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thank you for your list. i have watch 9 of these you listed.


Made me this GIF
I love Leo and Fiat
Right now I am almost to the end of the show
and my heart is breaking
STOP it already!!!
You guys have to watch Don’t Say No!!!

If we can find a BL to Watch Party - Anyone Interested???

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I’ve started watching TharnType 2: 7 Years Of Love (I’m at episode 6). I’m curious to their storyline. (I’m wondering how Phugun and Cirrus have met also).


This is so darn funny I can’t even!!! LOL


Manner of Death

Bun and TAN

@irishtigger and I are enjoying the actually mystery besides all the HOTTIES!!!

Still need to talk about the hot constable


The background story is still quite creepy.


is very cute. I really liked the ending.


Another one too cute :


Ok if you can say I’m obsessed with BL right now
Your RIght!


OOOOH Korean and Thai!!! BL Crossover

Must watch this soon!


another car accident !


Do you mean the show was a "train wreck?"


Currently watching bl series
My Love Mix-Up
My Beautiful Man
Tinted With You
Gen Y S2


I finished My Beautiful Man - I loved it!!!

I just started Tinted with You - so short the eps


In the teaser of Peach of time, there is a car accident


I’m waiting for the French subtitles for both Tinted with You and My Beautiful Man


You are right about bad acting in BL Series, but they are getting better (at least for the main caracters) like Bad Buddy or the gay couple in Bangkok Love Stories: Innocence
I agree that major male actors are afraid to compromise their reputation by doing BL Series :disappointed:
CHOO YOUNG WOO did a great job in you make me dance… yes he’s new in the business but very talented :star_struck:


I was what? Gone for a year? and I came back to about 160 new replies on this post… I was like damn~ The fujoshi army has awakened and I feel proud to be the first one to make a beacon call for all of them. At first it was just a few individuals, we had a pvt group chat. But now it’s so many people!! Feels good to see that people have started watching BLs and love it too… what else can a fan want than the thing or people they support to get the fame they deserve. So thank you for frequently posting replies on this post @kdrama2020ali @sweetybirdtoo @tst_pierre_539 @anne_21 @mirjam_465 @wanted101 @sweethope


OH Love my Boys!


My Fav Couple - Tutor and Fighter!


Now ain’t that a shmokin couple