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On Netflix, I watched “Dear Ex” not so long ago. It’s LGBTQ+ from Taiwan and it’s quite a heart-wrenching and heart-warming story. I really liked it. It’s a very satisfying journey but you’ll definitely need to keep a box of tissues nearby as you travel though it. Roy Chiu is the main lead and he does a great job.


I’ve been scarred to watch that one. I mean, I can take heart wrenching, but usually when there’s a sweet relationship to balance it out, like ‘Until We Meet Again,’ although I really liked Your Name ‘Engraved Herein.’ I’ll gather my courage and watch ‘Dear Ex’ one of these days.


If you like those two, you’ll like “Dear Ex.”


Have you watched ‘For Love We Can?’ That’s another one that looks like a hard watch, but it also looks interesting.

I watched, Dear Ex, it’s not an easy movie, but it was certainly good. That’s a completely different roll than I’ve seen Roy Chiu in before, I’ve only watched his rom/coms before.


He just posted on Instagram - I am so excited - he is so handsome!


Who has watched this?? I am watching the ML in another drama today! This has some good reviews although it looks more mature.


It’s ok, I liked it better than its prequel, Mood Indigo, they are both more mature than Korean BL, I can’t remember how steamy The Novelist is, beyond the book dictation, but its not innocent by any stretch of the imagination. I remember that Mood Indigo has NSFW scenes, and The Novelist is NSFW, if someone understands Japanese.


He is doing an on-line fan meeting


I saw this movie.


Did you like it???


Aw it is out!!!

Thai BL series

My favorites on Viki:

(I have only seen the first season)

I haven’t seen this sequel yet, but the sequel of The Novelist + Mood Indigo is also on Viki now:

Those are good, but don’t expect a lighthearted, sweet and fluffy show (and check the age rating on MDL)

Do you like My Sweet Dear? (I haven’t seen it yet).


Watch all three shows. Just started My sweet dear. waiting for episode 7.


Not that bad, but it just seems that it’s moving too fast. But that’s kind of normal for Korean BLs.


I wouldn’t consider myself a bl fan but I did finish Tharntype The Series S1. I watched up to ep. 4 of S2. I like the dynamic of the leads. I plan on finishing S2 soon.


The movie database

This is one of the best Thai BL that I have watched with actual character development and a storyline - these two are so PRESH - I LOVE IT - not on VIKI but you can find it.



P’Bob and Leon


Leo & Leon’s mom in Don’t Say No is the best mom ever, I love her


I’ve started watching My Sweet Dear and finished watching My Sweet Dear also. It’s like you said, not bad. Not my favorite either.

I’m rewatching TharnType (I haven’t seen the second season yet). I love this show (even though what Tharn did in the beginning of the show is not something I would recommend).

Coming Soon:

Not available in my region, but perhaps you can enjoy watching these shows:

I’ve started watching Bad Buddy (YT), but didn’t realise the show is On Air. Usually, I try to avoid watching on air shows. Now I’ve got to wait for the next episode and I really want to know wat will happen next.


Oxygen & UWMA are both really good, Oxygen has a slower pace, UWMA needs a trigger warning, for suicide and not just for the first episode, there are dreams of it throughout, it’s a tough rollercoaster ride of emotions but one of my favorite BLs

@sweethope, if you go to the drama page on MDL if there is a legal place to watch it they usually have a link in the ‘Where to Watch’ section. Just like on Viki not every drama is available everywhere though.


Second Chance :


It’s uploaded from the source production.

Why R U? :


This is an official site.