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I hear there is a next chapter of until we meet again called between us coming at the of month. About Win and Teams relationship. Did any hear of this?



Aw, I’m so disappointed this had such potential and great tender scenes with the ML couple at first and then it derailed off on to a side couple - that didn’t really make sense to me. Drats, lots of chemistry but not enough development


Did anyone watch Be loved in House I do I do? Just finished episode 12. There is another episode in 7 days. What are your thoughts?


I thought the leads were cute together but the story was so frustrating, it went nowhere for 11 episodes and then episode 12, 0 to 100 in 5 seconds.


So true. When it ended I said thats it!
Have you seen untl we meet again?


Yes, it’s so good, and a bit of an emotional rollercoaster.


Yes. I cryed way to much. I need a new movie to watch any ideas?


I’ve watched quite a few, these are some of my favorites, I don’t think I listed any of the ones here, most of the short web based ones are fairly sweet, with Where Your Eyes Linger, Wish You, and You Make Me Dance being my favorites of them.

Lovely Writer is good, their relationship is healthy there’s clear consent and the writer throws shade on the BL industry & toxic fans

Tale of Thousand Stars is another one with a healthy relationship, although there isn’t much for actual romance, it’s still really good

2gether was cute

Cherry Magic is sweet & innocent

Like In the Movies (Gaya Sa Pelikula) was very good,

Manner of Death - crime/mystery intense, very little romance but what there is is :fire:

My Day - (a couple NSFW scenes) the writing and acting weren’t great, but there’s something about this I really liked

Oxygen - another cute one

Sotus - sweet

Why R U? - more mature but still fairly sweet.

Have you seen any/all of these?


I’ve seen others as well


That’s so true. It was cute, the actors as well, but the story was really frustrating.


So far I’ve watched:

  • We best love
  • TharnType
  • Golden Blood (it’s on going, I don’t really like it, but you could like it maybe)
  • Long Time No See
  • I Promised You the Moon
  • Fish Upon the Sky
  • To My Star
  • HIStory: 3 Trapped and HIStory: 4 Close to You
  • Craving You
  • Because of You 2020
  • Color Rush


Sorry - Completely and totally not happy with the last few episodes of Beloved In House - @tst_pierre_539

Here is my review on MDL

This series started out so well. I feel like the writer and director lost their way somewhere in the middle especially when the EX was brought into the picture. The reason he came back is self serving and just did not fit into the narrative at all. This last episode was very rushed. The dream sequence with Shi Lei and the ex was just weird. I lost the chemistry between Shi Lei and Real. Why was everyone gathered to kind of watch them during the confession?? Their actual romantic/bed scene together just was very awkward not anything like the tender scenes that had been leading up to them finally being together. All the tender relationship scenes were given to the 2 ML characters. So for me - the ending just fell really flat. I’m sad because I really liked the premise of this show with the metal working business. Disappointed.


I agree totally with you.


I just wanted to throw my laptop across the room! :roll_eyes:


The best parts are the ones with Shi Lei’s mother after that it’s pretty lame.


in these cases I look one more time



Yes, RIGHT! And their relationship was so sweet and tender and then all that EX stuff and tricking REAL and sweet Sha Lei would not have done that - like the drinking at the bar with the EX - was so out of character


I agree, she was great, she pushed them together but after she left, the drama felt like it lost focus. The ex seemed unnecessary and contrived. The whole ending was, I don’t know, the only words that spring to mind are disingenuous, lackluster, & amateurish. I’m sure everyone worked hard on the drama, but it fell flat.