Button for Removing your CM application

Hello dears,

what would you think about an option to take back your application for a CM position o_O ?
Maybe we applied for a channel, but later we got no time, because we got ill, have to change workplaces, coming soon is not really soon, etc…


That’s a wonderful idea! Hopefully, they’ll look into implementing this button since trying to contact them directly is; ‘‘mission impossible.’’


I do think this is a good idea. But I don’t think this feature will come any time soon or even if Viki will approve such a feature.


I also agree, that would be nice.

In any case, if one is to withdraw themselves from the application process right now, I think they could by sending an “issue” to the Help Center.


Ideas for the button? As soon as you click on it you fill out a form requesting to be removed. When you submit there is NO WAITING. You will get immediately a message stating: ‘‘upon your request you have been removed.’’

Other ideas?


Good idea! :tulip: It would negate any volunteer’s (and my) hesitation in applying for any upcoming channels. As it is at the moment, “Coming Soon” really doesn’t give us any idea of the “soon” as it had been shown to stretch in excess of a couple of years or more, while the “new or unlicensed” channels just give us no idea at all, though some info could be searched online.

In fact, I inquired about such an option…

late last year when I wanted to withdraw my CM application from a couple of “Coming Soon” channels when I knew I would be busy in the months ahead because of the pandemic and work. But I was told there’s no such accommodation at that time (and as can be seen, even as of now).

What happened was when I was "chosen" as the CM of one of those channels early this year, I had to inform the Viki Comm Team (which I did on that same day because I happened to log in that day), and a new CM was chosen after a couple of days (due to a weekend in between).

However, in that process and from the moment the CMship was assigned, I received a lot of applications via PM for roles for that (popular drama) channel, and had to forward all of them to the new CM when one was chosen. I notified some of them of the change-to-be and that I’d forward all their requests and let the new CM handle the rest. Of course, in the changeover process, some folks were unhappy because they had to reapply for certain roles (as they fear they’ll lose out). Later, some roles were assigned by the new CM to others simply because the channel was a flash premiere and there were time zone differences during the changeover, let alone a weekend in between.

Yes, I fully agree such an option would help everyone involved in this volunteering process, including the Viki Comm Team itself.

My suggestion/concurrence:

  1. Yes, a button would help.
  2. Yes, a form requesting withdrawal would help.
  3. Or perhaps having a small section within our “locked” QC Status (only viewable by self) on our profile overview page where our applications for CM are listed, and where options to opt out are included.

PS: Oops, not sure what I did wrong with the spoilers… (EDIT: Solved).


Add space after the square bracket


I just did. But… still didn’t work.:anguished:
Thanks :slight_smile:

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I think this will work


It worked try this.


I would love to have such a button.
Funny… Just this morning, I just wanted to check, how many CM-applications existed for a certain drama. And on my way to klick the Cancel button, I applied accidentally. :see_no_evil:
Yes, I wrote to Viki to withdraw my application, but such a button would make the process a lot easier, without having to trouble Viki Staff.


That is a great idea! I would love to have such a button or something like this. It happens that you apply accidentally and it’s such a hassle, for me and Viki Staff, to undo it. I really like jadecloud88 idea where all your applications are listed in your profile and that there is an option to opt out included.


I love the 3rd idea. That would be great.


No matter what idea we may suggest/have it won’t happen any time soon or ever. It will require a lot of work from tech department and other sources, and this is impossible when even the HELP CENTER is not available here to help because they are so short of staff, and is only fair to say those that stayed after this trying times are very, very brave, and we have to thank them for staying strong and trying the best they can. Thank you on my behalf.


Thank you @padmalayag :tulip: It worked! Now those who want to know more can click on the spoiler portion to read more. :heart_eyes:


I think in general that’s not a bad idea, especially considering that some projects take months until they are distributed to someone. Furthermore, distributing them later on as mentioned by @jadecloud88 is a hassle for both Viki and the community. :no_mouth:


This seems ideal, not just for opting out, but also to have an overview of what we applied for.


With you on the idea, it’s a good one, but also believe it is not likely to happen any day soon.

On that score - it’s very hard to tell what you have applied for, or the name changes - and the project finder currently still is not working to apply. tried all the usual things one does around here when the site isn’t working well, e.g. clearing browser etc.

maybe it’s set to not accept gold qc any more (JOKING)

Again good idea. :slight_smile: be safe over out there.

ahhhh I mixed two dramas up and applied for CM, and now I’m terrified I’ll get the position :sob::sob: I know I probably won’t get it, but this level of uncertainty is stressful… I really wish there was some way we could withdraw an application.


Quick, open a personal issue to withdraw! :sweat_smile:


Again I had to write a staff member to take me out of an application, because there is no button.
Are there any news regarding this?


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