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In case anyone is interested, I just started this thread in the “Celebrities” forum with a link to an article in Teen Vogue. The article is a good read.


KinnPorsche Ep 11 Thoughts:


Unlike most people, I was very hesitant about watching this episode because of the VegasPete storyline. While they still included scene of torture, I was grateful that there was not any sexual assault and rape. The production also gave us a heart to heart talk scene between Pete and Vegas where Pete shows how he understand Vegas relationship with his father and so we see Vegas beginning to connect with Pete. Overall, I think the Production Team and the writers did a good job with the beginning of the VegasPete storyline. They made some positive changes to the storyline but still has a bit of the spirit of the source novel to satisfy the source novel fans of this couple. The actors Bible and Build did a great job in their roles. The relationship still felt rushed, but that has been the case for every couple so far. I understand that the writers are working with time constraints of only 14 episodes, but I would have liked to see a few scenes of buildup before the capture/kidnapping of Pete. It would have been nice to have a few scenes to show a least physical attraction between Vegas and Pete before this episode. I feel that would have helped make things a little more believable and not so rushed. One nice thing about the relationship developing at a faster pace is that the feeling of Pete being a victim of Stockholm Syndrome in his falling for Vegas is lessened. I really appreciate that a lot. Having a few VegasPete interactions that demonstrated at least mutual physical attraction before Ep 11 would have also helped even more to dispell the Stockholm Syndrome aspect of VegasPete, so that is another reason I am disappointed that we were not able to get some more VP interactions in the Series.
Contrast to the sweet moments for KP couple. KimChay- It was difficult to see Chay upset, but I am rather neutral on this couple simply because they had so little interactions together I can’t be upset by any “breakup”. I’m reserving final judgement on the VegasPete relationship and storyline until after Ep. 12. Will see what happens. The much anticipated pool scene did not happen in Ep 11, but I was not surprised. How could there be a major love scene between KP when Pete was being held hostage and tortured? It’s too much. I think there may be a chance in Ep 12 since it looks like there will be sex scene for VP in Ep 12. However, I would not be surprised if this big pool scene not happen until final episode.


I also think pool scene will be in the last episode.

Also, I cannot ship Barcode & Jeff. The age difference is a bit too much, and the fact that Barcode is still a teenager is throwing me off.

VegasPete, had the scene at the temple that kind of connected them. It wasn’t an attraction scene but at least they were together. The only “flirtatious” scene they had was when Pete was spying on Vegas in the car and Vegas caught him. He brings Pete lunch and had condoms in the bag. He goes, “do you need help using it?” :sweat_smile:


Finished watching ep 12 of kinn Porsche!

Oh god my :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes: eyes!!!


Is anyone else watching Check Out? After the Special Episode last year I was really looking forward to it but, I’m quite disappointed so far, I expected the exes to be in the drama, but I really think the writers could have given us an interesting drama without having them get back with them and then cheat. To me they took developed characters, and made them two dimensional, they stripped the drama of any depth, now it’s only sexual tension and no self control.


i just watch epi 12.


The vegaspete scenes made me die inside in a good way


Just finished Ep.12 of KP and my fav. line: Every time I’m filled with anger, I see the look in your eyes saying you like it. :fire::fire::fire: Somebody get the extinguisher :fire_extinguisher: there’s a fire in the house!!

I’m going to watch Build & Bible’s reaction now because whoaaaaa. I like how they panned the camera on Pete’s body. Going from his waist, to the tattoo, down to the curve of his :peach: The camerawork is so detailed and I applaud the director for adding those minor but important angles. It’s beautiful and honestly hard to find in BL.

Kinn & Porsche also grew another step closer in this episode.


The mystery of Porsche’s parents is dragging out a bit. They should have resolved this issue in the middle not add it to towards the end. I think the connection might be as simple as Porsche’s dad working for Khun Korn. Might have been a bodyguard. I don’t think it involved an affair. If I were Porsche I would take the picture and directly ask Khun Korn about it. I wouldn’t give the uncle even the time of day much less 5M baht. He must be on drugs asking for that much.


frr pete looked mad good


His smirk at the end was the icing on the cake. :smirk:


I really like BL and I watch a lot of them. But I don’t know why (and I know I miss some great BL shows), I can’t watch thaÏ BL contents. In fact I know I find it hard because of the language (to me, it’s a really big No in my head), the sound of thaÏ language is not something I like and it’s difficult for me to concentrate on the video. But I tried to watch some shows. Because I want to watch BL thaÏ that seems really interesting. I found out that thaÏ BL content is more than just 2 guys who is hooked up. There often is a really good plot, the actors seems really good, and they talked about some real struggles about LGBT community or just treat the relation like any other love relation.
So any one of you have some recommendation about a thaÏ drama who is not too long but great to watch just to make my ears accostume to the langugage ?


This is where I started my Thai BL journey. I watched SOTUS again a few months ago. It’s still one of my favorites. It’s an engaging story and will help you get used to the Thai language. There is also a second season.

After watching this, I suggest Tale Of A Thousand Stars.

GMMTV have some excellent shows.


Out of the ones I’ve seen so far, Love Stage, was the easiest to binge. The plot isn’t difficult to follow. It does touch on mlm and how society views lgbtq+ relationships. The characters developed a decent depth with their struggles. I think it’s deep enough to enjoy BL but also light enough for a beginner in Thai bl.

The acting can be a little cringe at first but it’s not a deal breaker (for me at least).

It’s also easily found on YouTube.


I agree that SOTUS is very good, it’s 15, 45 minute episodes
A Tale of Thousand Stars is 10, 1 hour episodes
Lovely Writer is 12, 1 hour episodes
He’s Coming to Me is 8, 1 hr 15 minute episodes

A few of the shortest ones I’ve watched
Check Out, Special Episode, 42 minutes (So far I like the special episode much better than the ongoing series)
Second Chance, 6, 40 minute episode (it was ok, but not spectacular)
I Told Sunset About You, 5, 1 hr 20 minute episodes (This one gets rave reviews, but I find Bilkin’s crying scenes really annoying)
I Am Your King, 5, 25 minute episodes (go in with low expectations and you’ll probably enjoy it)
There’s also the En of Love series here on Viki, each is 3 or 4 episodes long, but in reality I didn’t much like them. Personally I didn’t like the acting of one of the MLs in Tossara, the relationship is extremely toxic in Love Mechanics, the third one This is Love Story is the cutest of the trilogy, but some don’t like the relationship because it’s a 3rd year uni student and a senior in high school


thanks, I heard about SOTUS and it seems interesting.
I will search for it :slight_smile:


thanks, so it will be easy to find it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The only one thaï show I really appreciate so far was “my tomboy girlfriend” (I think it’s the title). And it was a very good show even if it was a bit fast and some quick end about some scenario key point.


If you click on the links in my previous post, they will take you to the show on Youtube. GMMTV make many of their shows freely available to the world on Youtube.


Recently finished:

Bad Buddy: Recommend 10/10
Chemistry: 10/10
Plot: 10/10
Genre: Friendship, Romance, Family

Manner of Death: Recommend 10/10
Chemistry: 10/10
Plot: 10/10
Genre: Crime, Mystery, Romance, Political, Mature

Fish Upon The Sky: Recommend 7/10
Chemistry: 10/10
Plot: 7/10
Genre: School, Coming out, Romance

Cutie Pie: Recommend 10/10
Chemistry: 10/10
Plot: 8/10
Genre: Romance, Age Gap, Marriage Contract

Theory of Love: Recommend 5.5/10
Chemistry: 10/10
Plot: 5/10
Genre: School, Secret Crush, Romance, Friendship

Love Stage: Recommend 8/10
Chemistry: 10/10
Plot: 7/10
Genre: Coming Out, Romance, Age Gap

Not Me: Recommend 10/10
Chemistry: 10/10
Plot: 10/10
Genre: Romance, Political, Coming Out, Twins, School, Multiple Couples

My Engineer: Recommend 8/10
Chemistry: 10/10
Plot: 9/10 (Needs S2 because they didn’t “end” S1)
Genre: School, Coming Out, Friendship, Multiple Couples

2Gether S1: Recommend 8/10
Chemistry: 7/10
Plot: 8/10
Genre: School, Romance, Friendship

SOTUS: Recommend 8/10 (I haven’t finished SOTUS S yet)
Chemistry: 9/10
Plot: 10/10
Genre: School, Coming Out, Friendship, Romance

Me, I better start watching BL to understand how to TE better… Next thing I know, I’ve been binging nothing but BL for 2 weeks straight now… (“straight”… LOL no pun intended) :rofl:


Yes, now that you remind me, I do remember those VegasPete scenes. For me, they were not enough to establish a connection prior to the capture/kidnapping. The car scene was a “blink and you missed it”. The scene at the temple was longer, and could have been a nice start, but just that scene alone wasn’t enough. Show should have included at least 3 more scenes of VP interaction with some meaningful dialogs exchanges before the Ep. 11. For myself, I think the VP storyline would have been more believable if the writers had taken the time to create scenes and dialogs between VP that clearly show both Vegas and Pete are sexually attracted to each other and have some sort of connection with each other before all of the events of Ep. 11. Instead, we have no buildup, which is a dissapointment to me.
There was very little buildup for the KimChay relationship either, especially for Kim. The writers explain away Chay’s Insta-love by making Chay a fan of Win/Kim and his music. Chay has been obsessed with Win/Kim for months, if not years. ( Drama does not state how many years Kim has been doing music professionally. However, the same cannot be said of Kim. There was just the one tutoring session, I think, and Kim falls right away. Next ep, they are a couple and then break up the following episode. The relationship was happening too fast for me to get invested. I did not realize there was that large of an age gap between the actors playing Kim & Chay. Have to say, Jeff looks very youthful. Is there supposed to be a big age gap between the characters? I thought Kim was supposed to be around 21 years and Chay is 18 years? I wish the writers had given more time for the relationship to develop because I am just neutral on those two.