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I really liked it. It was a great show.

Taiwanese LGBTQ+ and BL movies and series are setting benchmarks for the industry these days. I have a theory that one of the big differences between Taiwanese shows and shows from other countries is that Taiwan has marriage equality. I believe that this starting point of “it’s okay to be gay because we’re equal” shows in what the Taiwanese people create.

In relation to DNA Says I Love You (DSILY)… like you, I was surprised when the script veered into new territory that I haven’t encountered in BL/LGBTQ shows before. I really loved that DSILY touched on this aspect of gender identity to reinforce the idea that “love is love” and that it stands outside of gender. The writer, the director and the actors treated the story with a great deal of respect and humanity. Everything about it felt very real to me, especially the coming out scene. I don’t want to say too much in case those who read this want to watch the show and haven’t yet seen it.


I’m sure it must, from an outsider’s perspective it seems like the logical place to start. But logic doesn’t always play into these things.

I also agree that the amount of respect shown was great, the way the friends accepted Amber was what someone would hope from a life long friend, even in that unusual circumstance

I’ve been watching a few Vietnamese web dramas lately and their BLs have a different flavour too, I was trying to figure out what it was, and the only thing I can think is that they
hit me more as dramas where the main characters happen to be gay, as opposed to a BL, it’s a bit of a weird distinction, but that’s the only thing I can think of. :woman_shrugging:


@sweetybirdtoo, I’m just being curious. Have you seen My Ride by any chance? If not, I recommend it.


Hey, thanks for posting :grinning:, it’s on the watch list, I’m waiting for the next episodes …


No worries. I’ll be interested to read your thoughts and analysis on KinnPorsche, @daccrismel_71.


Hmmm :thinking: , it’s an interesting film, compared to what I watched on Viki, with the action of the film inspired by the life of the mafia (with all that it entails), as a result another approach, quite captivating, in directing a fantasy film, within the budget … (there will always be voices saying “it could be more and better”)
What made me follow it , is the intrigue and especially the diversity / coloration of the characters (I can say that they are extremely good actors), the development of the characters, some put more or less in antithesis and especially of the human characteristics as the action amplifies, their similarity and peculiarities.
As a result, what makes me look for a movie is the action and the complexity of the characters, from a psychological point of view, and here it abounds. :eye::eye:



Have you seen any Spanish language shows from South America/Spain so far?

Netflix has many shows from this area with quite good storylines and characters. What I like most about them, is, that they have realistic characters, it’s not the “typical alibi gay character” many US shows have and it’s also not the “typical artificial gay character” the popular Asian stories/series have.

Those Spanish language shows have characters that are humans first and gays (or lesbians) second. They also show common daily problems many might still have with family or at school or work because of being gay/lesbian.

(Few of these shows also include trans people.)

So from my viewing experience the Spanish speaking shows are most realistic and most inclusive compared to shows from other countries/languages that either have “alibi characters” or “gay/lesbian/trans” only shows that exclude straight characters.


If the film had been a Chinese production, certainly the scenes you are referring to (nudity, intimate relationships) would not have existed, at most they would have only been suggested.

From my point of view, since the first episode, Kinn has developed a curiosity for Porsche, because his fighting skills, but especially his naivety, sincerity and joviality are disarming.
Porsche, as Kinn’s bodyguard, is perceived to be his vulnerable point, so it becomes a challenge for Kinn’s rivals. (We’ll see how the relationship between Kim and Porsche develops …)
As proof, Porsche (from the simple, naive young man, aware of how handsome he is,heterosexual , self-confident, foresighted, with a lot of common sense, good at words, gallant, lovable … passes to the responsible one, who assumes the role as the protector of his small family, being put in the position of choosing a path when there was nothing else to choose from) as Kinn’s bodyguard, he gets into all sorts of trouble. Porsche’s interaction with other members of Kinn’s family (direct and extended) is exciting, extreme, sometimes a splash of color and fun. But from here the similarities and differences begin to take shape, the complexity of Porsche / Kinn’s personalities, I would say micro / macro. (From my point of view, Kinn is an extremely complex character, and Porsche is downright delicious.)
Thus, in the development of the action in the film and the interaction of the characters, Kinn is attracted by the personality of Porsche, the feelings appear … he represses his physical attraction.
In the context of Porsche’s abduction, drug and almost rape, under siege of emotions and under the verbal challenges of Porsche, the relationship between Kinn and Porsche goes from repression to ecstasy… it’s a turning point, neither of them will be the same …
The “explicit” rendering may / may not be understood, accepted, controversial, ridiculed, commented on, desired, but from a directorial and scenographic point of view it was necessary. The emotional, behavioral, psychological relationships between Porsche and Kinn, and between them and others, are changing radically.The other episodes of carnal love only accentuate, strengthen the chemistry between them, the emotional power …
But I have to stop when enough is enough


Which shows do you recommend ?


I’ll check the English titles and answer you later.


I’m French, so the original titles are good for me.


Thanks for your comments on KinnPorsche series, @daccrismel_71. Much appreciated. I see your point about how the explicit scenes between Kinn & Porsche are necessary to the POV of the series and what the directors were trying to express between the characters. I think the production team wanted to push the boundaries of what was acceptable in a BL series (and very possibly what was acceptable for a mainstream series as well) and that includes the love scenes along with subject matter and tone. After thinking about it, I agree with you that the explicitness of the scenes was necessary to be true to the directorial vision of the series. Certainly for Ep. 4 I can see the necessity. I am still wondering about the final scene of Ep. 7. As in, was in necessary to include a sex scene at all there? Could they have expressed how P forgive K and make up with him with just a kiss? Would that have been enough? I see where those commenters are coming from for that scene. I admit the purpose of that scene was unclear to me. I am still trying to figure it out. I think the purpose was to show a shift in the power dynamics of the relationship toward acceptance and equality, but the way the scene was done it was still unclear to me. After watching Ep. 8, I am a little more sure that was the purpose of the scene since we see the changes in attitudes of both Porsche and Kinn toward their relationship with each other. I wish that scene in Ep. 7 had been executed a little differently to make the purpose more clear to the viewers.


Hi @sonmachinima :wave:

I haven’t watched anything gay, BL or LGBTQIA from South America or Spain. Last year when my city was locked down for extended periods of time, I watched season 1 and 2 of “Always A Witch” (AAW) on Netflix. It’s a Colombian show. I loved it.

While AAW is not an LGBT+ show, it includes gay and lesbian relationships as a small part of the series’ framework. This appealed to me. I like it when LGBT+ story-lines are included in a series and they’re treated just the same as heterosexual ones. One day, that’s how it will be.

I will follow up on everything you’ve written in your post and I’d like to broaden my horizons a bit more. Thank you heaps for taking the time to write :slight_smile:

All the best,


While I do agree they are pushing the boundaries, I think one thing international viewers either aren’t aware of, or are ignoring, is that the version that they are watching is akin to the director’s cut of a movie. What is being aired on TV in Thailand is, in all likelihood, tamed down.


Yes. good point, @sweetybirdtoo. For sure the broadcast TV version in Thailand is not as explicit, and some scenes have been either edited or not shown at all. Some people have commented about the Thai broadcast episodes having a shorter run time than the uncut version that is on IQIYI. From what I have noticed at other forums, international fans are aware that the Thai broadcast version is tamer than the uncut version but they are saying that the uncut version is going too far. From what I observe in other forums, even though some people do not like the explicitness of the uncut version, many viewers are liking the explicit scenes and the dark tone. And some people even say that the drama is not going far enough with the depiction of the mafia world. It will be interesting to see what happens in Ep 10. Apparently, there are scenes of rape and torture in the source novel between Vegas & Pete. Fans of the source novel are wondering if the Vegas/Pete relationship will be the same as the source novel or if there will be changes. I personally hope that the writers have made changes for the series, but I have seen some comments from people wanting the show to follow the source novel.


What were they expecting, surely they watched the trailer, it was quite obvious that KP was going to be darker and sexier than the run of the mill BL. If people don’t like it why would they bother watching? Or maybe it’s a case of hate watching that was discussed in another thread months ago.

I hope the people complaining it’s going too far will stay away from Love in the Air, the trailer doesn’t look dark like KP, but it seems like it will be pushing the sex boundries like KP.


Before making the following comments, I emphasize that we must be aware that the film, in general, is an art form, and one of the most complex.
Art is relative due to the viewer’s perspective, emotional perception, education, age, life experiences, etc. So, fans / anti-fans before “eviscerating” the artistic act and bringing criticism, should recognize their ability to understand, at least I’m not interested in the side of the exchange of remarks, media bullying = media war.
As for the subject you raise for analysis, I can say (I remind you that the series is a fantasy, an artistic act): Yes, the scene could be suggested, but, of course, the emotional impact was desired. Why ? First of all, the film wants and covers a wide spectrum: action, comedy, love, tragedy. Secondly, strictly at the time you are referring to, I mention that in the action of the film one of the accents, as a leitmotif, is “betrayal, distrust”, and the moment itself strengthens the argument that Porsche unreservedly admits the feeling of love. dedication, loyalty.
Trust is something that is hard to gain and is quickly lost.


Yeah, IKR? It was obvious from the very beginning that this production team was going for a dark and sexy vibe, and they spoke about it many times in all the promotions for the series. I really do not know why the complaints, even so far as for some of the people to petition to have the series cancelled. I guess what is considered “dark and sexy” is a subjective criteria, ergo some people were offended. Luckily, they are a minority as most of the comments and reception has been positive and the series continues to be very popular on IQIYI.

Thanks for your thoughtful comments about restroom scene in Ep. 7. Much appreciated. I see your point. I agree including the sex creates more impact and fits in with the directorial vision. The execution was off for me and I wish it could have been done a little differently for clarity.


Hi @manganese

Thanks for the tip. I didn’t watch the show yet, I’ll see if it’s available here.

There is another mystery/teenage show on Netflix about a Vampire and a Vampire Huntress who fall in love which is problematic for their family because they are enemies and both are girls (the show just started here).

These are the shows I mentioned earlier, first three have some quite good scenes that are about the problems the gay+ characters have to deal with in life (it’s included in the main storyline so one will only notice by following the show, not by just watching 1-3 episodes). The last two shows have les/bian characters who are close to main characters (without focusing problems they might have because of that, so in these stories the other characters have more problems in life for certain reasons).

And this show from Italy includes also gay characters and their problems with family because of that, including that some feel the need to pretend they’re straight and getting a fake girlfriend so no one could notice.


Hi @sonmachinima. Thanks so much for these titles and links. I’ll add them to my watchlist. They look great!