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Hi. I am from India too. My first ever BL drama was Because of you. It wasn’t very good. I thought I might not be into BL but then I gave it another chance and watched Tharntype. It got me hooked on BL. I watched it sure I was gonna hate it but it was too cute. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


So a friend asked the question - Is there a series where you actually get to see the BL couple live as a couple? Not just a get together at the end and THE END.?

Is the HIStory series like that?


I don’t know if that’s a question that can be answered without spoiling things? :thinking:


Just the fact I guess that it shows a good BL relationship - them together - for more than just the ENDING of the show - make sense


Yes, my favorite BL drama :


Ooooooh I am watching this one tonight! Thanks!


I am also a fan of To My Star. I feel its different from others and gives a lot of importance on feelings and the leads acting was so natural unlike many others

edit: i finished watching HIS - I DIDN’T THINK I WOULD FALL IN LOVE for the 2nd time and i really loved it AGAIN. it was so natural and … it is one in my fav chart
can u guys rec some drama like that


@wanted101, Have you watched the 2nd His? That one’s a movie not a series, not really a continuation, or even much like the first, but still really good. If you’re wanting a sweet drama like His - I Didn’t Think I Would Fall in Love, I’d suggest Mr. Heart (series or the movie, they’re the same) or Color Rush, or Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?!

I really liked My Day the Series, the acting & writing aren’t actually the best but the couple is really sweet, it’s not one for my Innocent or Sweet BL Dramas collection, it’s got some :fire: steamy scenes :fire: even though I saw someone mention they weren’t ready for it, I. Wasn’t. Ready.


thank uuuu for ur recs :relaxed:
i had watched that movie and other series too except my day and cherry magic . i will check that out.
Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?! thats an interesting title.


I finished watching the second HIS and I liked it a lot. It’s very natural, looks like real life.


Hi everyone! I’m late but I’m definitely part of the BL fan club! :raised_hand: :smile:


What’s your favorite so far? I loved To My Star Movie version - So far my favorite!


I started with The Untamed and I’m completely smitten but I’m actually here to get tips for more!!!


There is a SIDE BL starting in Love is Science and cutie couple in that one too.

I am watching Be Love In House - I do I do

I wanna watch Color Rush


i would like to rec We Best Love : No 1 For You.S1.(taiwanese)
S2 is also there but i like S1 more.
one of the lead dislikes the other at first because he is always no 1 and later only he realises that the other one was becoming no 1 only for his attention


Have u watched the drama HIS ? i like it more than the movie. if u havent i recommend it . there is no cringy scenes and its so beautiful


I’d recommend Until We Meet Again, it’s painful & heart wrenching but so, good. This one isn’t for the faint of heart, it needs TW for suicide (not really a spoiler, you learn about it the first episode)


One of my favorites would have to be 2gether. After hearing Sarawat (the name of one of the ML) in this drama, I was thrown watching Manner Of Death, because sarawat is actually a title, it means police inspector (Manner of Death has the same leads as Togher With Me)



The BL “Tale Of One Thousand Stars” is at GMMTV’s YouTube website for free. This is both a very entertaining and a very touching drama. The opening theme song for this show is one of the prettiest and most haunting I’ve ever heard.



No I haven’t, but I will :smiley:


There is a Scene in Tharn/Type Eps 6 4/4 (12:11 min in) when Type actually is sweet to Tharn for the first time and gently kisses him! Aw, that is a sweet scene.