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I found BLs at the start of the UK lockdown…march 2020?? I’ve lost track of that whole time period.
Okay don’t chuck be under the bus, but I kind of hate the term BL I get that it was great for when the shows first started out as a lot were set in high school and colleges but now they are so much more. I guess because in the UK if there is show about a same sex couple its just a drama with LGBTQ+ Content.

Anyway no one in my RL watches these shows and when I try and talk about them they get a glaze look in their eyes.

Some of my favourite ones are Bad Buddies, A Tale of a Thousand Stars, Gaya Sa Pelikula, Light on Me. Some History ones. Manner of Death. There is also a huge list of others shows that I enjoyed but was lacking maybe in the plot department but have great moments, acting or actors I like.

For any newbies there are different genres/themes and countries not just the cute fluffy teen BLs (which there is nothing wrong with but often follow a very similar formula).

I tried to figure out why I like this genre so much. Partly because the coming of age ones make be recapture my youth or lack of first love (I am old - holds back sobs), secondly we are kind of condition to believe men have to be a certain way so there is something erotic? enticing? for me at least to see two men share emotions and be vulnerable. Also I love stories in whatever format, so give me a good plot and characters and I’m hooked.

Also this is not a BL but a great LGBTQ+ show, Sense 8, its a few years old now but can be found on Netflix


I enjoyed parts of this show, the second couple are my favourite but due to (covid?? I can’t remember) the pair have less screen time as the show went on, but in the last ep, they are amazing, the emotion you feel from the two of them is great.


I watched Mood Indigo series first, the acting in it is great. Its dark, intense, passionate. I tried The Novelist after, and it didn’t grab me as much, maybe because the novelist was beaten down so badly by life and still had some hope(?) in him, there is also a short that follows this one, and its good but left me wanting more.



This is a new show with a gay main character. It’s a mature story about three siblings and the farm where they were growing up and after the father died the adult kids who already had own lives and jobs should help again to run the family business.


Thank you @sonmachinima. This looks great :slight_smile: I’ve added it to my watchlist.


I have watched KinnPorsche Ep10:


The action is back in this episode as Chay gets kidnapped, Porsche gets rescued, and Pete goes undercover to find out who is the mole working for Vegas and Second family.

Things I liked:
Action scenes
More focus on plot
A few surprising twists

Things I didn’t like:
Some of the plot points do not make sense- lazy writing
Chay/Kim relationship feels rushed
Still no exploration of the mystery of Porsche’s connection to Mafia world
Vegas capturing precious cinnamon roll Pete- Don’t Touch Him, Vegas!

From the scene today and the Ep 11 Preview, Looks like they are going to follow source novel for Vegas & Pete relationship- that is torture & rape=I love you as Pete becomes victim of Stockholm Syndrome. I was hoping this would be different.

The writing is not making sense to me for some points. The Tawan storyline is wrapped up this episode and still no explanation as to how he survived the shooting. Writers also expect us viewers to believe that no one quizzed Tawan about this issue- not Kinn, not Porsche, not Dad Korn, not even sceptical Big?
Next- Pete goes undercover and is then discovered and held prisoner, yet no one asks “Where is Pete?” when he doesn’t show up later after the rescue of Porsche. Not Kinn, not Porsche, not the other bodyguards, not even Thankun?? Totally unrealistic, in my opinion.

So, the Pete&Vegas storyline started this episode and from the preview it looks like this side story may take the main focus for Ep. 11. I will be watching closely as from preview it looks like they will be following source novel, but I hope I am wrong and they make changes.
With only 4 episodes left, I fear that the story and ending will be rushed.


Heyy I came to say that too, I stayed upto 2 am to watch and it was a roller coaster :roller_coaster::roller_coaster:… I am afraid and want to :sob:


Now I read your post, I don’t think there will be any Stockholm syndrome… The things are different it seems from novel to the series…
I didn’t expect that he is the mole iykyk.
And our big is dead :sob:.
Though vegaspete has started I am more afraid of their smiles. And the second season is almost confirmed, vegaspete will have a kid it seems.
The main focus is on that couple it seems.


There are a lot of people who aren’t watching KinnPorsche yet, can you please use either the spoiler function or state which episode you’re talking about and put the rest in summary.




Yes, I was surprised at the identity of the mole, too.
I hope you are correct and the VegasPete relationship will be different in the series.
Thanks for the Season 2 update information. On the one hand, it makes sense as there is still a lot of plot to cover and several side couples relationships to explore, but on the other hand I am not looking forward to a cliff hanger ending and having to wait months for a resolution to the stories.
I can definitely see VegasPete as the main couple for Season 2 since there are only 4 episodes left in the series. I don’t see how the writers and the drama could successfully develop the VegasPete

As to Stockholm Syndrome, I 'm not sure. I hope you are right and it won’t be like that. However, the torture scene in Ep. 10 and the preview for Ep. 11 make me worry. Vegas seemed to be implying rape in the Ep. 11 preview for me with his talk of “hurting Pete so he will remember”. We already saw Vegas torture Pete with electric shock to his private parts-seems very memorable to me already. What is even more painful, then, if not the rape? And we are supposed to believe that Pete would fall in love with his rapist is healthy relationship? Umm, No! I think it very likely that the drama will also show Pete developing a bond with Vegas during the time Vegas is holding him hostage and torturing him, which is classic Stockholm Syndrome behaviors. I keep hoping that the TV drama writers will not do that and make changes so that there is no rape and hopefully no more torture either.



Sorry. I try to use the spoiler function. I do not know about the Summary Function. How do you use the Summary Function?


The summary is made the same as the spoiler, you highlight what you want, but you hit
‘hide details’ instead of ‘blur spoiler.’


I was about to put a GIF of Arm doing a bellyroll under summary, but I just remembered that GIFs don’t seem to show up, only the link, when I put them under summary.


Sorry! @sweetybirdtoo
But we haven’t discussed any thing that would really spoil.


I also think that it is similar to Stockholm syndrome… But the Vegas we saw until now is not the real one it seems, I don’t know much spoilers and I don’t want to tell you what I know either. But they are saying that vegaspete story will be much better than kinn Porsche, I also can’t imagine those rape and torcher scenes


Go read @table122000 post above the one that starts with…

The first sentence is a spoiler.


Sorry @sweetybirdtoo

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Thanks for the information on how to use Summary Function. Much appreciated.


Thanks, @padmalayag for the info on the Vegas & Pete.

Yes, I hope that the drama version will be much better for VegasPete than the novel. The novel version just make me sick, honestly. For the TV series I was hoping for more just “forbidden love” type angst where Pete & Vegas fighting their attraction to each other and not the rape & torture scenes. Anyway, I hope episode 10 was the last we see of any torture scenes and please no sexual assault. I am hoping that Pete escapes Vegas in Ep 11. We will see.


where are y’all watching this drama?


It’s officially on iqiyi with subscription and unofficially you know where.