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Ok so for a GOOD BL should I do

Color Rush
HIStory series
Life-Love on the Line
Where Your Eyes Linger
Mr. Heart
Wish You A Melody
You Make Me Dance

??? @sweetybirdtoo @anne_21

I loved To My Star - that one was so sweet and the relationship developed


The ones you listed are almost all very sweet, and pure. Worth watching.

For Life Love on the Line, watch the movie, the ending is more fleshed out (what a weird expression)

I thought HIStory 1 & 2 were meh, HIStory 4 would have been better without the side couple, their relationship is more toxic than TharnType or Kai/Third in Theory of Love.


Thanks for the titles. I did see some of what you suggested. This is what I have watch already.
Dark blue and Midnight
History 1-4
Love by chance, love by chance2
To my star
Mood Indigo
Craving you
I just started Manner of Death.


I thought We Best Love had the best teaser at the end of season 1



  • HIStory 3: Make Our Days Count
  • HIStory 2: Crossing the Line
  • My Gear And Your Gown
  • I Told Sunset About You
  • Gen Y
  • Call It What You Want
  • A Man Who Defies The World Of BL
  • Life: Love On The Line
  • Wish You
  • You Make Me Dance
  • Mr. Heart
  • Theory of Love
  • HIStory: Obsessed
  • Like In The Movies
  • Be Loved in House: I Do
  • Where You Eyes Linger
  • A Tale of Thousand Stars
  • Lovely Writer
  • Nitiman
  • Kiss Me Again & Dark Blue Kiss
  • Why R U


I saw this on your list and realized I didn’t include it in MDL BL list, I thought I should rewatch it and Oh my, I forgot how funny it was.


What are your thoughts on “Don’t say no” with Leo fiat?


I have seen many bls. I can’t even remember the name of some bls. But for the first time I find myself relating to a scene in this series where Fiat is thinking, “If I make a move, will he think I’m a …”


Love Is Science

OK - I’m so excited about the SIDE BL in this show! I love the two. However, why are the love scenes always so FRANTIC can’t we have a slow sweet romantic moment! I’m hoping they do eventually!


Show some passion. Explore his body not rush. Enjoy one another.


Color Rush - Loved IT!

Finished Where Your Eyes Linger (drama)


Same thing happened in Beloved In House - I do! I was so upset - they eluded to some great romantic scenes but they totally MESSED it up!!! Ugh - I hope that Love is Science can show a tender moment between those two - the hair dresser is so good looking! ha! They both are!


i will have to watch that one.


Mr Heart is so DARN CUTE! I think I only have one Korean BL left in the VIKI library


I’d watched Game Boys and thought it was really good, but for some reason chose to ignore the other Filipino quarantine BLs, but in the last few days I finished Hello Stranger, and Quaranthings, wow, they are deep, but soo good.


That’s interesting. Did they turn “quarantine” into a genre? I thought the one on Viki was unique.


When you watched Game Boys, did you make sure to watch beyond the credits? In later episodes, very important information lurks after the names. This series took the world by storm and has won heaps of awards all around the globe. It’s even been nominated for an Emmy. Elijah Canlas is an extraordinary actor.


I always do, you never know what might happen. I’ve actually only watched the Nflx version, is the one on Utube any different? There seems to be a kiss I’ve seen pictures of but wasn’t in the Nflx one.


I don’t know if they are different or the same. I watched it on Youtube. I’d imagine that the Netflix one might be edited slightly differently than the Youtube one. I notice that the Youtube version has 13 episodes while the Netflix one has 10.


Have you watched anything good lately?