Badges: Who thought they were a good idea, and where do you go to earn some of them?

Next time omit the word subbing or any if it’s versions. I read that advice somewhere on these threads.
:bridge_at_night: Across over on your more restricted discussions, you’ll run into more of this kind of situation.

I knew I just heard this theme song. In a #mazelee shorts

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After having applied my analytical mind to analyse your screenshot :point_left: (let’s see if this passes!) 100/1 that the word separated by a - (****-retentive) orphaned it to one found in the watched word list. :thinking:

From Discourse website

  • :white_check_mark: Offer actions based on word list hits: block posting, require approval, auto-flag, censor, etc.

Of course. That makes sense.

Viki is willing to show (though not necessarily accurately translate) dramas with dialog that would cause my grandmother to spontaneously combust (were she around to do so).

And I (and others) can be allowed to work on subs for dialog that occasionally singes my eyebrows (because I know by now what they are saying).

But forget harmless dialog among responsible adults.


I suddenly feel the need to go and fry some bacon to help restore my brain cells that just melted.


It’s official, I’m devoted. About two weeks ago, I genuinely thought I forgot to log on to discussions, and I was kicking myself that I made it that far and screwed it up. I was pleasantly surprised to find this in my notifications today. It’s been a great year getting to know fellow drama lovers and sharing various interests with you all.



Congrats! - 축하해요!


omo Congratulations!! It’s been a wonderful year getting to know you and screaming around all over Discord and Discussions about every drama and hottie under the sun! :partying_face::partying_face: Triplets forever! :joy::joy::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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@amm11, @vikicommunity

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I fear I’ll never get the Devotee badge, I usually loose power for a day or more at least once per year, and in the rare year that I don’t, I’m sure I’ll probably just forget to look in on discussions one day or another even though it’s a habit to look in. sigh


One of the latest threads created in quiery of :rofl:

The answers are all in this thread about Badges: Who thought they were a good idea, and where do you go to earn some of them? with lots of side conversations, which made it a hot, fun discussions thread, about the simpler things in life.


Unfinished Business @jadecloud88 :rofl::rofl:
With a play on the name of our volunteer team for Poong, poong 2, … I’m still here! on this thread, and the laughs are just as good as they were, back in 2021.

jadecloud88 You’ll need to do something like :blush: :point_down:t5:

And, look what I came across! :motorcycle::mountain::motorcycle::mountain::motorcycle: It reminds me of everyone trying to figure out the “reply to email” badge saga, and the wiki badge saga. :joy::joy: The uphill journey remains undefeated. Unlike the posted video below :blush: :point_down:t5:


:rofl: You’re right. I’ve actually forgotten all about it.:rofl:

Indeed an uphill journey. But, if this motorcyclist can “accomplish the near-impossible,” so can we! As captioned: This is real. There is NO WAY OUT!

Glad you’re still here having a laughingly good time. Keep on!:muscle:

I’ll try to “drop in” more often :joy::roll_eyes:

I’ll start getting “crazy” then :rofl::joy: “Crazy-in-love” I can be, but a “devotee”? Out of reach (for me) already. Maybe next year :roll_eyes:

Congrats, @my_happy_place :confetti_ball: That was quite a feat! :tropical_drink:

Have a Happy & Prosperous Lunar New Year of the Rabbit!
Be Healthy!
Be Happy!



Same to you!

Those are some adorable rabbits.


With the latest updates, including an App now for discussions, that wish can be kissed goodbye! I can’t browse :disguised_face: incognito :disguised_face: anymore without looking through the whole thread. I now have to log in to go directly to the latest post on a thread. bummer!
Okay, I’ve regained my ability to view threads incognito (while logged out). The date of the latest post, once tapped, allows you to go directly to that post in that thread. Whew! that’s sorted.

There are more queries, and discoveries in the links below, about the discussions forum updates.



I looove badges in any form… Today I became a Gold QC (started translating in december for fun and whilst waiting for ninja academy segmenting is still a dream) and I didn´t get a badge… I honestly wanted a bage as Viki tends to give them from time to time… I was surprised so more badges to the people… :wink:


Grattis!! :grinning:

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:heart:Tack så mycket! :heart:

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Wow. I get dizzy when I have to climb a ladder higher than my own head.


Below are the discussion badges that are unattainable by users.

The disparity between users who are basic, member, regular, and leader is quite telling. How can basic users be encouraged to go on to be users who are members, users who are regular, and selected as users who are leaders?

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Do tell! :laughing::smile::joy::joy::laughing::rofl: What’s the secret to aspiring. :wink:

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