[C-DRAMA] - Editors wanted for "Our Glamorous Time" [CLOSED]


Dear Viki-Community,

we are urgently looking for English Editors (especially T-Editors) for the Chinese Drama Our Glamorous Time ( All language teams are on standby since the drama aired last fall and are eager to start the translations in all their languages. Fans are pressing as well…So,if you can spare some time, please, write to our channel manager, Lunelis ( We would really appreciate any help!
Thank you!

rose_shn & azrael_tm86v
German Moderators


It’s still after months the same with Siege in Fog and All Out Of Love.
Both dramas are from the last year and nothing happens there ;__;


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Thanks Moreenke! :sparkling_heart:


when it takes that long, wouldn’t it be better to just go ahead and translate, then fix things later when you get a t-editor?


We were especially asked to not start with our translations until the English version is fixed.


I agree with you. I strongly doubt that the T or G editors editors will solve the problem.


@rikiki i once did this. after this i could translate the whole parts again


@azrael_tm86v So, are you looking for a native English speaker to edit the current translations / subtitles?


@shukmeister_2 I would love to help out! I am a new volunteer but I transcribe and edit for a living. I would really appreciate an opportunity to be a contributor, and since I only speak English I am looking for an opportunity to get started. Thank you for your consideration! :blush:


Actually I think they are first looking for Chinese TE = Translation Editors (people who can check if the translation is correct). AFTER that, of course, they will also need English Editors, who can correct the English. But if the original translation is not correct, editing the English is marginally useful.
And Original Language editors (either Chinese or Korean) are really few and over-worked, so especially hard to find.


Exactly! Our hands are tied because we have a few TE :frowning: And the drama itself is on standby since 08.18.


it´s a shame. and i am somehow angry that viki does not do anything on here or the other dramas which are on hold because of this person…


So you do have “a few TE” but they are not doing anything. Such a pity. Why would someone volunteer for something when they don’t have the time or will to work on it, even one episode per month?


@irmar it’s the same with two or three other channels from this person


Hi! I am interested in helping if you still need someone! I don’t have any experience, but I do speak Chinese and English fluently and will be happy to check for any translation errors and such.


Hey there! All Ep’s are already released so this threat can be closed :slight_smile:
Thank you for your interest though <3