Bring me a Tissue/Dramas that make you CRY



I found Princess Agents
LOL I can no longer put a spoiler :joy:
It was a real shock
:cry: It goes me also so or look then never again a second time…I only say Hachiko Once only seen, I did not even know what it was about and then :sob::sob::sob::sneezing_face::sneezing_face::sob: Can not, breaks my heart


Which drama are you talking about?


Hachi: A Dog’s Tale. A film with Richard Gere
It’s not a Asia Drama sorry (Although actually already)
But it’s about a Japanese dog breed.
To keep it short. Man and dog become best friends, the dog picks up his friend from the train every evening. Best friend dies. Dog still wants to pick him up from the train every day :sob::sob: and continues to do so for a whole 10 years until he dies too.
In fact, they made a monument to this dog, it’s based on a true story :sob: from Japan


I can’t watch it! If I have animals and people that make me cry and song tracks I never recover - nope for Old Yeller, Bambi, Dumbo etc etc etc. I have not watched A Dog’s Life - NOPE!


You will need to put tissues in your tear ducts prior to watching Night in Paradise. It’s a Korean movie on NF (mafia so somewhat bloody). Last 20 minutes, I was sobbing. The amount of meanness frustrated me immensely! I should mention that the FL in this is Jeon Yeo-Been who was also FL in Vincenzo. She was GREAT in this movie!


Has anyone mentioned Hotel Del Luna? It’s a show about helping spirits cross over, so you are constantly saying goodbye to characters. Need I say more? :sob::sob::sob:


Seriously there is a baby bird for everything!

Sad our Sad Tissue needing dramas!



Until we meet again
At a distance


Ok Scent of a Woman!

Killer topic and hits my heart REALLY hard! Why have I not jumped ship I just can’t stop watching it!!!



This show is so good but making my heart hurt so much!!! :broken_heart:

I need something FUNNY to watch!!!



Please STOP me from watching Melodramas - Especially when they involve Cancer - but this was so full of HOPE - A very good story! The FL is such a LOVING - GIVING person who would not want to be around her.


You should rewatch an old favorite to calm you and warm your heart… or you could watch something fast-paced and funny like The Player or Psychopath Diary!


I remember crying a lot because of this drama but also to have been surprised by the ending.

Because it’s not heartbreaking.


This one will also make you cry


Yes but the lead up to the ending I was bawling! I love LDW! He is just so good. And that actress is SO beautiful!!! I did like it. A couple episodes were not needed but the ending was very good. Full of HOPE


So I’m watching My Little Baby on Ntflx, and it’s a total comedy - really a laugh fest - and suddenly they blindsided me with a total tearjerker of an episode. How dare they!!! I was not prepared! :sob::sob::sob:


I hate when that happens! UGH! They get you all happy to pull the rug out from under you!




Thank you for mentioning [My Little Baby] gonna watch right now, and will prepare the tissues since I was warned already.:sob:


It was really pretty cute. Lots of laughs, and the baby girl is just so stinkin’ adorable. If you want to know ahead of time, the tears come in episode 15. Enjoy!