Are there any K-Dramas about Ninjas or Warriors w/Romance & Action?


Yes, K-pop industry can be emotionally tough for all involved. I’m a SHINee fan and Jong-hyun had a spectacular voice.


So So So Very Sorry! I worry about a lot of my guys! I wish them all the blessings and happiness that they give ALL of us.


it’s been almost four years and the rest of his members still talk a lot about it, always counting themselves as five. Recently Key talked to Taeyon about it in his Home Alone episode and Minho gently explains to a kid that “Jonghyun samchon is a good samchon who’s gone very far away” :sob:


Did we mention the Return of Iljimae, now listed under

Or does anyone remember

I still think one of the best romances with political fights is The Princess’ Man.


I was just going to post that one it looks good a robin hood character


Anyone watching this??? Has it got warriors or what kind of show is it! I know it is a period drama


I started watching it…yeah the main guy is a general so I saw some warrior scenes…but I think I need time to digest the fact that he already has a wife, two concubines and two children while the female lead is only fifteen years old :grimacing: I’ll wait for others to finish it and evaluate it before I get in…


same here, ,it turned, I liked it at first then the interest is gone.


I want to see that again but not on Viki!, moon river is though, I do like it.


It is good, to me, I am not too crazy about it, Jealous ladies to this girl, which ome of my favorite actresses, I do plan to finish it. you may like it. um no warriors


See, now I think, I’ll not go back to watch at all :smile:


but as a favor, watch it anyway, your thoughts count as well


Ok… Well you are asking for a contradiction! :joy: warriors and ninjas are two different ‘jobs’.
Warriors meet the enemy in open combat. Ninjas are assassins who sneak around and ki!l people surreptitiously. So are you looking for a guy who quietly appears in your room at night to do who knows what OR are you looking for a guy who will come at you in broad daylight? :joy:


Uhmmm, alright, but it’s gonna be hard! I don’t even have the per episode comments section to vent my frustrations.


theres one on NF I think its called Ninja warriors, I didn’t finish it, but it did look good first 2 episodes , these were women ninjas


Hahahahaha! I think @kdrama2020ali excitement was going full speed ahead :joy: like a Santa late for delivering christmas gifts, :rofl: everything got tossed in the sack!


I love watching their “moves?” the ninjas that is, theres a bunch on c drama, I am now watchjing, even school type drama


!:fire:You got it stealthy ninjas and strong warriors! My kinda guys!


You got it stealthy ninjas and strong warriors! My kinda guys!


This cracks me up! Yes, your right! I was watching Mr. Queen and the King/is a secret warrior! I loved it.