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lm watching this.


I was just coming over to link this video. :smile:

It’s very helpful to those who work on Thai dramas. Whether you’re a subber, TE or even OL, this video explains everything very well.


y’all just gotta watch this one! really 6 episodes, the young man at the beginning, remember missing, the other side, and Thomas when he leaves, go through that door and disappears. well, he has that look, not disappearing of course. but the last episode really got me to do a lot of thinking, and if I put them on here they will be spoilers, BUT one will do what is your dream?

so for my “young age” really got me to thinking, instead of frustrated writer, do something about it! hrte other questions go right along with this one, y’all do you good is all I can say

but that welcome is so enticing!

this one is almost like it

both are awesome and messages galore!!!


Hey, fans, don’t miss the Bad Buddy Series, they are also น่ารัก and they are also very sweet!
Highly recommend:
Bad Buddy Series.
He’s Coming to Me
Theory of Love

All of them will be your best options for BL.

They are so cute and the motor is also cute, I also want to enjoy such a good sweet moment with my beloved one but ราคา Honda CB150R so high.


Today is the release date!


@kdrama2020ali and everyone else who wants to see this show :slight_smile: :

The count down is starting :slight_smile:



The countdown is only starting now? I started checking daily when you posted the upcoming dramas a month ago. LOL


Now Viki finally confirmed when it will air :smiley:




Where do you see when it will air? Unless Viki posts something on their IG or Twitter I can never figure out when something is going to be released. Or are you on the volunteer team?


Leo & Fiat are Mine! you have Fighter & Tutor. :rofl:


It says available in 9 days :smiley:

But I’m also on the team and it’s airing on May 12! Which is in 9 days.


Oh, under Episodes, I didn’t notice they were there now. :woman_facepalming:


Is anyone watching KinnPorsche? The series was recommended to me and I just started it. I have watched up to Ep. 4 so far. It reminds me of the Taiwan series Trapped in that it feels more like a mainstream crime drama whose leads just happen to be gay. [Which I appreciate] Definitely deserves the NC-17 rating with the dark subject matter, mature themes and sexually explicit scenes. It’s too bad this drama is not available here at Viki. I am enjoying the drama so far although I wish the episodes explored the mafia workings a bit more. Hoping to see the mystery of Porche’s family connection with Korn and the mafia world explored more. I think it has something to do with his mother. Other people have said that the TV drama has made several changes from the source novel and toned down some things. I haven’t read the source novel but I’m glad of the changes. Apparently the novel includes scenes of rape and sexual assault, as well as the Kinn character being overly controlling and possessive. Thankfully, I haven’t seen those type of things so far. What do others think of the series?


I am watching kinn Porsche despite my busy work schedule :grin::grin:. I am in love with the series and the theme ost…
I also remembered trapped series. Kinn Porsche is really good. It has all the thriller elements I need and it is a bl…I am enjoying it a lot and waiting for one whole week for just one episode is literally a torcher :tired_face:

And the comedy of tankhun is peaks.
And I feel sad for Vegas


Thanks for your response. Much appreciated. Yes, the 1 episode a week format of KinnPorsche is torture,LOL! It’s very difficult to wait for the next episode. I wish that it was 2 eps a week. I am also enjoying the crime drama/thriller elements of the plot, and the adult characters. It is a refreshing change from the usual storylines in the BL genre.
The comedy of Tankhun character is great! I also love his crazy outfits. The actor who plays Tankhun is doing a good job. The inclusion of the comedy moments in the drama was a pleasant surprise to me. I like that the drama is not all dark and serious but has these lighter moments included.
I don’t know about the Vegas character. I don’t trust him after he kidnapped Porsche. I read at another forum he might have a loveline with Pete. I don’t know how I feel about that as I really like the Pete character. Vegas, do not hurt Pete! Anyway, next episode looks interesting as Kinn and Porsche escape from the kidnappers and have to survive in the forest.


Yes, I am very excited for the next episode!

Did you not notice anything in that hug?
I guess kim and porschay has a love line . Not the ones you mentioned


What hug are you referring to. @padmalayag?
Yes, I also read at another forum that Kim and Chay characters will have a loveline. Apparently, they have a romance in the source novel. I guess we will see if they include this in the drama version or change things for the drama.


Porsche and Vegas’ hug


Since I don’t have IQiYi and can’t watch Kinn/Porsche (I’ll probably pay for a couple months once it’s complete, because I need to watch it) I’ll have to make due with Don’t Say No! It’s coming today!