Anyone else having problems with subtitle editor?

I was subbing when suddenly the subtitle editor stopped working. I had finished one part and went on to the next one and the part where the editor should be is staying gray. I can change the language and switch to the bulk translator (which works fine) but the actual part where I put in the subs is staying gray.
I closed the page, didn’t work. Closed my browser, didn’t work. Tried a different browser, didn’t work. Tried a different episode, didn’t work. Tried a different show, didn’t work. Plus I can’t get into the team discussion so I don’t know if anyone else is having the same problems. Anyone else having problems?

I’m having the same problem.

Same here! I can’t do anything! I know there others with the same problem…

I’m guessing it was a temporary bug or viki fixed it because it’s working again :slight_smile:

The same annoying problem. Plus I also have some trouble with Google Crome… I can’t view the movies… There is something wrong with FashPlayer within Crome… Some message like “you may have an ad blocker installed in your browser.” Anyoane else have the same problem ?

no problem with chrome for me. But do you have an ad blocker?

I have the same problem too last nite, but when I change into bulk translation, it worked. After that, it came normal again. But at least for 2 hours I had the same problem too.