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So since line is closing down in a month I’m hoping viki will maybe get shows from there like Why R U (saw that its on viki already but not in Europe yet) any other shows that are on line that we should start requesting?


Line is closing down? O.o



I have no words!!! So upset about this - the video quality was good!!!

I will be finishing Don’t Say No and watching a few more before Dec 31st

Where to know about new content now???



So no more new Line content? I’m sad about that too.



Have you watched Don’t Say No??
My favorite!!!

Well actually To My Star is my FAVORITE FAVORITE


Wow, the beginning of that video :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
And I didn’t know about so many new series. :slight_smile: (A lot of them have been postponed, but that is okay, I can wait.)

No, I haven’t seen Don’t Say No or To My Star yet.
My favorites are A Tale of Thousand Stars, TharnType and Love By Chance.

Another show with a BL tag coming soon to Viki:


Love is Science - has a SIDE BL!!! I love!


Honestly, the BL love line was better than the main leads. :smile:


I agree - I love those two!!!


If you don’t know them I could list them for you.


You are so GOOD!!!


Does anyone have any must watch suggestions before Line shuts down? Mine would be

Why R U? - if it’s not available for you here

Don’t Say No! - there’s a Leo Fiat special episode that I only found after I finished, it’s most of their scenes from TharnType: 7 years

Together with Me - and then if you really need some psycho bi*** in your life


And please go to vikis suggest a show page and suggest shows that might be hard to get a hold on if Line is shut down. Who knows maybe we get lucky and they might be able to pick some up.


Yes, please list them, as I could only recognize a few.

The following video was suggested on YT. It’s a playlist with BL OST’s and the shows are mentioned in the comments.

I can’t help you with the Line shows you should see this month, as Line isn’t available in my region and I have to wait until the shows get available elsewhere.

Why did I start watching Bad Buddy? I’m waiting for more episodes of Bad Buddy and in the mean while watching other shows. I didn’t know this show has the same director and screenwriter as A Tale of Thousand Stars, but I’m glad it does. I just wish I didn’t start to watch this show until all episodes are online, because I like the show so far and I can’t decide what to watch while waiting for the next episode.

The day before yesterday I’ve seen Cherry Magic. This show was very cute and it was nice to see a bl show that doesn’t have a school theme. Next year we can expect a movie. :slight_smile:

I’m rewatching TharnType still. (Just started with the 11th episode). The first time I saw this show I found the story and emotions very intense and I thought a second time I wouldn’t feel this so much, because I would know what will happen next, but I still find this show very intense.


thank you very much. have a great day.


Reading along all the posts here acually made me start a list of all the shows i need to watch. :blush:

I started to watch BL-movies a few years ago, even before I was on Viki and enjoyed them a lot. Actually an indian movie called Loev made me think a lot about gay relationships. I tried to discuss it with a gay friend but somehow he never had time to watch it, or maybe he did not want to disuss…

Just a few weeks ago I stumbled across Tharn Type. I watched S2, maybe because I was not sure if I wanted to see a show where a character was victim of sexual abuse when being a child. I really lived through all the episodes and was laughing so hard sometimes because of the funny, awkward, stereotypical scenes… However, after S2 I watched S1 and then S2 again.

My next show was Why R U and I liked it but not as much as TT. Right now I am watching Love by Chance.

Well, although I enjoy watching BL shows a lot, I don`t see myself in a fan club (yet).


This intro looks like it changed, I’ll put the other list below
Sarawat & Tine - 2gether
Kongpob & Arthit - SOTUS S (either the end of SOTUS or SOTUS S)
Nibsib & Gene - Lovely Writer
Teh & Oh-aew - I Told Sunset About You
Khai & Third - Theory of Love
Korn & Knock - Together with Me
Phupha & Tian - A Tale of Thousand Stars
Tharn & Type - TharnType
Tonhon & Chonlatee - Tonhon Chonlatee
Zon & Saifah - Why R U
Dean & Pharm - Until We Meet Again
Ae & Pete - Love by Chance
Pete & Kao - Dark Blue Kiss
?? - I’ve seen it, I know I have
Win & Team - Until We Meet Again
Thun & Mel - He’s Coming to Me
it starts going fast here
Teh & Oh-aew - I Promised You the Moon (I think)

Sarawat & Tine - 2gether
Tutor & Fighter - Why R U
Kongpob & Arthit - SOTUS
Tin & Can - Love by Chance (or Love by Chance 2)
Win & Team - Until We Meet Again
Ae & Pete - Love by Chance
Zon & Saifah - Why R U
Khai & Third - Theory of Love
Tharn & Type - TharnType
Pete & Kao - Dark Blue Kiss
Dean & Pharm - Until We Meet Again
Korn & Knock - Together with Me
Waii & Apo - Water Boyy
Ming & Kit - 2Moons2
then it speeds up but I think they are repeating

  1. Tharn & Type - TharnType Ss2
  2. Kang Seo Joon & Han Ji Woo - To My Star
  3. Zhou Shu Yi & Gao Shi De - We Best Love
  4. Tonhon & Chonlatee - TonhonChonlatee
  5. Pete & Kao - Dark Blue Kiss
  6. Thanu & Wayu - GenY The Series
  7. Solo & Gui - Oxygen The Series
  8. Fighter & Tutor- Why R U?The Series
  9. Nubsib & Gene - Lovely Writer
  10. Sarawat & Tine - 2gether The Series
  11. Jin Won & Go Sang Ha - Mr. Heart
  12. Ae & Pete - Love By Chance
  13. Win & Team - Until We Meet Again
  14. Choi Yeon Woo & Go Yoo Han - Color Rush
  15. Tharn & Type - TharnType Ss1
  16. Dean & Pharm- Until We Meet Again
  17. Tin & Can - LBC: A Chance To Love
  18. Teh & Oh-aew- I Told Sunset About You
  19. Phupha & Tian - A Thale Of Thousand Stars
  20. Ram & King - My Engineer
  21. Yoon Sang Yi & Kang In Soo - Wish You
  22. Ae & Pete - Love By Chance

Thanks @sweetybirdtoo for some of the other lists.


The both of you: Thanks a lot.