Bring me a Tissue/Dramas that make you CRY


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I discovered this very beautiful drama on Netflix indeed. It is one of the new films to discover on the platform. I wanted to know a bit more about this drama so I started watching it… and I was positively surprised! I even think it’s one of the best dramas I’ve seen. This is a “short” drama: 10 episodes. Very well built, we quickly go down in history. Ge Ru- the young man with Asperger’s syndrome- is played admirably. The character is very endearing: his perception of the world, of people is deep, beautiful and fair.

On the other hand, it is necessary to provide the package of handkerchief! I won’t hide from you that I almost cried from start to finish: it is a deep story that overwhelms you with beautiful emotions.

J’ai vu plusieurs K-dramas avec des personnages ayant des problèmes de développement jouant des rôles importants. Ils sont toujours traités de manière réaliste et sympathique.

Les K-dramas que j’aime le plus sont ceux dans lesquels aucun personnage n’est insignifiant. Ce sont généralement les «drames familiaux».

Actuellement, je regarde “A Good Supper”. Dans celui-ci, les personnages du drame se retrouvent dans un petit restaurant et mangent ensemble régulièrement.

L’un des personnages est un homme avec une déficience intellectuelle que tout le monde appelle «Oncle». L’acteur qui joue ce personnage le fait ressembler à une vraie personne avec une personnalité complexe.

I have seen several K-dramas with characters with developmental issues playing important roles. They are always treated in a realistic and sympathetic manner.

The K-dramas that I like the most are the ones in which no character is insignificant. These are generally the “family dramas.”

Currently, I am watching “A Good Supper.” In it, the characters of the drama meet in a small restaurant and eat together regularly.

One of the characters is a man with an intellectual disability who everyone calls “Uncle.” The actor playing this character makes him look like a real person with a complex personality.


Yup, definitely a tear jerker. Watching it now :sob:


This one is killing me from Eps 1


Anyone Else Bawl Your Head Off When they Cuffed Capt. Ri and then He Ran Back OVER The DMZ!


Okay, it’s been three days since I finished Ashes of Love but I still cannot shut up about it. I am unable to move on or start another drama. That drama made me CRY rivers and rivers till I was shriveled up with no tears inside me but I still wanted to cry. I watched it at night so I could wallow in my tears and let go of all those emotions inside :sob::sob::sob:

I have to say, the writers are AMAZING. The emotional scenes are really powerful and very well done. I guess that’s why their fatal flaw was the inability to write a fully satisfying happy ending but at least they TRIED. Some of those scenes are going to stay with me forever.
ESPECIALLY the ML’s second death scene. The writers really used all their powers to write that scene and that’s why they included it in the synopsis, even though I thought it was TMI.
The intensity of the scene and the crazy way the actors pulled it off… it’s a scene to be remembered. I LOVED the writers’ choice of dialogues and character reactions… it only added to the pain.

I really would have shattered my laptop if they didn’t get a happy ending.


It will be ok!!! I know to not watch that one until I’m READY to cry! I’m a crazy Cryer! :purple_heart:


DO NOT SHOW FISHBOY TO ME :rage: Lots of people loved him but I’m still mad at him.
I was TEAM PHOENIX all the wayyyy :star_struck:

MY BABYYYYYY who hatesss bitter medicine more than stab wounds and eternal punishments :joy:
I should stop here before I go crazy with my gif collection :sweat_smile:


get yourself ready for lotss and lotsss of crashed weddings, sad weddings, crazy weddings and just plain tragic weddings :flushed:


Very HANDSOME! :purple_heart:


When Seobok finally comes to Viki, you will need to watch that. The ending…I was sobbing.


Hwaiting for it!


I know!!! Xu Feng!!! :heart_eyes:



You guys are making me… Ashes of Love


Did you watch it?





Same here!!! I have a lot!!! But actually “Ashes of love” was one of my first drama of that kind and I just love it!!!


Ashes of Love
I cried snot and water :sob:
The same with the wolf
Actually I always cry at sad things, no matter if human or animal…
With Bambi and Cap and Capper alone :pensive::pensive:


Me in DOOM
and I could go ON!


The Untemed
Double World
Princess Agents
Princess Weiyoung
Rose of Pfoenixes
:thinking: I think I have forgotten some, so where I could really cry…


IT’S PAYBACK TIME! :joy::joy: for all the times you made me drop a drama and scamper over to look at your newfound favorite hotties!

Oh, same! I always avoided movies about dogs if I knew the dog would die in the end… I remember watching the animated version of Charlotte’s Web when I was younger and BAWLING over that movie :sob::sob: Till date, I still refuse to watch it!