Bring me a Tissue/Dramas that make you CRY



I am a crier who will cry at the drop of a hat (and therefore will avoid most of the dramas on that list like the plague), but there are a couple on the list that I don’t recall crying a single tear for, like It’s Okay to Not Be Okay.


I sobbed in Goblin - I had to pause it several times!!! Sobbing!


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Crying can be beneficial sometimes depending on the person. There are ppl. that can’t cry easily and these dramas/movies can be the release of emotions they need to have bc when we ‘‘bottle’’ things inside it can make us extremely depressed.

On the other side of the coin; being also… a ‘‘crier’’ I believe is better to avoid depressing or sad dramas/movies bc it will affect the spirit and the mood can turn dark all around us. I’m a firm believer that the energy we absorb or draw from others can end up affecting us in more ways than one. The same way when ppl laugh, and we end up laughing happily like crazy, even if we don’t know why the hell we are laughing about, the same goes from crying.

They use to have ‘‘laughing therapy sessions,’’ and I went to one only bc they charged too much for each session and I can make myself laugh with the right drama [Mad About Each Other] made me laugh a lot although it has its really heartbreaking parts. Everything in moderation can help/benefit us.


I know when I can use a good cry - and when I need to avoid it! I have lately needing avoidance and for some reason I end up with a drama that surprises me and makes me cry! I substitute with a good fun one in the middle of the drama.


But I cry at commercials! And no animal movies I can’t handle it


This is so true. Some people have a really sensitive gag reflex, but I always say I have a really sensitive crying reflex. I know my limits when it comes to emotionally depleting dramas or movies, this is why I have to avoid the really tragic ones. It just takes too much out of me.


Me -
No Dumbo, Old Yeller, Water For Elephants (I hyperventilated when they hurt the baby elephant)
Dog’s Life - anything with animals - nope nope nope


Same. There may have been a time in my life when I could handle it, but the older I get, the less I can.


I watched yearssssss ago: DOGS GO TO HEAVEN? OMG!!! we have a chihuahua (she was small back then), and I swear to myself never ever to watch movies with dogs dying. Now our chihuahua turned in June 14 years old, and the thought of losing her is driving us crazy. Her mother, Dad, siblings died at 13 yrs. so we count our blessings so far.

She’s up to date with her vaccines, and we don’t take her out too much bc she’s very allergic to grass and gets all red and itchy (we have to run and give her a bath and baby benadryl). The worst thing I did was to give my daughter lol as her 17th birthday present; a Dog. This will be very hard for her bc they are like mother/daughter relationship.


Yeah, I feel so completely exhausted sometimes. I get so immersed into a drama and then I cry and cry and feel so tired after it! Ashes of Love really took a lot out of me. I slept a lot after it and tried to find light sweet fluffy dramas to put a little life back into me.

In the drama Familiar Wife, whenever the FL feels way too sad about something, she watches the same sad movie again and again and cries about whatever is bothering her. People who see her think she’s crying over the movie.

I WEPT for weeks after watching the animated version of Charlotte’s Web! I still can’t bring myself to watch that movie. I avoid dog movies like the plague if I find out the dog dies later.


Yep - I cried when I read the book - no Bambi - nothing with dogs! NOPE! War Horse almost killed me - no horses - no animals - NOPE NOPE NOPE


Oh my GOSH! This movie was so GOOD - Just so gets you in the FEELS - I’m crying :cry:


I know you don’t like high school dramas/movies but this one is good.


This one makes my heart hurt… it’s beautifully made. I cry and cry and then the drama cheers me up again. If it continues as strong as it is right now, it’s definitely going to enter my top favorites list :heart:


I saw a preview for that. It seemed like it could definitely be painful, but also beautiful. I don’t know if I’ll ever watch it, but it seems well made and explores some poignant topics.


Oh… Kangchi!.. Such beautiful scenes - That CAVE - Such beautiful light!- and the music! Some scenes were just heartbreaking!

Another recent one was Promise of Chang’an. When Cheng Yi, the ML died. :scream: :sob: . I was surprised that tears were flowing. The ML and FL just never caught a break. :sob:

angellight would really hate the story but it was very well done and worth watching!

Uh-Oh! I just finished EP 16 last nite and that 2ML and 2FL!.. Yikes! I guess I better get the tissues ready then… 5 more Episodes to go… * pulls the tissue box closer *

I love the Joseon musketeers or ‘power rangers’. :rofl: They are so out of sync. But ‘learning’ :joy: :sunglasses:


It does! They show the hard realities of life… I love the transitions as they get older and the old-time-filter slowly starts fading to a brighter, more vivid present time. It’s got warmth… the kids are almost grown up now (Episode 4) so I still can’t tell how the pacing for the rest of the drama will be(since there are 36 episodes). I thoroughly enjoyed their childhood, though.
I’m glad they named the four kids in order of birth - YI-cheng, ER-qiang, SAN-li, SI-mei :joy: That way, no matter how much they grow up and bring in different actors, we always know who’s who!



I have been crying over Distance Spring is Green for about um a few Eps now!
This show is so good. I don’t watch university shows! The abuse shown is heartbreaking but finding out the love, misunderstandings, protection, healing in relationships, healing between family members and the healing between the 3 friends is just so Good. Very Very good Drama! Almost Done! :heavy_check_mark:


What? Did my dad give them their names? :rofl: My dad called us by our birth order too. Too funny. :rofl: I was either # 1 daughter or oldest daughter. :rofl:


I cried so much with these ones:

  • Guardian: The Lonely and Great God
  • The Love Knot: His Excellency’s First Love
  • Absolute Boyfriend
  • Come and Hug Me
  • Temptation of Wolves (This one is a movie. Definitely worth the watch, even if it is a bit older, like 2004 I think, but make sure you have tissues beside you! :sob: )