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I have to agree… I feel like a lot of BL kisses seem more sincere, than most male/female drama kisses. It’s, honestly, one of the reasons I enjoy BL’s so much. Maybe I’m different in thinking this but when I see the sincere kiss scenes, they make me think, “I want someone to kiss me like that”, more than the ones I see in other dramas (not that there aren’t some in other dramas that don’t make me think that too). Also, they tend to warm my heart a bit more and/or bring back memories of some really good kisses I’ve had in the past. Well, that’s just my personal take on it shrugs


It’s available YIPPIE!

My life is complete


Champ from tharn type is in this drama.


And now the thirst comments will begin in a few days… Thanks Viki😉


Why R U I am going to watch it ansd see if its any good, for me, ok?


The synopsis is quite good, and cast are from tharn type.
Did anyone finish watching this?


I watched it but in all honesty I forgot everything about it already, so it couldn’t have been great, then again it wasn’t awful either. I don’t remember much but I remember that I found the characters Jeno & Near confusing, they are real life brothers, and look a lot alike, so I had them mixed up from time to time. If I recall correctly Jeno & Chris, who were Seo & Khuli In TharnType, were my favorite couple.


Thank you for the review! :heart:


It is very STEAMY for a BL - but Fighter and Tutor are my FAVORITE - I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!


Why R U is available in my country, so I can watch it as well. :slight_smile: I have seen the first episode and so far I like the show, it has humor and I’m curious to what has happened in their past and what will happen next. (I skipped the special, I would like to watch the special after I’ve seen the whole series.)

I haven’t seen Second Chance yet. It’s on my want to watch list, like padmalayag, I’m curious too.

All episodes for Bad Buddy are available (on YT). I finished watching BB. It started strong and the main leads were cute together, but I don’t know, I wouldn’t rate this show very high, even though the show had some nice twists and surprises in the last episode. Perhaps I was expecting more conflicts and tension.



I’m at episode 12 of Why R U and I realized the last three episodes are a special, so I’m near the end already and I don’t want it to end yet. (Wondering what Fighter’s father will do now).
I can see why you love Fighter and Tutor. :kissing_heart:

I couldn’t find a thread about bromance (only one specific for Korean Bromance or about the series called Bromance). Can I post this here or should I start a new thread?

Killer and Healer is the show I’m currently watching, it’s not BL, but Bromance ( it is labeled as a censored romance on MDL). After seeing a couple of series with a school setting I was in the mood for something different. K&H has a thriller element in it, so only watch it if you like thrillers. I like it so far, but I was a bit confused about the story (How they suddenly were at home) and I just realized that I accidently skipped episode 4, thus so far I’ve seen ep 1,2,3,5 and I’m halfway ep 6, but now I’ll return to watch ep 4, whoops. Even though I mixed up the order of the episodes I still like the show so far.


Is there anyone online ryt now who wants to join a watch party?
Drama: Happiness
Language: English
Episode: 1
ML: Park Hyun Sik😌


Maybe I should just start another topic just for watch parties… sorry for bothering ya’ll :pray:


Read it after you watch the video

How’s my joke?


I’d love to join!!


Currently watching bl series


Maja aa gya bro… but did u know, Bas and Copter from the series “2Moons” are a real couple, don’t believe? go and check them out.


I received a message (update from Viki), and this time (for the first time) it was specially devoted to BL’s. :slight_smile:
I’ll post it here, in case you are not receiving these messages:




Enjoy watching them!


Yeah, I saw that too. Getting us hyped, I see. :grin: