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I follow both of them on Insta and get to see InstaLives sometimes with both of them!


Welcome Back!!!



Another new one that was started! Cuz we love our HOTTIES :fire:


Your welcome. Also welcome back.


Blfansa: which shows do you like, which shows you don’t?

I finished the TharnType shows (I even found the special episode online, Viki should add the special episode for season 2, as Viki does have the special for season 1.)
Viki has both the Love By Chance as the Tharntype series :slight_smile: , so who knows Viki might also add the Don’t Say No series in the future. (Fingers crossed). The LBC and TT shows are still favorites of mine (as is A Tale of Thousand Stars).

This morning I also finished watching ‘Present Perfect’. (I think it reminds me a bit of Brokeback Mountain. It doesn’t have a lot of kissing. And they end up going back to their own lives.

I haven’t decided which show I’ll watch next. Maybe His. (and waiting for the final episodes of Bad Buddy).

Welcome back jtsonar_527. Any show you are watching or any show you’ve seen that you really liked a lot? Many bl shows have been added to Viki recently. :slight_smile:


Oh go find Tutor and Fighter - my fav couple!

Why R U! Not on VIKI unfortunately


Tutor and Fighter arrive on viki the 21th
See the bottom of the page


It will come to Viki, it’s mentioned as Coming Soon:

I wonder in which regions it will be available.
On the subtitle team page they mention the show will start on 21.01.


Boys’ Lockdown

Like in the Movies

Meet Me Outside

2 Moons

I Told Sunset About You

Love Sick

Don’t Say No

Make It Right

A Tale of Thousand Stars


He’s Coming to Me

Bad Buddy

Until We Meet Again

To My Star

You Make Me Dance

Light On Me

Wish You: Your Melody From My Heart

Utsukushii Kare

Addicted Heroin

Boyband Love

What the Duck

My Mate Match and many more.


Out of history 1,2&4 which one is good?
I watched history 3 trapped and history 3 make our days count, i liked both.


I like a lot history 2 right or wrong


Thank you hon.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Since the dramacool extension I used to visit a lot to keep track of episodes was officially banned i have been having troubles to keep up with everything. Been watching Bad Buddy, Baker Boys finished up Kieta Hatsukoi and My Beautiful Man recently. Feels like Lucifer’s keeping me quite busy. I wanted to reach Season 3, ep13 so badly since someone said they’ll use SHINee’s song ‘Lucifer’ for that episode. So much for being a fangurl… sheesh😂


U can do anything hut watch HIStory 4, I mean, that’s basically bullocks. Everyone has different opinions but the main storyline didn’t do it for me. It was messed up. The 2nd leads’ storyline was comparatively better. Cliché, but better. Other HIStory parts are wayy better, trust me.


I’m not a big fan of the HIStory series, 1 & 2 I thought were fairly juvenile, like they were written by 12 y/o boys, they weren’t horrible, just not that good, especially if you’ve been watching recent BLs. 3 MODC I chose to ignore the last episode, it simply doesn’t exist, 3 Trapped was my favorite of the bunch, 4 I would have really liked, if it wasn’t for the pseudoincest & rape to prove he loved him part of the story. It takes toxic to a whole new level, although at this point in the BL world I don’t know why they’re still using the old, I don’t like men I only like him thing, it’s just a weird trope, the writers should move on from it.


First i will watch history 2 right or wrong as @anne_21 and one my community members suggested, and i believe each one of us has different opinions, so my opinion on that series may probably differ from yours.

Thanks @sweetybirdtoo and @crackheadofficial_01 for sharing your views.

Trapped and life ~ love on the line are my favourites!


we have exactly the same favorites ! (my answer on June)

you might like the movie :


Lol, may be, they were recommended by @neelima19

And I’ll watch the movie, when i get the time.
Thank you for the recommendation.


I watched it months ago, and it was good. It wasn’t something special, the same “hiding the fact that I’m gay and now I have a kid with a straight woman.” It didn’t make any sense! But the rest of the story was good It has quality, but with it’s own set of limitations.


I disagree

It makes sense. A lot of gays try to be “like everyone” to please their family, the society… They get marry, have children and one day they can’t stand it anymore, they divorce etc… 33189628
To see the link you have to delete the the spaces between magazine- and 33189628


Thanks a lot for your list. I need to update my list of bl’s to watch, because not all of them are on it.
Also with the other shows mentioned in this thread.

En of Love is mentioned as Coming Soon on Viki, together with a new show Cherry Blossoms After Winter.
More to look forward to. :slight_smile: