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@sweethope I can’t express how excited I am that Viki is getting DSN, I’m really hoping that DSN & Cutie Pie are WP available.

Speaking of Cutie Pie, I’ve been wondering about the honorific Hia and I finally looked it up, it seems it’s the same as P’ except for someone of Chinese heritage.

Absolute BL - Hey! As someone who knows nothing about thai… (
:arrow_up: article about Thai honorifics, using BL examples.


Did you already start watching that one? :see_no_evil:


its really good it seems, i will probably watch it this week i have no free time

i have watchd the first couple of eps and dropped because i was so busy and am thinking to resume once it drops on viki


I really want to watch KinnPorsche too, but I don’t have an IQiYi subscription, if need be I’ll wait until it’s finished and get a month or two.

I saw someone posted this on MDL, IG? Twitter? somewhere else? :woman_shrugging:

This is about this weekend’s episodes, Ep 8 of Cutie Pie vs. Ep 2 of KinnPorsche



the meme is super funny! hahhhahaha
i will start watching some dramas when i get some free time


I couldn’t wait :see_no_evil: Maybe we could have a WP for KinnPorsche? Not sure how that would work though, as I haven’t been to many WPs before


That would be great, are you on the Drama Lovers Discord? I’ve watched a few with share screen, or on Giggl. Viki WPs are just so easy, we’re spoiled when we can do it here. :slight_smile:


I am in the discord (though I often forget to check it). I also think I made a Giggl account for a WP I once joined


please call me for kinn porsche


I got a couple of them I plan to watch


I’m looking forward to see Don’t Say No and Cutie Pie on Viki. :slight_smile: I haven’t seen these dramas yet. (I’m looking forward to all new bl dramas, which are appearing on Viki. :slight_smile: )

Thanks for sharing the link @sweetybirdtoo

I’m also very curious about KinnPorsche. (Depending on time I would like to join a wp if possible)

The two main actors of A Tale of Thousand Stars are making two new dramas together (Cupid’s Last Wish & Moonlight Chicken) and as I really liked A Tale of Thousand Stars, I’m curious about these two new dramas. (Wishing Viki would air those dramas as well).


it is continuation for tt 2


For those who like BLs and may not have come across this show yet, “Drag, I Love You” from GMMTV is fantastic. It’s not a BL but it has heaps of BL overtones. Beyond that, though, it’s a brilliant comedy! As with so many GMMTV shows, it’s free on YouTube.

The three main leads are brilliant!

100% thoroughly enjoyable and really great fun to watch :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


thanks for the reccomendation noel!


I’m so EXCITED!!! I loved Don’t Say NO


I just discovered this trailer for “Dear Doctor, I’m Coming For Soul”.

It looks like it’s going to be a great show. As consequence of watching this, I filled in a request form for Viki to investigate it and maybe get hold of it and add it to their BL collection.

The main leads appeared together in a 4-episode gay romance called “Grey Rainbow” (2016) that was part of the “Views Of Love” series. (I’m a big fan of “Grey Rainbow”. It’s quite a thought-provoking gay drama.)


Dear Doctor is pretty good so far, it’s one of the way too many dramas that I’m waiting for episodes to drop each week. lol


yes I also am watching this one too


On the same theme as the article I posted above, Perth (Ram - My Engineer, Jay - Cutie Pie) put out a video on Thai honorifics. Careful how you pronounce Hia


Pink Milk anyone?