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As @padmalayag said, it’s available at IQIYI. The Uncut Version is VIP subscription. The TV Version is Free with ads. The TV Version episodes are uploaded much later than the Uncut Version. TV is at Ep 8 while Uncut is at Ep 10. Drama is slated for 14 episodes total.

You can also watch Uncut Version at the various “other sites”.


I think there were some people here who were interested in BL dramas not set in schools and featuring adult characters.
Viki just added a new Japanese BL series that is a workplace romance drama. Lead characters are ages 39 years and 29 years.
Title: Old Fashion Cupcake


I started KP and binged all the available episodes in 1 day. I’m not an avid BL watcher (Only seen 2-3 BLs maybe) I mostly just TE some of the ones here on Viki… but WOW. KinnPorsche is a BL that doesn’t feel like a BL. It’s like I was watching a regular lakorn. I wasn’t expecting much but the acting, cinematography, plot and dialogue is top notch.

KP for me was the like a door that opened up to a new genre. I see BL in a new light now. I never disliked it but it wasn’t the most interesting to me. Now, I can watch it like any other shows I watch.

The cast is superb! And it’s nice to see the veterans. I adore the leads, Apo & Mile. They are a hot pair and work so well together. Their chemistry is amazing and I love that they aren’t awkward in their intimate scenes.

My fav. character has got to be the eldest brother, Tankun. He cracks me up in all his scenes. The bodyguards are also my favs. They are so funny and dangerous at the same time.

Looking forward to the rest of KP. I’ve been watching the bts clips to endure the wait.


I think Tankhun might be one of the most complex characters in that series. But I do agree with you, KP opened the door to a whole new world of BLs


I haven’t seen KinnPorsche but it sounds like it’s better described as a show where the leads just happen to be gay rather than straight. Because it’s such a friendly genre descriptor, “BL” is now used pretty much everywhere to describe any show that has same-sex male stories.

I like Taiwanese productions because they are often more than just simple BL. I’m watching Plus and Minus at the moment and really liking it. History 3: Trapped is one of my all-time favourites. I’ve seen it five or six times now and still enjoy it.


Thank you for the recommendation



You know whaat the scene we are(most of the viewers) waiting to see might be in today’s episode! It’s Saturday and I almost died waiting for this episode… I’m looking forward to Porsche’s b day gift.


If you do end up watching it, this will make sense.

I wanted to watch something with the feel of KP so I watched, History 3: Trapped. Not quite the same entirely but it was good. I liked how the relationship between the leads slowly developed. The pacing of the show was just right.


I like to watch both BL types :

  • BL where “leads just happen to be gay”, I also really like History 3: Trapped

  • BL which expose the LGBT issues like coming out, mariage etc… for exemple Papa & Daddy


In KP, there is a scene where the two ML are handcuffed and hiding in the forest. It reminds a lot of History 3: Trapped.


I’m not sure if we get that anticipated scene today or not, @padmalayag. I remember when cast was saying it would happen in Ep 8, LOL! :rofl:

To be honest, I have mixed feelings about today’s upcoming Ep. 11.

Unlike everyone else, I am not looking forward to the VegasPete torture scenes coming up. I did not enjoy their storyline in the source novel at all. Falling in love with your rapist is a big turn off for me. TV Show is going to have to work very hard and make some big changes for me to get behind this CP. That said, I think the actors Build and Bible are doing a fantastic job with their characters. I hope that the writers can step up their game now that we have got only 3 episodes left before the end.


Everyone is so very excited about it!!!
And there is a high chance… Expectations went high when mile posted a pic in swimming pool, everyone thinks it is the indication. I am dying to wait… Only few hours left for ep 11.

Mile told it will be in 8 or 9, maybe we don’t know… but I’m looking forward.

And I too have mixed feelings about vp story.
Bible and build are nailing !

I got to know so many spoilers, unfortunately.

But that will make me look forward to the series more and more. Like I got to know some super twists.

I am thinking of reading vp part in the novel… But the disclaimer was " there are these things be careful" so I am in a confused state… I will decide once I finish watching today’s episode.



Old fashion cupcake is a new drama ? All episodes are not out yet, right?


Yes, Old Fashion Cupcake is a new drama currently airing. Ep 1-2 posted this week. I think some people here in this forum say they are interested in BL shows not set in schools and with adult characters, so I mention this new show to let people know about it.


Okay just finished watching ep 11 a while ago and I still need some time to process it!

It’s 1 am for me now, so I will talk about it tomorrow!

All I can say is oh my Gaaad! The episode was …


Oh yes!


I thought that was similar too. Which was cute because the leads in both series got closer after being stuck in the woods together.


(I’m new so I apologise if I am doing any mistakes… :pleading_face:)

Let me say this: To my star is 100% THE BEST BL KDRAMA! Season 2, guys… It’s no anymore a standard bl drama/movie, it’s almost a real drama. I’m so proud of the cast and also all fans! :heart::heart:


History 3 trapped is much slower compared to kinn Porsche, I mean in the romance development.

But it is the best ! I totally recommend


I LOVE To my Star - those two are the best!!! Love them!


If anyone was hesitant to watch, Cutie Pie, this is a sign to not wait! It’s so good and I’m literally impressed with how much I actually like it.

Nu-Kuea & Hia Lian will be my fav. bl cp for a while.