Bring me a Tissue/Dramas that make you CRY


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(Namgoong Min
[/quote] Awaken
I have not met him yet! I have seen his name many times. I will put The Last Empress on my Watch List but tear-jerkers kill me! Goblin made me BAWL my head off



NAVILLERA, just finished it. what a drama!!


Song Kang learned ballet for that - these actors are so dedicated.
D.O. Learned tap for Swing Kids
Yoo Ah-In learned piano for Secret Love Affair
Junho learned to work with a Wok & practiced a lot for Wok of Love
such dedication and hard work.


hey great info! I loved it when someone showed what those young people learned on Untamed, I liked info likew that!! thanks Kdrama2020


I am sure there are a lot of stars out there busting their butts to learn stuff - especially those FIGHT scenes crazy


bet they had to practice all those moves, and esp preventing them from getting hurt! yeah one drama I was and still amazed ab out is Healer, oh my goodness, him runniung on thosze rooftops!!!

there are other dramas I was amazed about, I am sure they had to learn their moves and all


It’s something I also got from K-dramas…being nice and polite is good, but when you need to stand up and fight, stand up and fight.


if I may AMEN to that one, don’t let them get you down, now a days its called a steel backbone!
stand up and fight!!


Looked up Navillera online and found info on Wikipedia. The premise of the show sounds delightful. Obvs not “Viki-fied” yet since the Viki search function returns zero hits.

Sigh. Pity the poor American-born ajummah. I have come to the end of a loooooong day and am in need of something sweet and gentle to send me off to sleep. And (sniff, whine) I can’t have it. Pout, pout, pout.

So, I have piled yet one more treat on my overloaded late night snack plate; I have started watching episodes of Ballerino from 2014. Have never seen it before. Probably at the time I read the description and thought, oh, no, I can’t watch this; if I do, I’ll cry my eyes out and get a headache and go to work with my eyes all puffy.

I don’t know if I’ll make it through. It’s so well done, with many sweet, funny moments, but it has the feel of being a gully-washer.

It’s quite the, um, genre-bender. It’s got a defection saga, a bromance, a romance, child sex trafficking, chaebol infighting, high society snark-festing and bling-comparing, hardworking average restaurant owner worrying, the willingness to give it all up for family, and fate intervening to keep hope alive at the last moment.

It’s sad being an illiterate ajummah with an drama addiction and no fix, not even a sushi roll from the Taiwanese take-out restaurant hiding in the fridge.

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I loved the idea of Hotel del Luna, but srsly it scared the bleep out of me. Tears? No, but fears you bet. I made it through one and a half episodes. Loved the cast, loved the look, loved the sweet momennts, but it for some reason gave me, as Americans in my part of the U.S. say, “the willies.” Wikipedia says:

I have cats that wake me up in the middle of the night asking for food; I don’t need will-o-the-wisps!


Could you somehow put the video on hold, this sound is really creeping me out? Thank you in advance.


Don’t know how to do that, so I will delete.


Well, Ballerino does have me hooked at only two episodes in. And I know I’m going to need more tissues, but crying in sympathy with a character in a K-drama does depend on the character. Since the main character is a young man of quiet dignity whose tears are out of love and not out of anger, I think both my tissue budget and I will survive AND be the better for it.


Your watching this??


Not just watching but soaking it in.

A beautifully done, simple story so far, full of characters who value hard work, family, and the right of all people to be treated with dignity.


Oops. I am seeing that Ballerino is a movie divided into two parts. I assume that is because the movie needed a lot of very careful subbing to help viewers understand how deep it is.

This is another symptom of K-drama addiction: losing the ability to read small print!


Oh - It’s a good Quick Watch we always need those filler shows


Master’s Sun. Oh my gawd the military dog episode. DH and I were both sobbing.

Also there were moments in Once Again when I cried because a scene was so incredibly sweet the tears just came to me.

Both are great shows. And the fact that they can pull such strong emotions from me means they are incredibly well written – and translated.