Are there any K-Dramas about Ninjas or Warriors w/Romance & Action?


(。•̀ᴗ-)✧ Yup! I figured, something like that (◠‿◕)


there are lots of female badass warriors in Under the Power along with some really cool guys too


I have Under The Power in my favorites / watch list. The previews are good! :sparkles::+1:t5::wink:


I just watched a short clip of this! Wow! This guy is handsome! Look forward to watching this.


Oh I watched Under The Power already, from before :grin: I got it mixed up with this one, it is the one I am going to watch on a binge :smile:

Yea the ML male is good, this was the second drama I watched him in, even though the ML female is independent, he manages the swoon effect, and charesmatics :joy: my own word :laughing::rofl:


I like the SWOON and the Charesmatics!


:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::laughing::joy::laughing: The things that pops out of our head! :smile:

The male lead was in this, before I watched Under The Power:

And he was no less charismatic, very goood watches :sparkles::wink::+1:t5:



Are you watching this?

I watched it!

It’s short, and to the point!


Not yet! Gotta finish Mr. Queen


Ok - I am loving Tale of Nokdu it has some good fight scenes and women warriors also


this is exactly what I wanted. There is some bad@#$ fighting going on in Tale of Nokdu and I didn’t see the bad guy coming. Woman Ninjas and He can fight whether he’s a widow or whether he’s a guy!
Love this show!


Love in the Moonlight! My BOY!


Finally Mr. Queen is getting some sword fighting going.


Any new thoughts on dramas with ninja’s, swordsman, warriors with swords?


Memories of the Sword

Warrior Junho…???
Have you seen this one!?? :fire:


Nope. The only drama I’ve watched him in is, well, you know the one. :grin:


I still can’t believe you have not watched WOK of LOVE - Aw his chef self - that was my :purple_heart:


I can’t watch it even if I want to right now - you know, that pesky pass thing (JBL is the only free one of his), but I’m also still not ready to cheat on my Lee Kang Doo. I can’t do it.


You are good! I started watching Goblin on Viki on the free with commercials at the time! I signed up that day for the pass cuz I couldn’t stand it - that was over a year ago! Good girl you are keeping it loyal to JBL

I love my CHEF JUNHO