I’d like to have a thread for those people who work with English. Captioners and English editors.
So they can offer their services and find projects.

I’m interested in reviewing English subtitles (I do a large amount of proofreading professionally.)

Fluent in English, I can help in editing English subtitles (grammar, spelling, etc.) in k-dramas, variety shows or anything else.

I am a new volunteer but I transcribe and edit for a living. I would really appreciate an opportunity to be a contributor, and since I only speak English I am looking for an opportunity to get started.

@doublebass (Oct '17)
Experienced English Editor looking for projects. Please send me a PM if your project needs an Editor. I am a Ninja grad, QC and PS. I am a grammar editor (I clean up subtitles after the translation editor finishes his/her work).

(irmar’s note: I’ve worked with her repeatedly, so not new anymore. She’s excellent, easy to work with and a very sweet person too)

I would also like to offer my services as an English editor. I have no experience but I’m keen to learn the ropes. I’m a school librarian currently doing my Master of Information Services. I have done a number of writing courses as I also write copy for educational marketing channels (and write short stories for my own amusement).

(her message is from 2018)
Hi! I’m interested in joining the team, either as an English editor or a French subber. I’m fluent in both languages and currently doing a Masters in translation.

(Message written January 2019)
I can help out. I am a retired College Prof. Just instruct me on how to do it



This is my document with subbing and editing guidelines most of us use here at Viki. There may be variations in individual teams (the spelling conventions, the use of italics and the square brackets and the musical notes for live singing), it will depend on the Chief Editor so don’t take it as something 100% endorsed by everyone. But I think it’s a good starting point. anyway.

Korean reference spreadsheet
Here you will find many useful terms and their meaning: kinship, office rank, food, school, academic, army and police, historical, insults etc.

(Some of them might not need them anymore. You have to ask)
Please, channel managers, post your requirements below and I will update the info here.


It's a little known fact, but English language editors
English subtitle amendments/ changes
Interested in English editing but not sure where to start
What are you currently watching?
English Editor
[K-DRAMA] English Editors needed for "Pink Lipstick" [NOW RESTRICTED]
[Viki Community] Meet the Viki Community Team!
Want to subtitle? Let people know!

I would also like to offer my services as an English editor. I have no experience but I’m keen to learn the ropes. I’m a school librarian currently doing my Master of Information Services. I have done a number of writing courses as I also write copy for educational marketing channels (and write short stories for my own amusement).


HI, I would like to offer my services as an Eng-Chi/Chi-Eng subtitler and editor too.


Great topic Irmar! It’s really hard to find a replacement Editor when illness or real life happens.


You mean a Translation Editor, right? In that case, it is not exactly within the scope of this thread, but hey, welcome here anyway!


Hi, if any of you would like to try editing Chinese dramas or a Korean variety show, please contact my Viki user acct.


I am very interest in subtitling. :raising_hand_woman:‍♀


Dear, you must not have read the name of the thread and the first post. This is a thread for English editors (those who edit the English subtitles).
There is a dedicated thread for subtitlers. You may find more success deleting your post from here and copy-pasting it there. Here it is:


hi Irmar,

Just sent a reply to your email. I’m still here on Viki everyday and can lend my time to English Editing. Ive recently been watching some Cdramas where the English is a bit hard to understand. Do you guys want us to note these spots and mention them or…just wait for specific projects?



You need to do a bit of sleuthing. Go to the drama’s main page and

  1. See the number of episodes which are released to other languages. This means that a Translation Editor and an English editor have already finished working on them.
    Now. Are the mistakes you found on those already released episodes? If yes, then you can take action.
  2. Note if there is a Translation Editor. If yes, go to her profile and see the Contributions part, and possibly the Recent Contributions too, to see when she last worked on that drama and how much she’s done on it.
  3. Same for the English editor.
  4. If the Subtitling Tools are open to outsiders, you can go there and read the Team Discussion to find out who has done what. Under the video, on the right, there’s a little pencil. Clicking on it takes you to Subtitle Editor, Team Discussion and Activity. You need Team Discussion and a bit of patience scrolling down. In some dramas this is locked to outsiders, but sometimes it isn’t.

From these steps, you should understand whether the editors are active on this drama or not. Sometimes they have many projects and they do the old ones little by little, when they have time, but sometimes they just neglect them and leave them to rot - which of course is not right.

BUT, careful! The English editor can do nothing unless the Translation Editor comes first, because the English editor is not supposed to know the source language (Chinese, in your case). So, maybe the English editor is innocent, and she is just waiting impatiently to do her job. In that case, you can’t butt in, there is no proof she hasn’t been doing her job.

Only if you have seen that episodes labelled as released still have gross mistakes, and the editors have been ultra-lazy and not working on them for weeks or months, then write to the CM to offer your services.
Of course, as I said before, if the Translation Editor is slow or absent, the show will be stalled, it cannot be English edited by you or anyone else. So the only thing you can correct are the already released episodes.

I hope I explained it clearly enough. I understand that for someone who is a new volunteer it may be confusing,


Hello my name is Valerie, and I am currently a college student. I am from the U.S, and I am also fluent in English. If you need someone to fulfill the role of editing English subtitles so they are understandable, I would be happy to help on any project. I don’t have any formal experience being an English editor, but I have experience editing English essays for college.

Feel free to message me if you would like to work together.


Hi, my name is Kay. If anyone is still looking for English editors, I could be of assistance. I am fluent in English (born and raised in the U.S. with a college degree). I’m looking to be more involved in the subbing community, as I once was a few years ago. I am also fluent in Japanese, if anyone is looking for a Japanese-English/English-Japanese subber. Please feel free to DM me for assistance with any projects!


There are so many great k dramas which should be subbed in Japanese! Please find a drama you enjoy watching and write to the channel Manager if it is not already in Japanese


I need a Translation Editor/General Editor/Chief Editor for my cfilm “Namiya” ^^


Here is another one.


I would absolutely volunteer to be an editor! I can’t translate any languages that would be any good here but I often see subtitles that I know could be better worded and my fingers itch to do it. Needless to say it does interrupt my viewing and distract me. I would love to get involved in editing, English is my mother language and I think my skills could be put to good use.


Soon I’ll also be available for helping out with editing, been learning the language for a very long time, I also lived in the UK and I speak English fluently. I actually very much like to go into details about grammar.

But I’m currently in the NSSA academy so not until I completed that! ^^


Here’s a new one!

I’m not looking to subtitle or translate, but if anyone is looking for an English language moderator, I’d love to help out. I’m a court reporter from Seattle, Washington, USA, and grammar, vocabulary, and editing skills are the tools of my trade. Seattle is home to a huge Asian community, so I’ve worked professionally with Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Tagalog, Laotian, and Cambodian interpreters for a couple of decades now. I’m quite familiar with translation trouble-spots in all these languages.
Add me to your team and I’ll make sure that subjects and verbs agree, that the word “so” is NEVER followed by a comma, that archaic words like “pugiIist” never make it on screen, and I’ll clear up the confusion between “myth” and “legend” once and for all! Seriously, I’m really, really good at English language editing. And fast. Let me do the final polish, and our translations will be so smooth, English Viki fans will forget they’re even reading subtitles!
My Viki handle is nomadgroa_55, but I can also be contacted at
P.S. I’ll work on anything, but I really enjoy historical dramas.


Hello! My name is Casey Baumgartner, and I would also be very interested in offering my services to any shows/programs that are in need of an English editor. While I only speak the one language, I would consider my written English and grammar capabilities to be very advanced. I have a master’s degree in English, have taught English writing to college freshmen, and currently both tutor English native speakers and teach English to English Second Language learners at a university.

I believe helping to edit dramas on this website will not only be a great and fulfilling experience but also allow me to give back to a media genre that has brought me so much joy these past years. :slight_smile:


Welcome, Casey!
I hope CMs and English moderators are reading this. There are many completed dramas in need of editing, although it takes a bit of sleuthing to find out which.
The problem when starting, of course, is that if you are not a QC or don’t have Viki Pass, you cannot access on-air dramas and many old ones as well. It’s a challenge to find one that is free for new users, to try to achieve your 3000 subtitles. From then on, it’s easy, because the number of dramas you can work on is much, much, much bigger.
I suggest you have a look at the dramas which are already hardsubbed and need captioning. While captioning, of course, you may also correct the inevitable mistakes.
See this thread here. It has quite a few which need only captioning or editing. Channels needing help either in segmenting and subbing or only in subbing
Scroll to the updated list last May: Channels needing help either in segmenting and subbing or only in subbing
Please check whether the drama is accessible to you, and if yes, write a message to the English moderator or Channel Manager.
Also here: [K-DRAMA] English Editors needed for "Pink Lipstick" - 149 Episodes!. It’s an old thread, but I just checked the page and it says that out of 149 episodes only a small fraction are edited.
Generally, when searching here on the Project board, look at the date the post was written and then also look at the drama itself. Sometimes people are too lazy to add “closed” or “solved” to their threads, so new people get their hopes up, when the project is complete since a long time ago.

I just checked and these two still need English captions and/or English editing

Here they need an English editor, but it’s a new drama so I don’t think you can work on it if you’re not QC. [K-Drama] Recruiting segmenters and English team for "Noble, My Love"


I was gonna comment that I was free to do some editing, but I see you already have me on your list, thanks @irmar!
Although I should add that I’m no longer studying, I’m a fully graduated academically-trained translator/subber/dubber now :slight_smile:

I’ll go look for some finished dramas in need of editing, but feel free to contact me if you know some I could work on!