Bottom List Dramas

We all talk about our favorite drama why don’t we talk about our least favorite

What drama would you absolutely shoo people away from. ? so basically i would like to know drama that are so bad that they have no redemption points . could be old ones, could be new one .

i have watch quite a bit of drama and sometimes i wish someone would have stopped me from watching some ( a splash of water in the face would do).

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I couldn’t stand K-POP Extreme survival. I watched it till the “end” (because I always finish dramas), but I don’t understand why it has so many fans on viki.

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Oh gosh there have been a few like that for me but I’m fairly quick at deciding it’s not my style. I will watch 2 episodes and know to drop it. I prefer to look on this discussion site to read what others are watching in case one or two have escaped my notice. I don’t mind being critical but do realise we all have different tastes so would never assume that one I didn’t like would not be liked by others. I have noticed that some very popular dramas get huge attention just because of a good looking guy that is not a reason for me. I like a good script, actors pretty or not who play the roles well, a director who stays true to the story line with some good editing.
so I tend only to pass on this information for others to decide for themselves.
I will however never understand how ‘The Heirs’ was voted best drama of 2013. It was enjoyable but not the best.
Thank you for bringing up the subject anyway it’s good to see all the different views.

Now I’m curious which drama you found best last year? Because its main rival “You Who Came from the Stars” just didn’t do it for me.

  1. Secret 2014. My Love from the stars.
    Master’s Sun Beyond the clouds
    Good Doctor. 3 Days
    Big Man
    and so far really enjoying Glorious Day, Fated to Love you, Marriage not dating.

will wait for Temptation to finish before I decide I’ve looked at it so far and will probably stick with it.
Am loving ‘It’s okay it’s love’
When you say ‘You who came from the stars’ just didn’t appeal to you. It makes my argument valid, that none of us can advise against a drama i.e. ‘Bottom List Dramas’ as all tastes are different, what is great for some are not for others. Still I love to share what I’m watching and see what others are watching also.

Agreed. Besides personal preferences I’ve noticed there’s also preferences that arise from our mood, or even last seen drama. If, for instance, I saw two serious heart-wrenching dramas in a row, I will want to see next something light and fluffy. I guess best interpretation of a really good drama for me is whether I wish to see it again after a long time, or whether I still think then that the drama was excellent.

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Sad to say because I love these two actors (Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye) but Heirs to me was a TOTAL FAILURE.

I was kinda more interested in the relationship between Krystal and Kang Min Hyuk. {am I the only one?} One of their funny scenes.

If it wasn’t for these two I probably wouldn’t have gotten as far as I did in the drama.


it’s true Heirs was truly Meh, wasn’t a great as it was made out to be. and yes i paid more attention to the lee bona and her “dramatic” relationship than kim tan’s.

all the drama you named are really interesting , with a good plot. not much people ever mention Secret(this drama left me with so much emotions) i have not seen 3 days but it is on my to watch list, and i am not even sure viki has Big Man.

i am also currently watching Marriage not dating and fated to love you.

the reason why made i started this discussion is because sometimes it’s hard to find honest review on dramas. i don’t like "omg watch this, The guy is hot " or “don’t watch this, the girl is ugly”

Looks can only entertain for a certain amount of time before you start questioning why in the world i am wasting my time to watch this no good drama

No, you are spot on. As I 've said, I don’t like to push my opinion on others but was very disappointed ‘The Heirs’ got so much attention just because of two good looking guys in it. Not a good reason for me, that’s all. If girls want to see Lee Min Ho act his age there are two others which are much better.

I was really disappointed and annoyed by The Heirs like it’s the same story all the time, the poor girl who falls for the rich guy, and the mom is against it everyone was like omgah thats like the best drama EVAR /cough boys over flowers/ and also Nail Shop Paris (i think thats the name) I thought that the story was really boring so I dropped it. And I’d say that BIG disappointed me a lot because of the really confusing end, but still I finished it.

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Heirs and Doctor Stranger are in my Bottom list at the moment


Take care of us Captain was awful but timed comments were hilarious and was the only reason to watch it. Also Nail Shop Paris, I still asking my self why did I watch it.

I really disliked K-POP - The Ultimate Audition. It was copied and rushed and the ending didn’t make sense and I can’t believe I watched everything only to be left with WTF DID YOU DO THERE. Seriously there was so much left to be explained and nothing made sense and they just ended the drama.

My forever top drama is Dream High, the first one. Forever favourite drama because of reasons. And recently Full House Thai. And it will be so hard to find a drama that reaches this one…

There are probably more bottom list dramas but I tend to forget about them pretty fast :smiley:
I remember that I also didn’t like Faith that much. I loved the story line and ideas but the storyline was dragging so much I ended up skipping parts. So when I go back I only rewatch the ending because I liked it. But it’s so disappointing when they destroy such a great idea…

The worst dramas I saw, a waste of time: The Heirs, Big man, Birth Secret, Personal taste, or Inspiring generation.
Usually I watch only dramas that worth to be watched, those above were much ado about nothing.

So what did you not like about Personal Taste? I watched it and thought it was at least okay, so I am really curious about that.

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Let me list a few:

Heirs: We where waiting for this for more then a year I guess, big hype, good cast but it ended up being a so-so Kdrama. It was not the worst I saw but also not the best. It can be quite enjoying when you don’t expect much and just want eye candy and cute scenes.

Doctor Stranger: Good cast, could have been amazing but it went in circles because writer PD couldn’t think of anything original, refreshing and was out of idea’s like halfway.

Dr. Jin: Great cast again but this series is soooo boring. In the end I just fast forwarded to Jaejoong’s parts. Love the ost by Jaejoong.

Birdie Buddy: Again a very hyped series which failed to deliver in my opinion. Yes it’s cute but other then that?!

Romance Town: I heard they spent the most money ever to build some sets and all I can think is what a waste of money. The plot was boring and and I don’t even really remember what it was about exactly… quit about halfway.

King2Hearts: Many loved this Kdrama but I didn’t. I just couldn’t get into it.

Paradise Ranch: Jeju is beautiful, Changmin is cute but girl you don’t go on a date with a sexy guy in a hideous yellow sweater with a yellow duck on it. A part from the cuteness and the beautiful scenery it’s very boring.

When a Man Loves: Ahh this could have been so great but to female lead turned out to be a ** and the cool gangster turned out to be a sissy… and the ending was stupid.

Don’t Hesitate: I don’t know how I managed to complete it seriously, maybe it was due the eye candy but the plot got more crazy and unrealistic by the ep.

There is more but I think the list is already long enough :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s an ok list just about says it all.

I will always hate that female lead in When a man Loves, I only finish it because of oppa but seriously I still hate her lol

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Ohmy… I have a few of “those”…

I do I do Actually I came by accident to this drama, and yes, it was a really bad accident -_- PS. I even hated the shoes they made…

Playful Kiss This drama was bad in so many ways.

Big Big- huge-enormous! disappointment

Heartstrings I finished this drama because I started it watching it with a friend so, we went through the loong way together, she loved it, I hated it…

The heirs Anytime I hear the name of that drama I want to cry of sadness, I had big expectations because I waited a whole year to see Lee Min Ho again and then BOOM “The Heirs” slapped me in da face… I enjoyed the drama -kinda- but it was a bad drama… Now, I’m just praying for Gangnam Blues to be a good movie…

Secret garden Please don’t kill me, but I had a really difficult time finishing this drama… I hated almost everything about it TT_TT

Not mentioning the ones I’ve dropped… Here they are… The unwatchable ones…

Marry him if you dare No words for this… I’m too confused to decide what to say…

Full House take 2 I tried, I swear to anyhing you believe in that I tried, but I couldn’t

I need romance When you hate one main lead is a problem, but when you hate them both is a complete disaster! I couldn’t stand them.

When A Man’s in Love My feelings about this drama—> If I could punch that girl’s face I would… The end.