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Yes, the OST is fire! I thought it was very interesting that they recorded 2 versions of the Theme song, one in Thai and one in English. It took me a while to realise that the opening was in Thai but the closing was in English, ha!

Interesting Interview with band Slot Machine about creating and recording the songs. Click on CC for English subs.
KinnPorsche X Slot Machine

Also watched this very interesting interview with the 3 directors of the series (never seen a series with 3 main directors before) It’s nice to see how dedicated everyone is to the KinnPorsche series and the amount of thought and preparation the directors have put into the series. Click on CC for English subtitles.
Interview With The Directors KinnPorsche The Series


Did you watch this?


Thanks for posting the link to the KinnPorsche Side Story Video. (Or Ep. 6.5 as I like to name it)
Big Thank you to Be On Cloud for posting this on their YouTube for free and including English subtitles. So everyone survived. I loved the humor included with Khun, LOL! And Vegas up to his old tricks, I see. Flirting with Porsche. It was nice to have the sweet moments with Kinn and Porsche, and looks like they are now officially a couple.
I wonder if this was originally included in the Ep. 7 footage but was cut during editing? I appreciate that they are giving us the deleted scenes as extras.


I am actually happy that, I got something in the Middle of the week.

Waiting is really tiring


@edwardsebesta_621 Regarding your review of “Ocean likes me” I agree that the plot is a big mess, however, I don’t really understand your view of so called “Fujoshi”. I can understand that BL/Yaoi/Shounen Ai may differ a lot from the reality. Anyway, this doesn’t mean that plots that would be disliked in a hetero drama would be loved in a BL drama. :woman_shrugging:

The whole plot is a projection of a female fantasy into a male couple.

I don’t know anyone that fantasizes on people disappearing 4 times without reason. It’s a common plot in all sort of dramas, and it’s just annoying. But it’s an issue that should be addressed to the authors. We watched the drama and didn’t take it serious due to massive plot holes and weird decisions. Well, the scenery was beautiful at least. Instead, the first two episodes felt like a mushroom trip. However that may feel like.

Real Gay people are grown up and have grown up emotions.

This is basically the same. I do hope that most people don’t act like the usual female lead of a Chinese Romance Comedy. Maybe some people do, but what ML in reality wouldn’t have run from them already? :roll_eyes: Just like any female would’ve run from the ML of a Harlequin manga… probably. Sometimes it can be still nice to read and watch some trash. But I doubt that most people consider this “real”.

On the other hand, I can understand that an approach that turns homosexuality either in some despicable or extremely desirable doesn’t help to establish it in society (which would be my goal – that there’re no restrictions or anything if everyone as the same rights and is accepted all the same by everyone).

I hope that they’ll bring longer and more well-rounded dramas in that aspect that don’t just concentrate on the protagonists’ sexuality. There might be still a long way to go considering that Korea only started BL around 2 years ago, but I do hope they’ll learn from it.

As someone who read/watched tons of this stuff, I’m aware that the plot is often nowhere to be seen or sort of disappears once Yaoi features become part of it (something that I felt when I read the manhwa of “Cherry Blossoms after Winter”). We can see some improvement and there are some good storylines out there. However, I wished they would rather not focus on the sexuality someone has in the far future and focus on better and longer storylines.


Hi @xylune.

I agree with you. I’d also like to add that one should never underestimate just how very valuable BLs have been—and still are—when it comes to increasing the visibility and the acceptance of homosexuality specifically and LGBTQIA generally.

I grew up in a time when liking the same sex was taboo, and it was not something that you could talk about with your family (or even friends). People thought that those of us who liked the same sex were broken or doomed to hell, etc.

I spent most of my teenage years inside my head trying to work out how to fit into the world. I found that looking at a homophobic society was really scary. As a result, I spent decades being scared of telling anyone that I was gay. Had BLs been around in my day, they would have brought me a huge amount of comfort and would have made my life a million times easier and better. I wouldn’t have had to struggle so much with my thinking.

While BLs might be unrealistic, they are not completely unrealistic. The genre is popular because it taps into believabilty as well as people’s wishes for what a good world would look like. It’s not only BLs that do this. It’s a technique used by all genres.

My partner and I love watching BLs.




Among scholars of East Asian LGBT+ things there is controversy about BL and its impact on the welfare of Gays and Lesbians. Everyone, agrees however, they are written for women and provide a vehicle to project romantic and sexual fantasies onto men where being projected onto men these women feel safe in thinking about these fantasies. The two schools of thought among East Asian scholars are BL’s are bad and they aren’t a benefit, and they are bad but they have a benefit in lessening prejudice.

There are published scholarly articles on this in academic journals. This is not my original idea.

I note that you wish there was less sex in a BL. Very fujoshi of you.

You might want to watch the Japanese “First Love” on GagaOOlala or some of the Strongberry series on YouTube.


Another scholarly article. “Feminism or Homophobia” at State Univ. of New York.


@edwardsebesta_621 Since the article you reference about BL from a Japanese perspective was written in 2014 (and updated in 2017), there has been a huge explosion in non-Japanese BL: especially Thai productions. What is now often called BL has also extended into the L, G, B, T and Q of LGBTQIA. I don’t believe that the founding theory of Japanese BLs applies all that much to modern day BLs.

I often read through the comments on these dramas on Youtube and it never ceases to impress me just how many guys find a sense of value and validation from watching these shows.

I’m a huge fan of all the good that modern BLs and GLs bring to the 21st century.


The “pure love concept” is something that we have to face in a vast majority of Asian dramas (not reduced to BL). I think that might be one reason why they’re so popular all over the world. Because they acknowledge rather conservative approaches, which are interesting for conservative societies as well as for us (as I can only refer to my own society) corrupted Europeans who are tired of the endless relationships that our TV dramas show. However, they are indeed more realistic.

Nope, you misunderstood me. I probably read it all, seen it all… and I don’t mind. But I think it’s often used to substitute the plot itself (and becomes the center of every chapter). We can argue that women rather tend to value a story, but considering that this stuff was originally first made to address women… :roll_eyes: At some point it becomes boring.

I read articles about it before, and I guess it’s indeed the case that it doesn’t feel as bad to say “I like Yaoi” as if I said “I like Hentai”. While Hentai isn’t associated with anything substantial, we may hope there’s more to Yaoi. Furthermore, gay manga and yaoi are different things in Japan in the first place.

Furthermore, dramas often show a better world compared to the original manga or novel. Cnovels for example are often full of violence, non-con and questionable ideologies, same for the classical yaoi manga with seme/uke concepts… These are fiction, so I personally won’t take them too serious. But I can somewhat understand that others may feel offended or triggered by those. So it’s understandable that the TV version is adjusted.


Cutie Pie available in 3 days:


And more to come:


thanks for the info @sweethope

how many are excited to see tawan in kinn porsche?


Found this cute video on tharn type


I am curious to check out today’s Ep 8 of KinnPorsche and find out more about the Tawan character and his relationship with Kinn. Obviously there was trauma involved for Kinn that he still has not totally resolved. Have to say I found Ep 7 a little confusing in parts. It was a little unclear to me what exactly the point of the “joint operation” of the 2 Families was trying to do. I think it was supposed to be finding out who was behind the kidnapping of Porsche & Kinn, right? But the reasons for the kidnapping were a bit unclear to me. Was it to try and take over the drug business from the First Family? Was it just revenge for “disrespecting” the old Italian guy? Was it both? I think the mastermind was reveled to be the Italian gangster we saw in Ep 1, right? From his words to Vegas about “betrayal” I guess the Second family was helping him somehow? This whole plot sequence was a little unclear to me. I only wish that the writers could have been more clear about both what was actually going on and the motives/reasons for it. Emphasis for Ep 7 turned to the love relationship of Kinn and Porsche as we saw Kinn struggle to accept that his feelings for Porsche were more than just physical desire, and then both Porsche and Kinn dealing with trust issues (mostly Kinn’s due to trauma with Tawan, but Porsche was getting fed lies and half truths from Vegas meant to put a wedge in the relationship) The final scene with Porsche and Kinn in the restroom-remind me again what was the purpose? (Other than seeing 2 hot guys making out?) So Kinn insulted Porsche by basically calling him a slut and got slapped by Porsche in response and told off. Porsche goes to leave, Kinn realizes his mistake and grabs Porsche so he won’t leave. I think K apologize, and then I guess P forgive him? It was unclear to me. I guess I just don’t understand why they have to have sex in that moment? (Speaking of which, was that each of them giving a hand job to the other one? Or was it only P giving a hand job to K? ) I was trying to figure out what exactly was going on there and if there was any change in the power dynamics of their relationship. I would like to think that they both gave pleasure to the other equally and it was a manifestation of a power shift in their sexual relationship toward more equality, but I wasn’t sure. Saw some comments that the drama is using gratuitous sex scenes over plot and character development to get views. As in, is the nudity and explicitness really necessary or could they express the same ideas with a tamer kiss scene without all the rest? I see where those commenters are coming from, but I’m not sure how I feel about it. I want to see where Ep 8 goes.


Finished watching 8th episode

But all I miss are the action scenes and violence that was the main reason I started watching kinn Porsche.

All I can watch is Romance and love and no action scenes no story development and nothing.

It’s good to watch both of them being in love but acc to the set plot nothing is progressive. And the series is getting towards its finale.
And they are saying there will be a season 2 as well.


:+1::sparkles: :sparkles::sparkles: Some movies / TV series are like a shout of recognition for​:warning: the ``right to be different” and respect for the choices made.__*
An uneducated people is easy to manipulate and lead.

In such a technologically advanced period, humanity is still trapped in prejudices, just as selfish, fierce in religious morality and / or local customs …
However, human and moral values ​​are rewritten and updated with each generation, but few accept, assimilate, promote / support them … Education is a priority and on the same place as health, too, valorization and promotion moral and human values ​​in the current conditions has the greatest role in the development of human relations.
When: respect, understanding, acceptance, love, kindness, help, hope are not just words but a way of life and also have the same meaning for everyone … then we will have a happy world and a better life.


Absolutely!!! This is very well said!


I have finished Ep 8 as well.

I agree with you that this episode felt more like filler as not much happened other than Porsche and Kinn going on a date and the intro of Tawan character at the end. I understand that the purpose of the episode was to show how Kinn & Porsche are soulmates- it’s not just physical desire between them, but true emotional connection. (Although the episode also makes sure we understand that KP are totally sexually compatible) I enjoyed watching the cute and sweet scenes between our OTP, but with only 6 episodes left, I also wished that there could have been more focus on story development and moving the plot forward. I did not realize that there might be a Season 2 coming, but that would explain why the plot is not moving forward and also why the secondary couples storylines have not been introduced as yet. (According to the source novel, there are several side couples, the biggest one being Vegas & Pete. VP fans are very upset that their story has still not begun in the drama.)
I understand where you are coming from with the Action scenes. The action and mafia world setting were what helped to make KinnPorsche drama series different and fresh. I also really liked how the drama felt more like a mainstream crime drama whose main lead characters just happened to be gay. Episodes 7-8 the show is delving more into the romance aspects and the cliches. I was looking forward to exploring the mystery of Porsche’s family connection to the mafia world and Kinn’s father. That hasn’t really been touched on since Ep 2. Hopefully we can get back to more of the action and plot developments next episode although the Ep 9 preview looks to be relationship angst with Tawan causing trouble. I guess we will have to see.


@manganese what did you think of DNA Says Love You? I just finished it and thought it was amazing, it didn’t go where I was initially expecting it to, but I thought it was beautiful.