BL fan club / fan chat on Viki


Thank you for the good news :newspaper_roll::slight_smile:

And I don’t have a iqiyi subscription…but I am watching kinn Porsche


In honor of DSN dropping today I’ll spam some GIFs


Thanks for clarifying about the hug, @padmalayag
Yes, I see your point. I agree Vegas might be falling for Porsche in spite of himself. Still, I don’t trust him. Vegas, Don’t hurt Porsche either! We will have to see what happens as the drama continues.


He won’t, definitely… He is the second lead! he loves him.


The gifs are so cute. I will try to watch an episode today


I’m watching DSN, but haven’t seen KinnPorsche yet. It’s on my want to watch list. :slight_smile:

YouTube recommanded this video to me just now, and I was touched by his voice. Watch out for spoilers, as it contains clips of the series:

I haven’t watched the video (only shortly the beginning), because I don’t want to see spoilers, but I got curious about the lyrics and after looking for the lyrics I like the song even more.

I’ve found a version of the lyrics on here:


Finished watching Ep. 6 of KinnPorche. I enjoyed the episode but things felt rushed at the end in terms of Kinn and Porsche relationship. It seemed to go from 0-100, if you know what I mean. Next episode is the halfway point for the series, so perhaps they wanted the KP relationship fully established so they can focus on side couples development and the mystery plot in the second half of the drama. Anyway, looking forward to checking out the next ep.


i felt like crying literally!
i watched it on sunday.

they are in love right now!!!
i am so happy for them.

and that handcuffs aaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!


This is really the year for good BLs~!

CutiePie - highly recommend it, SCOY (Secret Crush on You) was very fun and explores different character dynamics I don’t get to see too often in BLs. Obviously KinnPorsche is my heart on Saturdays now that they don’t have anyone competing too heavily with them.

I do find Dear Doctor, I come for soul is pretty nice too and a surprise that I look forward to as a mid-week treat :smile: I just hope to look for recommendations of fellow BL’rs.


I love Jeff Satur’s songs. He writes and sings some amazing material. He did the OST for “The Tuxedo,” too.


@manganese, are you not watching kinn porsche?
it is really gooooooood!!!


Not yet. I’ve heard great things about it and I’m looking forward to getting started on it. At the moment I watching, Secret Crush On You, What Zabb Man, Star In Mind and DNA Says I Love You.

Secret Crush On You goes places that I haven’t seen in BLs before. Once I got over the cringe factor, I’ve become a fan of the series. Seng Wichai Saefant’s acting is incredible! How he manages to play his character so convincingly, and without laughing, is beyond me.


aaah, it is on you watch list…then it is okay.
but watching it on air is the real torcher


I know! I’ll just have to pause a week between episodes when I get around to watching it :grin:


i am in love with these osts!!!


Some kind of spoiler hint revealed by mile. From kinn Porsche
I have no words to say after seeing this video :joy:


So far I’m liking What Zabb Man, but absolutely Love Star in My Mind_. SCOY_ surprised me, it was so cringy but it sucked my in and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It hasn’t really hit me that SCOY & Cutie Pie both ended last weekend, I’m not sure what’s going to replace them, maybe I’ll have to restart Dear Dr. I’m coming for Soul or start DNA Says I Love You. Even though I think I’ve watched everything, there’s still so much I haven’t seen. It’s like looking in a full fridge thinking there’s nothing to eat LOL


I’m a dude, am I still welcome? I would like to share my good bit of BLs


I think recently viki had more and more BL content ! I’m happy with it! Because when I discovered Yaoi (BL), BL content was nowhere to watch and now there are plenty of them.


Of course! The more, the merrier :grinning: I’m also a dude, by the way.