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I like a lot


It’s mew bday!! Today.



Waah, I feel like crying.
I completely fell in love with this drama and the characters.
Though I didn’t like it initially, i eventually loved it…


Ep 2 of Why R U? Starting soon

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BL fan here!


I miss line TV :sob:


Is anyone else watching Enchanté?
Ep 8 the kiss was amazing


I’ve been thinking about it, but I haven’t yet. Maybe I should.


I’m watching Too Many on-air BLs, I normally wait until they finish, but for some reason I’ve got 4 ongoing, so far I’d say Enchanté is worth watching.


I’m currently only watching 1 on-air BL, Not Me.


What do you think of Not Me, so far? I only watched 2 episodes and put it on hold, I may start again now that Semantic Error is finished.


I quite like it, but i like more darker shows. I dont think it’s a show everyone would like.


I don’t mind dark, I loved Manner of Death. When I started my MDL last year I realized most of my favorite dramas weren’t romance, as I initially thought, but actually crime or thriller.


Then you might like it ^^


Guys Guys Join Discord, We have a server, is not that so @damiechan? :joy:


I’m waiting for kinn Porsche, but i don’t know if i will have time to watch it or not.
I really love thrillers blended with romance.



I saw this comment in Oh! Boarding House


Lol, they should find their way over to a couple of the posts here in Discussion.

edit - just a note if you’re going to watch Oh! Boarding House, don’t let it autoplay the next episode, so far in episodes 1-3 & 5 there’s still story right at the end.


Something to look forward to.

Coming Soon: Don’t Say No, Cutie Pie and a few more :heart_eyes:


you aren’t bothering us!! what drama are you wanting to watch, if it isn’t too late be glad to