Bring me a Tissue/Dramas that make you CRY


The thing about intermittent fasting (popularized by a Chinese-Canadian nephrologist who discovered that it helped diabetic patients in danger of effing up their kidneys) is that it completely scraps the idea of “no pain, no gain.”

Water fasting for spiritual and physical renewal is nothing new; it has been done in many cultures for centuries. It is nothing short of incredibly weird, in my opinion, that, wherever the “SAD” (Standard American Diet) as currently practiced has replaced traditional diets in other parts of the world, people get fat and can’t get thin again. Nutrition, despite added this, that, and the other, is insufficient for proper development of the human body in utero, and children end up being born with poorly shaped jaws and crowded teeth.

Healthy eating, exercise, and fasting could save so many people so much ridicule and so many medical bills.

I will check out Oh, My Ghostess as soon as I get all my other addictions out of the way! LOL!

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This is what I do! I fast from 7 pm to 11 am most days.

The chef in Oh My Ghostess is :fire::fire::fire:

You were definitely wanting me to CRY! This makes me love him so much more! Oh my goodness what he did to gain stardom and what he did for his parents!


kdrama2020ali, I applaud you.

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I used to fast on your schedule but for some reason I find it is easier to eat from about six a.m. to about 3:30 p.m.

I think it has to do with having “windows of opportunity” that will allow me to get enough calories, fat, and hydration during the day so that (whether I am awake or asleep at night) I am not constantly running for the bathroom. So annoying to have to do that and then come back to an “I can’t sleep” bingewatch to discover I missed “The Kiss” or “The Confrontation” or “The Reunion” or whatever the producers and scriptwriters have been draaaaaaaging out for 75 beezillion episodes.

Regarding the hot chef in Oh, My Ghostess, um . . . which one? There are a few! In K-dramas, even the not-hot characters are hot.

The two main chef characters are indeed très attractive.


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Interesting to me how they carry their resume on their backs, so to speak. Jo Jung Sook’s picture says he is after roles in which the character is, at bottom, carefree, sympathetic, down to earth, reliable, and pure-hearted. Im Joo Hwa’s picture says he is after roles in which the character is, at bottom, troubled, mysterious, hard to read, unreliable, and selfish.

Based on that, I am pretty sure know which of the two hot chefs in Oh, My Ghostess will end up with the heroine, and it’s not going to be Im Joo Hwan. Am I right? The guy who has perfect hair never seems to get the girl.

In real life, of course, these two actors are being smothered to death by fangirls.

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I am Jo Jung Suk All the Way - But there is a sous chef that was SOOOO Cute

Kwak Si Yang is the sweet friend that is part of the male sous in the restaruant

PS…Ok - there is a kiss - that oh my gosh - Jo Jung Suk in the kitchen - it’s so good and he just makes this angsty - I have to have you noise - Whoosh - He had me at HELLO!

And bring the tissue and your popcorn for Oh My Ghostess it is roller coaster ride.

Im Joo Hwan is a COP - and brother-in-law


Kwak Si Yang’s photo does have a tender-hearted vibe. He looks like he needs somebody to listen to his troubles. And maybe buy and share twenty bottles of soju and twelve pounds of spicy chicken paws. (No, no, honey, don’t throw up on the ahjussi’s table, go over there in the bushes . . .)

Of course the only person who would spend that kind of money on a poor sad soul would be the kitchen maknae girl with a secret crush . . . do they have one of those in Oh, My Ghostess?

Of course she would be small, thin, overworked, with hair escaping from her hair net, glasses that never sit straight on her nose, and clothes that are hand-me-downs from her unni, her imo, her halmoni . . .

Until the moment when the shy boy has to defend her from unfair accusations from someone else in the kitchen . . . and they both look at each other and BAM!

In the very next scene, they both have shiny, glossy hair, tailor-made European-style clothes, contact lenses, glossy lips . . . and they are handing wedding invitations out to their co-workers.

(I do watch too many K-dramas . . .)


I agree with you about Goblin, but let me tell you about these:


My love!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I love FATED to LOVE YOU!!!
I am saving Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo for when my heart can bear it!
I have not checked out Uncontrollably Fond yet!
My heart just might never recover!


Unfortunately he is just in the FRIEND Zone! As SWEET as he is!


Un drama qui m’a beaucoup émue: Move to heaven. Magnifiquement joué, il met en lumière un jeune homme atteint du syndrome d’Asperger. C’est un très beau drama à la fois drôle et terriblement touchant…à voir!


Bonjour . . . bon nuit?

I am French on my mother’s side, but it is my baby sister and my niece who speak French fluently. Thus, I have engaged the services of my favorite Internet tutor, Mr. Google, to help me respond to your comment.

Un drama qui m’a beaucoup émue: Move to heaven. Magnifiquement joué, il met en lumière un jeune homme atteint du syndrome d’Asperger. C’est un très beau drama à la fois drôle et terriblement touchant…à voir!

A drama that moved me a lot: Move to heaven. Beautifully performed, it highlights a young man with Asperger’s syndrome. This is a very beautiful drama that is both funny and terribly touching … must see!

This program appears to be offered on Netflix. Is that correct?

I have several friends with developmental challenges, and I always appreciate TV programs and movies that treat such individuals with dignity and sympathy.

It sounds like a wonderful program. How did you learn about it?


Fated to love you is one of my favorite shows, I can watch it again and cry again. Mostly the part when they lose gae ddong.
I wasn’t prepared for Moon Lovers, just take your time.
And I cried as crazy with Uncontrollably Fond.



J’ai découvert ce très beau drama sur Netflix effectivement. Il fait parti des nouveaux films à découvrir sur la plateforme. J’ai voulu en savoir un peu plus sur ce drama et j’ai donc commencé à le regarder… et j’ai été très surprise de façon positive! Je pense même que c’est un des meilleurs dramas que j’ai vue. C’est un drama “court”: 10 épisodes. Très bien construit , on rentre vite dans l’histoire. Ge Ru- le jeune homme atteint du syndrome d’Asperger- est admirablement joué. Le personnage est très attachant: sa perception du monde, des gens est profonde, belle et juste.
En revanche, ,il faut prévoir le paquet de mouchoir! Je ne vous cache pas que j’ai quasiment pleuré du début à la fin: c’est une histoire profonde qui vous submerge par de belles émotions.


I just finished move to heaven, that was so awesome, well written, almost reminded me of the other side


My friend just watched this and LOVED it! I am trained to work with children with Autism I did it for my besties son. I love him! He treats me like a piece of furniture - and he always remembers me no matter how long we have been apart!


Bawled my eyes out.

I heard it is SOUL crushing like people can’t get over it. Empress Ki is doing that to me!


I’m going to add Empress Ki to my list!


Ji Chang Wook is BRILLIANT - BRILLIANT - You will learn to absolutely love him!

Lots and Lots and Lots of tissue


its been awhile since I have watched this one, looks like its on my rewatch list!! If I recall Ji chang wok did an awesome job!


He is so phenomenal in Empress Ki