay problema :wink:

No, that isn’t it. I can’t give you a full answer at the moment :sweat_smile:


**PJ post for the day!**:blue_heart:

I do believe the show is supposed to be “slap stick” somewhat as I call it. And it is dark humor. I am ok with it. The prosecutor is supposed to be “vulgar” I loved their phone call! When he was up inside the bldg and she was in the laundry. I hate her! And your are supposed to. This show make me laugh but also has so many twists! I love it! It is great to have different opinions it makes the world go around. I also live with people who kinda have that kinda humor and they crack me up daily.


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Gracias, will fix :smile:


Oh “Nerdy” not so "Nerdy" boy should change your mind!


So I was thinking I should start a thread with what we find “sexy” in a drama! Me and Vincenzo’s PJs, I also love it when a guy “leans” in and I know there is someone else who loves Choi Jin Hyuk when he “slirps” in his breath of air! I think that might actually be quiet funny.

Those PJs are Darn Sexy!!!


i finally realised why I didn’t completely warm up to Vincenzo’s character-- I keep comparing him to JCW in Suspicious Partner, the way they keep losing their temper over little things :joy: but I feel like JCW pulled it off better(funnier) than SJK…